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Harley Benton Parts Locking Tuners 6L Black


Machine Head Locking/ Clamping Set

  • Keystone Mini Style Button
  • 6x Left
  • 6-piece set
  • Ratio 19:1
  • Bore diameter 10 mm
  • Single machine heads with enclosed oil lubrication
  • Complete set with screws, washer and guide sleeves
Colour Black
available since December 2012
Item number 283977
45 €
Including VAT; Excluding 19,90 € shipping
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5 Sales Rank
Precise toys made in China!
Orim 18.11.2019
As a rule, I am using Planet Waves tuners on all my guitars. Yet, I had a need for locking tuners to put on cheap Squier guitar.
PW are expensive, so I bought those Harley Benton.

Really nice surprise!

- they are smooth and accurate
- they hold properly (guitar stays in tune even with dive-bombing)
- they are incredibly affordable
- they look definitely not cheap
- they look good

- screws feel like aluminium (good tuners, and such screws, Thomann, really?)
- there is no big brand name on them ;-)

Now - I mentioned, I am using PW tuners. Sure, on guitars worth 1000+ Euro you want expensive stuff (and PW cut string by themselves). But, if you are on budget, or you paid 100 Euro for a guitar, or you do not need fancy tuners with scissor function on them, Harley Benton Locking Tuners are really good choice.
Yes, they are made in China. But they are very well made in China. If only the mounting screws will be of better material (steel, please!), those very affordable tuners will easily compete with toys that are three times more expensive!

In one sentence: very good product from Thomann.
(One star off for quality because of those damn screws.)


Good, budget friendly tuners
MajorBlaze 30.12.2020
I bought these tuners for my Jackson JS12 Dinky, because the stock tuners were pretty crappy. They were wobbly, and some of them even started to fall apart after 2 years of moderate use.
I didn't want to spend a 100 Euros for a set of tuners, simply because it's a 150 Euro guitar.
The installation was quick, and easy, took about 20 minutes. No modifications needed, fits perfectly, even the mounting screws were spot on.
My only issue is that they are a little bit stiff, but might get better with use. I have Grovers, and Fender tuners on my other guitars, and the are wayyyy smoother, than the HBs.
A little bit of WD40 might solve this issue. Might try it on the next string change.
The tension is adjustable on the tuning pegs, just like with other brands.
They do the job. String change is much faster, than with standard tuners.
I'm not saying that I never have to tune ever, but it improved tuning stability for sure. I don't expect perfect tuning on a 150 Euro guitar anyway, even if the nut is well lubricated. Might be the headstock, and the string angle at the nut. No big deal.
All in all: if you are on a budget, and looking for a good set of tuners, try these out.


Great affordable tuners for your budget guitar!
mrcarlo 14.05.2021
You have a budget guitar and you don't want to spend whole or half of its value on tuners? Savior Harley Benton just came to help us! I bought these tuners for my Jackson JS11, they are a perfect fit. The tuning stability is way better than it was before and changing strings is super easy and quick! The only bad thing you can really say about them is the weight, since they are pretty light. In some way it is a good thing since you can avoid neck dive, but it definetly feels cheaper and less 'premium'. I really reccomend those!


Cheap and effective
Andrei G 13.04.2018
I needed some new tuners for my old Edwards EX75, which is a Gibson Explorer clone, and I didn't think twice before getting this set, especially when I saw the price.

You just can't go wrong with these, they come with everything you need to install them and Thomann provides all the measurements.
Everything about them is fine, except one thing: they're stiff. It's not the first time when I try out HB tuners, and every single time I did, they were stiff. Hopefully I just have badluck or something and they work for everybody else? I don't know, but that stiffness will make them a 4/5 for me, but again don't let that get in your way if you wanna buy them, they're worth every single penny. :)

Bottom line:
The HB Locking tuners surprised me, the stiffness is a flaw, sure, but it's literally the only problem I've found about them.


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