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the sssnake PNT 20


Combination Cables

  • Wound onto plastic cable drum with DMX signal and power (3x 0.75 mm²) 20 m
  • Cable diameter: 18 mm
  • Split ends: 22cm
  • Weight: 4 kg
Type Combination cable
Lenght [m] 20,00 m
Outdoor suitable? No
Incl. Cable Drum Yes
Wire diameter (mm²) 0,75 mm²
Color Black
Item number 255343
59 €
Including VAT; Excluding 20 € shipping
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Available immediately

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A very handy and versatile product
Tom2007 28.06.2016
This product is a bargain. Costs of IEC/XLR snakes are ridiculous and buying a premade one makes no economical sense, but this one is totally worth it. The cable is extremely thick, it could withstand anything. The connectors themselves are good quality and feel as if they'd last a while.

There are 3 common uses I have for this product:
1. DMX smoke machine / hazer power and signal. I often find at gigs that the hazer placement is miles away from a source of power and/or DMX, especially outdoors. This drum gives the flexibility of having your hazer up to 20m away.
2. Active speakers. Certain events call for speakers to be placed away from the stage, maybe for announcements in a different room or for music in the bar area etc. This is ideal for exactly that purpose.
3. Small event FOH position power and DMX. When there isn't a dedicated FOH control position, this product is great to get power from the stage and DMX to the stage. While 20m isn't enough for bigger events and I'd rather use a proper dedicated DMX cable to feed a bigger setup, this works absolutely fine for smaller gigs. The cable is very thick like I've said so fine for a stampede of spectators.

My only complaint is that the weight of the drum itself is not quite enough to withstand pulling on the cable. I normally hold the drum in position and unwind the whole lot into a heap to be used accordingly, then wind up the excess once I'm wired up. Not a big deal though, it's such a small bit of kit I wouldn't expect anything else.

To get the most from this product, I recommend collecting together a few adaptors to make it as versatile as can be. A 4-gang or 6-gang 13a plugboard terminating in a male IEC is very handy for powering multiple pieces of equipment, if this is to be used for FOH for example. A 16a to IEC jumper is also handy if your working with 16a sockets. 5 to 3 and 3 to 5 adaptors for DMX flexibility is also a good idea.

Overall, fantastic. There isn't anything like this available from anywhere else, especially this cheap. A true asset to your kitlist.


Good tool
Thomas B. 558 31.05.2013
I use this cable as a DMX snake. I find it very useful but more so very good quality. The cable is very thick so it is safe and reliable. It is also mounted on a good sturdy reel which makes it easy for rolling and un rolling.


the sssnake PNT 20 Combination Cables
mose 16.01.2018
This was one of my best bargains. A snake cable for audio and power that I can use for my mobile set up. I do not have to manually fold since there is a reel. It's a Thomann branded snake cable.

Moses Wakaba (Kenya)


After a few years still working
krmpy 02.08.2018
Great cable drum....after a few years no problem...great product!


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