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Schaller M6 135 Locking 3L/3R CH


Machine Head Set for Electric and Western Guitar

  • Set configuration: 3 Left / 3 Right
  • Precise and wear-free
  • Velvet-Tex and LX6-Lube for high precision and tuning comfort
  • Improved manufacturing processes for very high-quality surface finish
  • For headstocks up to 15.4 mm thickness
  • Construction: Closed
  • Buttons: M6 Metal large
  • Ratio: 1:18
  • Shaft length: 19.5 mm
  • Bore: 9.8 mm
  • Mounting: Screw & Locknut
  • Screw ear: 135°
  • Schaller article 10020223.02.52
  • Surface: Chrome
  • Including: Fixing screws, banjo bolts and washers
  • Made in Germany
Colour Chrome
Item number 405883
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I didn't enjoy fitting them, but the results made it worthwhile
røde2nowhere 16.07.2020
First, I bought these to fit on a PRS SE Tremonti Custom (2017). After reading many reports of people successfully fitting them, without issues. However, in my experience, it wasn't so straightforward. First, it required a lot of force to get the washer rings into place. And it took a lot of force to press the tuning machines in flush with the back of the headstock. In fact, I damaged the locking mechanism on one of the tuners from pushing too hard against it. Perhaps I should have removed the locking screws first. That one locking mechanism is a bit difficult to turn now, but it does work.

The new tuners weigh in at 42g heavier than the PRS SE stock tuners they replaced. And I don't notice any neck dive or any other issues.

What I do notice is that it is very easy to restring the guitar. And once the strings were stretched and tuned, the tuning is now very stable. I think the guitar was good before, but this is a nice upgrade. I don't regret getting them for this guitar, even though it was a harder job than expected.


Stephen Watters 02.12.2017
I bought these for my PRS SE Holcomb sig. They are perfect drop in replacements. (They also fit all other SE's perfectly)

They are very easy to install, just a single screw and nut and that's it.

As you would expect with locking tuners, restringing is super quick. And the locks themselves are very secure and also don't seem to have any jagged edges that would damage or break your strings.

They are very stable when it comes to tuning. Just as good or better than Grovers. They easily beat out any stock tuner, especially with their higher gear ratio. It makes fine tuning way easier.

The posts are shorter, but more than long enough that they will still be long enough for 90% of headstocks. And they actually look really cool in my opinion being short. Has a classy look.

As for the colour, the chrome seems to be good. It doesn't blemish easily and doesn't "fade" the way some other chromes seem to, even with the most sweaty hands imaginable.

Overall they are very stable and secure, and the quality of life upgrade from restringing times being drastically shortened is great. I would and will be using Schaller locking tuners in all of my guitars in the future.


First was was faulty, the second pack was just ok
tulvan 27.03.2019
The first pack of locking tuners was faulty.. I saw that only after changing the strings (and cutting them after locking!).. so I basically threw a pack of string out of the window.

The Thomann team saw through the video I sent the problem, and they sent me a new pack after I returned the original one through the Post office. The new pack was ok, but the mechanism is a little "unreliable".. sometimes it works smooth like butter, sometimes it works a little sluggish.

Note: This was fitted into a PRS SE Chris Robertson guitar.


5 stars but...
0x430x680x720x690x73 06.02.2021
I bought these, without doing my proper research. I bought them to replace the stock grover tuners on my Epiphone Les Paul, however to my dismay the shaft is not long enough for Les Paul's, (which should be 23mm instead of the 19mm).

Over all the packaging is really nice and simple, nothing wasted.

They appear to be really good quality, and just look so good. I can't wait to see if they will fit on some of my other guitars. In the meantime i've ordered the correct ones from Schaller directly (as thomann don't supply the ones i needed). Looking forward to trying them.


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