National Reso-Phonic Hot Plate Rubbed Steel


Abdeckplatte mit Tonabnehmer

  • Lollar Single-Coil T-Style Tonabnehmer
  • ersetzt die National Style 9.5" Abdeckplatte, keine Modifikation am Instrument nötig
  • passive Lautstärke-und Klangregelung
  • Schraublöcher für einfache Installation
  • Ausgang: 6,3 mm Klinke
  • Finish: Rubbed Steel
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Great addition to an even greater instrument
.loewenherzmusic 03.02.2021
Bought the Hotplate to electrify my Reso-Phonic which comes without a pickup. The Lollar PU is awesome and installation of the whole thing is super easy to handle. Sounds great through my AC30 and my Princeton, also takes stomp boxes nicely, smoothly saturated sound when slightly put into overdrive ( i use a ChaseBliss/Benson MkII). Haven’t checked for Feedback behavior on stage/live scenarios due to lack of gigs at the moment ;-) Maybe a bit pricy for a tinplate and a pickup (then again Lollars are great and worth the money), but it saves you modifying your instrument on your own, so what the heck.

Overall: Recommended if you want to get an additional sound layer out of your resonator guitar and can spend the money.
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