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Fender Blues Junior Lacquered Tweed


Tube Combo Amp for Electric Guitar

  • All tube amplifier
  • Power: 15 W
  • Equipped with: 1x 12" Jensen C-12N with ceramic magnet
  • Tubes: 3x 12AX7, 2x 6BQ5s (EL84)
  • 1 Channel
  • Fat switch
  • Vintage style controls
  • Spring reverb
  • Controls: Reverb, master, middle, bass, treble, fat switch, volume
  • Foot pedal connector
  • Tweed finish
  • Dimensions: 40.64 x 45.72 x 23.31 cm
  • Weight: 14.06 kg
Power 15 W
Speaker size 1x 12"
Power Amp Tubes EL84
Channels 1
Reverb Yes
External FX Loop No
Recording Output No
MIDI Interface No
Connection for External Speaker No
Headphone connection No
Footswitch connection Yes
Incl. Footswitch No
Weight 14,0 kg
available since September 2006
Item number 189900
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725 €
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Got the Blues?

Fender’s Blues Junior amplifier is aimed squarely at guitarists with a taste for vintage sounds, from clean through to overdriven. Dynamics are the order of the day for this 15-watt, all-tube combo – true to the philosophy that the tone is in the fingers. The necessary presence is ensured by the matched Jensen C-12N speaker, which is housed in a semi-open backed cabinet finished in Fender’s classic Lacquered Tweed covering.

No-nonsense vintage tone

This all-tube combo amp was created to deliver dynamic vintage and Blues tones in a compact package, and its single-channel design with a three-band EQ, Fat boost switch and spring reverb has everything you need to cover the range of sounds from smooth cleans to full-sounding crunch. The amp’s power stage delivers 15 watts from two EL84 tubes and plays a big part in giving the amp its high responsiveness and dynamic breakup, which are both essential to the overall sound. The level of preamp crunch is also independent of the power amp’s volume level.

It’s all about the dynamics

With its outstandingly dynamic characteristics, the Fender Blues Junior is the perfect home amp for guitarists looking to combine authentic vintage tones with an appealing retro design and an ideal stage or studio amp for those in search of the right sound for performing and recording. The 15 watts of all-tube power from the amp’s two EL84s are not to be underestimated, especially since the 12" Jensen speaker can also move plenty of air. The preamp’s saturation level can be regulated independently of the power amp volume, while the Fat switch in turn provides even more tonal variation. This compact combo thus covers the whole spectrum of sounds from clean to crunch, and its excellent responsiveness means the level of saturation can easily be controlled using your guitar’s volume control.

About Fender

Fender is without doubt one of the most legendary guitar and amplifier manufacturers of all time. The company was founded in 1946 by its namesake Leo Fender († 1991), whose innovative ideas brought a breath of fresh air into the musical world. His Telecaster, Stratocaster, Precision Bass, and Jazz Bass are not only classics – they also continue to shape the styles of musicians in countless genres to this day. Timeless Fender amplifier models such as the Bassman, Twin, Deluxe, and Princeton also enjoy a stellar reputation. Besides maintaining its classic product portfolio, however, the company is also constantly developing new products that make Fender a driving force in today’s music industry.

Highly versatile

The Blues Junior is at home in all manner of environments – from practising at home and jamming with fellow musicians through to recording in the studio and even performing on stage. Its warm clean tone gives an excellent account of itself regardless of whether it is used “as is” or as the basic sound for pedals to be added. When the amp’s gain reserves are tapped, the sound will go from a mild, bluesy crunch through to Classic Rock. And this combo’s chief strength is its ability to seamlessly vary the level of saturation and overdrive depending on the volume of the guitar’s input signal and the player’s picking dynamics, which makes it a highly expressive musical tool – a characteristic that is lacking even in some modern multi-channel amplifiers.

129 Customer Reviews

Nice Fender clean sound at low price
kitarist 14.05.2020
I really love this amp. I have it near my coding desk. When I get bored, I turn it on an play for a while. It has a really nice fenderish clean and nice breakup at low volumes cause it has a master volume. I use it also in a light rock/rap band rehearsals where is no need for big volumes. It is lightweight against my other amps.
The bad thing is the handle, it is in leather I think, but with very very sharp edges. I always say I will smooth those edges but never do. Also some tubes broke at start (few hours of use). Send it back to Thomann and they repaired it fast. It works since then just fine. I have to mention, that I buy stuff from Thomann also because it is never the issue with repair. And yes, I am very careful with my gear.


Best bang for buck
Oztr 13.11.2017
I think Blues Junior is one of the best bang for buck tube amps. For small gigs it is effective enough. When cranked up to where it's just starting to break up nicely, it is a lovely '50s Fender sound, which i prefer over the stock version. It is also good at apartment volume levels, but you will want to crank it up for better sound. Carrying is easy since it is about 14 kg. Tweed cover looks very nice. Overall, it is a very good choice for both gigging musicians and bedroom players.


Great amp for the money
Victor_ 08.06.2021
I bought this amp mainly for playing at home and small venues and it is all you could ask for. It works well at low volume to play at home and it is insanely good when you crank it up.
I find it very versatile and sounds good with or without pedals. I'd say it will suit you regardless of the genre(s) you want to play.
Pros: great classic Fender sound, beautifully made.
Cons: Quite heavy, although this is normal among this kind of amps.


The perfect entry into Tube Fender Amps
bernardomestrela 20.11.2019
For a good price, you get a real fender amp. Looks like one too.
It sounds like you expect, it can get loud enough for any small venue (and then some) and you can make it quiet enough to play at home at almost any time.
It's a great pedal platform also.
The spring reverb sounds really good and the controls are easy to use so you can get the sound you want easily.
I won't give 5 stars on everything because the knobs are not the best quality and i had to open mine to tighten up some screws that were making noise (altho it was after traveling a lot with the amp so it can be normal).
Overall I think this is an investment that can make you happy for years, looks beautiful at any stage or room and you will never wish it was louder.


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