Gotoh SD90-SL MG Locking 3L/3R N


Clamp Machine Heads Set for Electric Guitar

  • Configuration: 3 left / 3 right
  • Self-clamping due to string tension
  • Smaller string holes on 1st, 2nd and 3rd machine heads improve tuning stability
  • Construction: Half-closed
  • Wing: Perloid Keystone Single Ring
  • Transmission ratio: 1:15
  • Shaft length (to string hole): 20 mm
  • Bore: 8.8 mm
  • Mounting: Screws
  • Screw bracket angle: 90° and 180°
  • Finish: Nickel
  • Includes mounting screws & press-in sleeves
  • Made in Japan
available since February 2009
Item number 220623
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Nickel
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Almost perfect
Xxlguru 29.07.2020
way it looks
Length of the shaft. Might be to short for some headstocks.

They are not heavier than Kluson vintage tuners and do no change the tone. Some heavy locking tuners will ruin the guitars balance and will kill the vibrations of the guitar. This one do not. Guitar stays as it was. Tuning feels good and it is relatively easy to dial in a note. People often ruin their guitars with Vintage tuners with placing heavy modern style tuners. They solve tuning issues and kill guitar sound and make it headstock heavy. This tuners are great option while they eventually do lock and they do stay true to how the guitar tone was with original vintage tuners.

On other side restringing is not as fast as with some other locking tuners. Like with PRS type locking tuners you keep string tension and you lock it down with a screw, Same as with Fender type (Shaller) of tuners only you lock it from the back side. With this tuners you hold a string and you need to turn a tuning peg to lock the string and once you have it tight you can do last half turn to lock it down. So slower string changes and bit awkward. Though once locked it stays locked and tuner works and sounds good, So that is only negative thing about it.


Great upgrade
episg 09.05.2017
Replaced the stock tuners on an Epiphone SG Special with these Gotoh locking tuners and was really impressed by the result. Great quality. The tuning stability has increased significantly, fine tuning is a lot easier and quicker now and restringing is much faster.

(A note for the specific guitar model (Made in Indonesia, Epiphone SG Special 2010): the stock tuners have the mounting screws placed diagonally, so you need to place the new tuners and drill pilot holes for the new mounting screws. Also the peg holes in this guitar are 8mm diameter. The Gotoh bushings that are included are 8.8mm. So, you either need to ream a bit the peg holes or leave the stock bushings.)


Ideal vintage style lockers
Rids 19.01.2018
Gotoh make excellent quality machine heads and these are no exception. They fit vintage style Gibson?s with the smaller holes so don?t order if you have modern 10mm holes. The key stone is a really good colour unlike some other brands attempts. They look just like vintage style klussons but have the advantage of a locking mechanism which is a little strange the first time you restring your instrument as they lock by winding the key rather than having a wheel or other more common ways of locking. Once your tuned up they remain stable and hold tuning really well. I feel that these tuners are excellent quality and value


Aesthetically and functionally amazing
Anonymous 10.02.2015
I fitted these to a Tokai Japanese Les Paul. The guitar was a clone of the gibson 59 VOS and consequently i did not want to destroy the look of the guitar by adding any extra holes or non period correct tuners. This left me with one choice, these excellent Gotoh magnum lock tuners.

The tuners were very easy to install, they slotted right into the holes left by the elusion style tuners already in the guitar. They covered all of the same space on the back of the headstock and were indistinguishable form the tuners they replaced. Locked them up is easy and they maintain tuning stability with ease. all told i am very happy with the and heartily recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.


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