Studiologic SL88 Grand


Teclado controlador

  • Teclado de 88 teclas con mecánica de martillos TP40Wood con Aftertouch
  • Teclas con núcleo de madera y superficie Ivory Touch
  • Nuevo Joystick de control de 6 vías
  • 3 botones de función
  • 4 zonas programables
  • 4 conexiones de pedales programables
  • 3 controladores de joystick programables
  • Pantalla gráfica a color TFT de 320 x 240 px
  • Software editable y programable
  • Nueva función de balance de tecla programable por el usuario
  • 6 curvas de velocidad editables
  • Sistema de riel magnético para adaptar un atril o un soporte para ordenador portátil (atril y soporte no incluidos)
  • Dimensiones (La x An x Al): 1260 x 310 x 110 mm
  • Peso: 20,8 kg
  • Incluye fuente de alimentación de 9V DC 1A, pedal de Sustain VFP1/10 y colección de instrumentos virtuales (una vez registrado el Hardware)
Disponible desde Octubre 2015
número de artículo 373620
Precio por 1 Unidad(es)
Mecánica de martillos
Split Zones 4
Función Layer
Pitch Bend / Modulation
Encoders giratorios 1
Fader 0
Pads 0
Interfaz MIDI 1x In, 2x Out
Conector de pedal Sustain
Alimentación por red
Bus-Powered No
Peso (kg) 20,8 kg
749 €
Sin gastos de envío e incluyendo IVA.
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mrnovemberyrocks 13.05.2020
Recien recibido, apenas una hora probándolo, pero de momento excelente!
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Mixed results, unfortunately ...
Heinrich282 15.04.2020
I bought the SL88 Grand two years back, when I needed a proper 88 keyboard, to emulate a piano-like playing experience. I use it in its most simple way: Take a MIDI cable, connect to a Nord Electro, and play piano/electric piano on the SL88. I had Studiologics before, so I knew they are not very "roadworthy" (external power block, cheaper materials).

The keybed, with its wood keys and triple sensor technology, is a joy to play - so far, so good.

But after a year of - light - use I noticed the first "stripes" on the TFT color screen (where the light cells don't work properly anymore). By now a second row of cells has gone, and it is basically waiting for the TFT panel to break down completely.

I can't comment on the quality of the software, but I can't recommend buying this keyboard any more, given the quality issue I have. Imagine you want to use this as a proper master keyboard and are depending on the screen to work ...
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About as close you can get to a real grand piano feel as possible
Nydex 11.02.2022
I've been using it for a few weeks now and below I'll list all the pros and cons I've come to.

1. Built like an absolute tank - the entire body (except the two side panels) is metal, and the whole thing is built in a very professional manner. It feels like it can really take a beating.
2. Beautiful, sleek, minimalistic design
3. Plenty of connectivity options
4. The keybed - it's a work of art. Fatar are very well known for making some of the most, if not the most realistic keybeds out there. The wooden keys with synthetic ivory feel fantastic to the touch. The keys are not too heavy, in fact they are slightly lighter than an actual orchestral grand, but the feel is essentially identical. Velocity response and aftertouch record flawlessly. It's an absolute joy.

1. The keys can be a bit loud if you play with higher velocity. The thudding sound will most definitely be an issue for a light sleeper in the same or even the next room during the quiet hours of the night
2. The software is a bit confusing and there's not a lot of documentation or tutorials on how to use it properly
3. The joystick controls do feel high-quality and pleasant to the touch, but I just find them quite inconvenient for things like controlling expression/dynamics etc - you're much better off using a separate fader controller for that

One important note for people that buy this keyboard - in some DAWs, you might notice that when you record midi often times when a key is hit, two notes will be recorded, with the first one being the shortest midi note possible, followed by the actual intended note. This happens when you have multiple zones enabled in your controller. When you turn off all unnecessary zones the double note problem is resolved.

Overall, if you're someone that can play the piano and is looking for a professional grade master midi controller that feels like a real piano, this is a very, very good choice. And even if you can't play the piano but enjoy how a real piano's keybed feels, this controller will satisfy that itch. A huge bonus is Thomann's absolutely amazing customer service and prompt delivery. I'll definitely be buying more stuff from here.

Happy playing!
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Lamentablemente hubo un error. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo más tarde.
Blueskron 07.12.2021
So there was abit of a mixup when I ordered my SL88 Studio.
What happened was that I got this one instead so I tried it out and then of course I had to buy it instead of getting the Studio version.
I love it<3 The feeling of the keys the sensitivity you get from this keyboard is just awesome. Long time since I felt so inspired to just keep playing and enjoying myself.
There are other great keyboards out there when it comes to the feel but what really impressed me was the accuracy of the touch to midi velocity, it really feels like I'm playing a good piano(after I adjusted the touch curve to my liking).
Setting the keyboard up is really easy with their PC/MAC software abit basic but good enough for my needs.
I really can't give this keyboard more praise then saying buy it you won't regret it.
Abit of a footnote though I'm not a classical piano player anymore so your opinion migth differ from mine. Still a dang fine piece of gear! And I'm about to buy another SL88 but this time I'll try their Studio version.
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