Furch Yellow GC-CR / SPA-L.R. Baggs


Westerngitarre mit Tonabnehmer

  • Bauform: Grand Auditorium mit Cutaway
  • Boden & Zargen: massiv Palisander (Dalbergia latifolia)
  • Decke: massiv Zeder
  • Hals: Mahagoni
  • Griffbrett: Ebenholz
  • Side-Dots
  • Mensur: 650 mm (25,6")
  • Sattelbreite: 45 mm (1,77")
  • Ebenholzsteg
  • 20 Bünde
  • transparentes Anti-Scratch Schlagbrett
  • Tonabnehmer: L.R. Baggs Stagepro Anthem
  • Farbe: Natur Hochglanz
  • inkl. Koffer
  • made in Czech Republic
Erhältlich seit Juni 2019
Artikelnummer 464540
Verkaufseinheit 1 Stück
Bauweise Grand Auditorium
Decke Zeder, massiv
Boden und Zargen Palisander, massiv
Cutaway Ja
Griffbrett Ebenholz
Sattelbreite in mm 45,00 mm
Bünde 20
Tonabnehmer Ja
Farbe Natur
Koffer Ja
Inkl. Gigbag Nein
2.479 €
2.946 €
Versandkostenfrei und inkl. MwSt.
In 7-9 Wochen lieferbar
In 7-9 Wochen lieferbar

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Eine Traumgitarre mit speziellem Klang
Kiki69 29.05.2022
Ich bin hellauf begeistert. Der Klang....wenn man Zeder/Palisander mag ... weich ausgewogen rund..trotzdem klar und leicht, singend.. von laut bis ganz leise in allen Nuancen präsent. Ob Strumming oder Picking einfach wunderschön. Optisch eine edle Beauty. Der Tonabnehmer ist natürlich nicht ganz der optische Hingucker aber ja..da gefallen mir die innen versteckten Varianten besser. Die Verarbeitung ist makellos. Bespielbarkeit ist gut, nicht ganz soo leicht wie zb Guilt Om. Der Koffer ist auch super. Wirkt alles sehr hochwertig. Kleines Malus ist der etwas schwere Hals aber daran kann man sich schon gewöhnen. Hatte letztens viele Gitarren ausprobiert Martins und Alvarez und Takamines u.andere und Furch rules!
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Haydar Yilmaz 17.05.2020
Also wow Die Furch Gitarren sind großartig.
Die Furch Yellow hat ein sehr schönen sound mit dem man gerne spielen möchte, Die schöne Farbe und die Holzbearbeitung sind auch super, Für den Preis bekommt man ein schönes Instrument,
was sich auch sehr lohnt.
-Die Gitarre kommt mit einem hochwertigen Koffer was auch sehr schön ist.
-Die Tonabnehmer sind auch sehr gut (L.R. Baggs) vom klang und aufnahmen her kann man damit super arbeiten.
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Series Yellow : Master's Choice.
soniC_eu 26.10.2020
So, where does one begin to describe a review? I'm 40 yrs old and live in Denmark. I own a Mexi Strat, Sonoran and a Spanish guitar. I am looking to learn more about guitar due to Corona and want to write my own songs.

I was looking for a guitar that was a good quality both in sound and craftmanship - yes that passion for making amazing instruments. I am coming from a Fender Sonoran (made in China) and was looking to invest in something more substantial (think corona - second wave - no travelling etc.) So I decided to use some big money to buy a acoustic guitar that was easy to play ( I am intermediate) and had the right sound. I look through months of reviews of your standard Taylor and Martin and played them as well at my local shop and I liked them. However, it didn't seem very special and the sound wasn't what I was looking for. It was like ok- the Martin 10E with full mahagony is nice but I am not in awe of it.

Enter: The Furch Factor with a cedar top. I looked them up just randomly right before I was about to order some run of the mill Martin guitar for around 1500 Euro. If you have any doubts about this guitar brand - just don't even worry about it. Watch vidoes on Furch and you will see the passion that exists.

Pros: Holy ****!
The craftsmanship is utterly incredible. I can't find a fault - and I look for faults for a living with a 2.3 loup magnification. Their quality control is very good - much better than other manufacturers.
The sound with the cedar top and rosewood is something to behold in first person. A very sweet, but darker sound with no tinny spruce tones. Like something you would expect a guitar twice the price to sound like. It is extremely complex and nuanced sound. They say its best for finger picking? Don't believe them! This guitar is louder than my Sonoran and sounds so good loud. Ofc. for fingerpicking at low volumes or gentle strums, the guitar delivers as well just as good or even better.
The Baggs anthem is superior to other big brand pickups. Baggs anthem sounds very natural, especially along with my newly acquired Acus 6t.The Acus looks amazing as well. Anyway - back to the guitar.
Did I mention the looks? First a robot arm coats it to distribute the coating very evenly, then it's polished with a robot arm, and then hand polished and it looks stunning. As in drop dead gorgeous. My other Fenders and Perez are jealous!
The action is perfect for me (I like it super low) and there is no fret buzzing or annoying sounds. It's very clean and needed no adjustment when I received it in the box. Btw Thomann packed it well with 2 boxes, and a Hiscox guitar hardcase.
The neck - omg it's so nice. It's a bit slimmer and the finish is satin so you have good grip but can also slide around without too much friction. A perfect balance for my hands and grip. I have medium size fingers that are a bit fatter.
This guitar is perfect for intermediate (and even beginner if you have the cash). Don't go to Taylor et. al. immediately if you want a super exotic and nice guitar. My advice is if the big brands don't excite you - just buy this (I bought this one without even trying it).

Cons: Because of the alloy truss rod embedded in carbon (Check it out on Furchs homepage - innovation!) I am not used to so much weight in the neck. If you place the guitar on your lap it will tilt towards to neck unless you hold it a little differently. This will take some adjusting. On the other side - its not a heavy guitar. It is more substantial than my other acoustic, but feels like a royal piece of equipment.

In conclusion this beats the shit out of the 214ce, the MArtin 10 e and the 314ce (which were my choices before I met the Furch)

Sorry for all the swearing, but it is actually that good.

Just get it - you won't regret it! And no - I am not affiliated with Furch. I bought this with my own money (at the moment 17,300 DKK) along with a Acus 6T and am careful with what I buy. After doing around 70 hrs research - I'm so happy. If you have the cash - just go for it.
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