The Top 7 Power Attenuators

The Top 7 Power Attenuators

Tube amp fanatics may know this problem all too well: the gloriously richer sounds of an amp when cranked to its limits. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to do so. Setting the volume at 11, might not always go well with your neighbors or your band mates for that matter, plus it can be quite detrimental to your ears.

Luckily, there are power attenuators to the rescue. This is placed between the amp and the speaker, which allows you to play at a reduced volume while keeping the power amp sound. With several models in the market we decided to present some of them here, in the following video.

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Here is a list of the gear featured in the video:


Amplifier and Cabinet: Marshall JTM45/2245, Marshall MR1936V

Guitar: Fender AM Pro Tele Ash MN NAT

Microphones : Sennheiser E 906, Royer Labs R-121

dB meter: Dateq SPL-D2

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    Wow! An hour wit fastspeakingGermanEnglishalmostimpossibletounderstand. lol You should set up English subtitles and list the gear with prize, + and – and some words about versatility and user friendliness.

    They are a German company… I thought their English was actually quite good for not being native speakers.

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