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Allparts CTS500K Audio Taper Pot



  • 500 KΩ
  • Logarithmic
  • Knurled shafts
  • CTS Potentiometers are the first choice on many American guitar models
  • Low tolerance for less dispersion and more precision
  • Total height: 30 mm
  • Total diameter: 23.5 mm
  • Threaded shaft length: 9.5 mm
  • Thread diameter: 9.5 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 6 mm
  • Made in the USA
Design Split Shaft
Resistance Value 500 kOhms
Characteristic Curve Logarithmic
Tandem Poti No
Push/Push No
Solderless No
shaft type grooved
available since April 2017
Item number 411573
7,90 €
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Available immediately

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Good quality pots but definitely not "low tolerance".
TCSMD 11.10.2021
These are good quality pots, as expected from CTS. The tolerance isn't quite as tight as I would ideally want though. I normally buy CTS pots with tighter tolerances from other sources but I was running out of 500k pots and didn't have a new shipment coming in soon enough for a couple of jobs with high priority so I took a chance on these.

The actual values I got varied from 481k to 542k which isn't really tight enough for my needs. If one of my customers specifies 500k for an electronics upgrade I need the actual values to be a little closer than this. I guess it's within the tolerance for standard CTS pots but Thomann have these pots listed as "low tolerance" which they are most definitely NOT so that's one star off the total ratings for the misleading marketing.

To sum it up: The quality of these pots is very good but if you need them to actually be close to 500k you had better look elsewhere for pots with tighter tolerances (or buy a lot of them and hope you win the lottery).


Big Improvement over cheap pots.
Christiansen 19.11.2020
I got a second hand Washburn with Seymour Duncan pups on it and I wasn't impressed how was the sound out of it. Not like I'm a professionist (more likely an sunday player) but the price was really low and guitar was in pristine condition so I bought it. The wiring was really bad and the pots were something no name and really tiny. So, I bought this pots, remade the wiring with SD wiring specs and damn, thru my computer with GR5 (dont have an amp yet) it's a big difference in how it sounds. It's a different quitar to be honest and high sounds are more clearer, changing the tone is actually making a difference (I got a Orange drop 22nf on it) and overall the quitar is turning out to be a 100% best deal. I don't know if the new wiring made this big change in sound, but I guess this new pots and cap made a huge difference. On the downside, I had to make the holes in the guitar and knobs a bit bigger for them to fit, but I knew that before ordering, couldn't find pots to fit exactly.


Worthwhile upgrade for any guitar
Martin John 17 17.11.2019
If you find your guitar is lacking ooomph then it could be your electronics. Many guitars come with sub-standard pots so even if the pickups are OK, you wont be able to hear it.

These are pretty much the standard in any high-end guitar, the first I do when getting a new cheap guitar is change the pots. Much cheaper than buying new pickups, and often has the same effect.


Stef5 10.11.2020
100% satisfied . No need to explain more .


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