#reasons2play Never too late!

#reasons2play Never too late!

How often do we find ourselves thinking, that we’re too old to do something? Too old to go to a dance club and party our legs off? Too old for TikTok? Or most importantly: Too old to start playing a new instrument? Too often. And it start’s way too early. We at Thomann beg to differ. We say it’s NEVER too late to start a new hobby, especially if it’s playing an instrument. Here’s why, our #reasons2play!

Never too Late, Never too Old

We’ve all heard 20-somethings tell us that it’s too late to start something, when in fact studies show, that although we live fast and energetic in our teenage years and 20s, our life actually starts at 40… How, you might ask? Well let us tell you: As you reach a more mature age, you’ll be more in tune with your psychological state and may appreciate the simple things around you more than you have before. Maybe going to cello class or watching theory lessons from YouTube won’t feel as much of a chore it used to feel like back in the day.  Our brains are wired to absorb new skillsets, and even at 40, a new skill could spike up some interest and keep the brain active! Speaking of brains:


Good for your Brain

Everybody’s talking about physical exercise and how important it is for you! We totally agree. But your brain needs to be exercised too. Ok, maybe 40 years old is not old enough to think that much about brain health, but it’s important to start practicing early on. Music or musical sounds keep your brain active while practicing keeps you focused. Together they’re one mad combo!


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Music brings balance and relaxation

Practicing might feel stressful, we know that. Playing an instrument is a never-ending swamp of mindless comparisons and self-doubt. It’s what every musician or player goes through at some point. It’s all about setting your goals just right! If you want to play like Slash after a week of practice, you’re going to have a tough time. How about practicing one chord a day on the piano or the guitar? That way you’ll be able to play (almost) every hit song from 1970 to 2020 in a week!  Music is all about stress relief, and once you get the hang of the basics, playing can more easily enter a blissful, meditative state.


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Music is an energy boost

Nothing influences our mood as quickly and lastingly as music. Especially in the dark seasons, all kinds of  energy highs and lows are the order of the day. But let us not be gloomy during those darker times. Sometimes all you need is a quick energy boost. Here’s a tip: Listen to a song you loved when you were a kid or a teenager! A song that was important to you at some point of your life has a tendency of staying inside you, never really leaving your mind thus making the emotional impact very strong and energising. While listening to the song of your childhood in your adult years, you might get the same energy boost as you did years ago. The song might stir up some forgotten good times and bring a smile on your face! The soundtrack of your life is a great energy boost. For example: Whenever you need an energy boost for cleaning or doing chores, blast the Black Parade as loud as I can.

Music also helps you while you’re exercising or doing work, giving you some extra strength. Studies show, that music helps by intensifying the sensation of a workout, reducing the perception of exertion and giving you a steady beat and tempo to lean on! You can read more of the benefits regarding exercise on our t.blog!

Playing music helps your personal growth

Learning musical skills or simply appreciating harmonies and melodies can help you find yourself. It’s a great way of getting to know what you like, what makes you smile and what gets you going! Music is a great way to connect and self-regulate your emotions. And being on top of your emotional game helps you build a stronger self-esteem! Playing the right chord at the right time gives you the sensation of accomplishment, ‘’I did it!’’ How often do we say that in our everyday lives?

Playing at parties is a free gift

There, we said it. If you know the basics of an instrument, and you know the favourite song of the person being celebrated, you’ll always have a free gift to give. And no, you’re not being cheap. A concert is always sensational! It’s a great way to show appreciation and affection, getting some applause and a good ol’ adrenaline rush from the audience at the same time! You’re welcome!


So as a reminder:

Playing an instrument has more pros than it has cons and it’s never too late to start playing one! ️?? 

Even more reasons to make music

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