Radial Engineering Pro D2


Passive Stereo DI Box

  • 2 Independent ProDI channels
  • 15 dB pad
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz - 18 kHz
  • Ground lift
  • Connections: Jack in / out, XLR out
  • Ideal for stereo sources such as keyboards, drum computers and digital recorders
available since April 2008
Item number 209196
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Multi-Channel Unit Yes
Channels 2
Active / Passive Passive
19" No
Pad switchable Yes
Gnd/Lift switchable Yes
Powered by battery No
Speaker Simulation No
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Top quality - you get what you pay for
Mick from Belfast 05.07.2021
I have bought two of these for my keyboard rig, allowing stereo output to both front of house and on-stage monitors. The difference that stereo makes in cutting through the mix (and preventing phase cancellation) really makes it worth investing in decent quality Stereo DI boxes.

The sound quality and clarity (and the virtual absence of any noise whatsoever), is excellent. I've used them in both large and small venues and in all cases they just work as you would want them to. Build quality is also excellent.

Probably the best compliment I can pay is from a recent session where I turned up to do a live recording of a demo video. The sound engineer who was doing the mixing and recording asked me what my set-up was and when I told him I was using 2 x Radial stereo DIs he said "Great - that means I don't really have to do anything to make you sound good!"

Well worth putting the money in to these. It really is a false economy (and a bit pointless) to put high quality (Nord/Roland/Yamaha etc) boards through a cheap DI box.


Just perfect
mckenic 16.04.2019
I was a little hesitant spending so much on a DI but the build and features are second to none.

After watching Mylarmelodies horror story about his live gig without a DI I followed his recommendation and got the Pro D2.

I have already used them for a modular synth gig in Dublin, Ireland. I went stereo out from my Eurorack modular to my RNC to the Pro D2 and straight to front of house.

There were no impedance or ground hum issues and this will be my set-up going forward. Highly recommended.

Pros -
Built Like a Tank (DONT drop this on your foot!)
I know it sounds trite - but it just works and works wonderfully.

Cons -
I hesitated spending so much on something that does almost nothing (but one thing) - but that thing it does is vital to me and it does it wonderfully. I wouldnt even know it was there (apart from the weight! But thats a side effect of the wonderful build quality!)

If you are considering this and can afford it - dont hesitate.
One of my best buys this year and one that gives me peace of mind!


Adrian D 04.06.2019
I've hesitated for quite some time, unsure of spending almost 200euro on a dibox. In the end, I've decided to buy it on order to connect my keyboard to the mixer. I'm really glad I did so:
1. it is built like a tank
2. the sound is warm
3. the ground lift alleviates any hum --> no more noise on the stage due to other electrical devices
4. being stereo it is great for keyboards or other stereo inputs (computers, music playback, etc.)
5. no risk anymore for my keyboard to be damaged by phantom power, faulty mixers, etc. A friend of mine had his Korg PA4X mainboard damaged because of a faulty mixer!

Maybe you'll think it is expensive but please remember that quality transformers and components come at a price!


Sturdy DI.
Michael1233 07.03.2015
The Radial Engineering Pro D2 is a really nice box. Very solid build with really nice switches and connectors. The connectors are much better quality than you'll see on cheaper equivalents.

The audio quality is very good. I've used this on all your standard DI instruments in the studio now and it's not let me down yet.

2 channels in one box is nice and neat, and there are no issues with crosstalk etc.

My only issue is that it's not as pretty as some of the other Radial boxes, but other than that, this is a great product from a trusted company - you can't go far wrong.


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