Convertisseur N/A haut de gamme & amplificateur casque

  • Taux d'échantillonnage: 44.1 kHz à 768 kHz
  • Lecture haute résolution de PCM, DXD et DSD jusqu'à 768 kHz
  • SteadyClock FS
  • Ecran LCD
  • Fonction AutoDark pour l'éclairage
  • Module AK4493 DAC
  • Rapport signal/bruit (SNR) à + 7 / + 13 / + 19 dBu: 120 dB RMS non pondéré, 123 dBA
  • Sortie IEM avec -120 dBu
  • Mode Class Compliant
  • Réglage du niveau de sortie hardware à 4 niveaux
  • 1 entrée coaxiale S/PDIF
  • 1 entrée optique ADAT ou S/PDIF
  • 2 sorties ligne asymétriques (Stereo L/R) sur RCA
  • 2 sorties ligne symétriques (Stereo L/R) sur XLR
  • Sortie casque Extreme Power Stereo sur Jack 6,3 mm
  • Sortie Super Low Noise IEM sur mini Jack 3,5 mm
  • Port USB 2.0 (compatible USB 3.0)
  • Télécommande MRC incluse avec boutons Standby On/Off, Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble, sélection d'entrée (optique, coaxial, USB), Mute, Loudness, Bass/Treble, EQ On/Off
  • Le signal d'entrée S/PDIF peut être enregistré via USB
  • Format de bureau
  • Dimensions: 215 x 52 x 150 mm
  • Poids: 1 kg
  • Câble USB et bloc d'alimentation incl.

Plus d'infos

Nombre de canaux 2
Conversion Analogique/Digitale Non
Conversion Numérique/Analogique Oui
Résolution max. 32 bit
Fréquence d'échantillonnage max. 768 kHz
Connexion S/PDIF Oui
Connexion AES/EBU Non
Connexion ADAT Oui
Word clock Non
Nombre des entrées analogues 0
Nombre des sorties analogues 4
Sortie casque Oui

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Qualité de fabrication
Great sound and value, but some limitations
Piwemol, 06.09.2018
· À propos de RME ADI-2 DAC
This is my second update of my review, that I write after using with my recently acquired Audio Technica ATH-E70 IEM. I have bot changed the stars, only added a comment.

I am using the ADI2-DAC as an audiophile, not a musician or a studio engineer. I understand that I am in the target of RME for this specific product and I shall review the product as a product designed for audiophile use.

I am using the ADI2-DAC to listen mostly to CD quality classical and modern recordings on my MacMini running iTunes or Audirvana, with AKG 702 or Beyer Amiron Headphones ; I also sometimes connect the ADI2 to my old Dual amp feeding medium quality loudspeakers. Most of my music is 44,1 khz/16 bits PCM, but I made a few trials with high resolution PCM and DSD. The purpose of these trials was to test DSD sound, not to test the ADI2-DAC, but I ran into some limitations of the DAC regarding DSD that I shall comment below.

I am very happy with the sound and given the rave reviews that this product has got, I have no doubt that it is top quality sound, though I personally never compared the ADI-2 DAC with a competitor in the same price range. Given the sound quality and given features offered by the ADI, like the low noise minijack output or the ability to crossfeed L and R channels, there is no doubt that the ADI-2 DAC offers a huge value ; it is arguably among the very best DACs and headphone amps below 1000 Euros, and probably even beyond.

But the ADI2-DAC has two limitations for a user like myself and therefore I have given it only 4 stars.

1 Interface complexity

Despite the very nice and comprehensive user manual, the ADI2 is quite complex to use. I find it non intuitive to browse through all the setting with the buttons. Obviously, the designer has been very smart to enable access to so much functions with such a little screen and only a few buttons ; but it may be too smart for regular folks like me and I frequently get lost in the menus.

2 Limitations with DSD

The ADI2-DAC is capable of playing DSD, but by default, DSD signals are converted into PCM before the digital to analog conversion. This seems to be necessary to control the headphone output volume which is done by the DSP, not by the analog output stage. DSD signals cannot be processed at all, whereas PCM can. Furthermore, according to the manual, there is not enough processing power left to enable EQ, crossfeed and other functions that the ADI2-DAC is capable of with DSD and high sampling rate PCM. In my configuration, it is more convenient to have Audirvana perform the DSD to PCM conversion on the Mac upstream from the ADI2-DAC. Thus, the DSD to PCM conversion in the DAC is of little interest.

The ADI2-DAC can be set to behave like a native DSD converter thanks to the Asahi Kasei DAC chip. But in this case, only the line output is available at fixed level and no DSP based function is available.

I understand that this is the consequence of a design trade-off which leads to a relatively low price and very great value of the ADI2-DAC ; but for those that really want to listen to DSD through headphones , to enjoy supposed superior sound of DSD (I am wring supposed because I could not judge yet), another high quality headphone amp is required. And in this case, there is no benefit to have a DAC/Amp combo like the ADI2-DAC ; better by a cheaper DSD capable DAC without amp and DSP.

To summarize this point : the ADI2-DAc is of little interest to listen to direct DSD.

Fortunately, this is not the case for me since I only wanted to give a try to DSD. The ADI2-DAC limitations with DSD will even same me money since It makes it useless for me to pay the premium price for high resolution DSD downloads !

ADDENDUM: I have recently bought an Audio-Technica ATH-E70 IEM and tried to use it on the dedicated IEM output of the ADI2. The result is awful, because of saturation in the mediums and highs, even at reasonable volume. The ATH-E70, which works nice on the regular 3,5 mm jack of an old iPhone, may be partly responsible for the issue and may have an impedance mismatch with the ADI2. Still, it appears that the ADI2 is not well suited to drive any IEM.

Last but not least, in the current market and especially for digital-audiophiles, it would make sense to bring out a product with LAN/Ethernet and UPNp/DLNA. No need for a full featured network player with Tidal, Qobuz and other services, since these apps run on the computer associated to the DAC. More and more digital-audiophiles use a NAS to store and stream music and a LAN+DLNA is the best solution to connect to the DAC.
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Qualité de fabrication
End-game unit for me
CaptainFantastic, 30.01.2019
· À propos de RME ADI-2 DAC
The quality of the sound and the full range of features make this unit the last DAC/Amp I will need for the foreseeable future. I immediately noticed the sound improvement (a satisfying depth and richness) compared to my previous 500 EUR unit which I was already satisfied with. Note: my headphones are relatively easy to drive, low impendance, hence I do not use a separate amp. However, there is so much headroom that I think the unit could easily power harder to drive headphones as well.
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969 €
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Disponible habituellement sous 1-2 semaines
Disponible habituellement sous 1-2 semaines

Le réassort de cet article va très prochainement avoir lieu, et pourra être expédié dès réception.

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