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Richter Guitar Strap SpringbreakI BKBK


Guitar Strap

  • Material: High quality, soft Napa leather
  • Length: Adjustable from 98.0 - 158.0 cm in 2 cm steps
  • Width: 7 cm
  • Black double stitched seam around entire strap
  • High comfort support thanks to perfect cushioning
  • The inner structure of the strap is particularly strong where the strain is greatest
  • On the rear part of the Richter Springbreak guitar strap are 5 buttonholes
  • Under each hole is a seam so that guitarists and bassists who like to carry their instrument high can cut off the strap without a worry
  • Colour: Black
  • Made in Germany
Length 156 cm
Width 60 mm
Colour Black
Item number 262011
66 €
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r contest queen - with function, too!
rbbrnck 26.02.2021
c'mon, what on earth can be so special, in guitar strap, that comes at a price for which, these days, you might buy a whole solidbody guitar to hang to?

great as the hi-res pictures might hint, it's only when you have it in your hands that you get what's the difference between this, and the other 10 or 20 that you have (or have ever had).

this one's leather's supple and soft, but holds its strength and shape when even a heavy load hangs, and depends, from it, for starters.

the tanning process on its leather make it ideally slip-free, but – contrary to suede leather – this is friction-free only when the load is on it... nudge your bass' or guitar's neck upwards, and the strap slides in place no matter what you're wearing - cotton, wool or pile, it always does the trick like no other did before, in my case.

another unexpected feature of this strap is its weight, or better put: lightweight; it weighs far less than the other leather straps i have and have had, which (given the strenght and thickness of its leather) is quite surprising.

wait... you're asking why shall its lightweight be a welcomed feature? when you're gonna hang a 5kg bass off it, what can 30 or 50g ever mean, isn't that a negligible portion of the whole?

on your shoulder, sure: if you can stand 5000g hanging from it, you can as well stand 5100g, or 5050... but when you have your guitar or bass around, maybe a pricey hollowbody, maybe a feather-light gem from an ancient past, a stiff and heavy strap can easily damage the delicate purflings that are peeling away, or the old inlaly that's started to flake off, or knock the wooden bridge off its exact place... seen it all happen before, and if the guitar's yours, something you won't easily forget.

the other extra bits are there, too: no buckle, no rings, no rivets, neither metal nor plastic, all eyelets are sawn-through, so repeated handling won't undo whatever holds the layers together... even the need of a rubber grommet (or a specific locking device) to safety keep the strap to the guitar's buttons is somewhat less relevant, or bass', because of how neatly stitched the strap's eyelets are. and, in a wise future-proof vision, the way the eyelets are stitched, you can easily trim the excessive length with a razor blade, and the stitches won't undo themselves off!

is there still room for one extra treat? yes?
well, this smells great, too - that pleasant, old-style, leather waft that i remember from my youth days at shoe- and saddlemakers' shops is there - faint, indeed, but if you get your nose close by, you'll taste it!

if you can afford one, bottom line, this seems all the most perfect compromise between strength and comfort, class-looking optics and instrument's utmost safety, and it works wonders to make heavy instruments feel somewhat less demanding on your shoulders, without even being too wide for that.

bravo, Richter – i could have saved myself all others, if ever i'd bought this one before!


Top notch
DickPuound 08.09.2021
Good price, quality is really good and I try as much as I can to avoid buying products made in Asia if I can find an alternative made in EU. Price for the quality and design is well worth it.
The only downside is that you don't get the precision and easy height adjustment as a buckle so it requires a bit more time to have it setup for your liking.


My favourite strap
Curtis R. 13.09.2016
I bought this strap as I was looking for something a more comfortable than the straps I was used to.

With my previous straps, I had issues with my shoulder aching after 2 to 3 hours of gigging on a night, but since buying the Richter strap, I haven't had any issues with my shoulder aching at all. It's hands down the best strap I've used, for the money, plus it looks great as well.

The length can suit all guitarist' stances too. If you want the low strung Hetfield/Slash look, it'll do it and, personally, I think the wrap through method is much more solid than the buckle style.

I thought it was that good, I now own 5 of these straps, for some of my various guitars, and I'm planning on buying some more for other guitars in my collection.


Extremely comfortable!
James K. 20.05.2018
I purchased this strap to use with my basses, I wasn't sure whether to get this one or the wider one, but this one is actually plenty wide and very comfortable.
The leather is very soft, the padded area is quite thick and soft and very comfortable even with the heaviest of instruments, I was also able to easily affix my warwick straplocks to this strap as all my basses use straplocks.
My only minor complaint is that I thought the leather itself would be thicker, however in retrospect, I realise if the leather was thicker it wouldn't be quite so soft or comfortable so this is not an issue at all.
I highly recommend this strap and will be purchasing more of these myself.


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