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Isovox Mobile Vocal Booth V2


Insulated Singing Booth

  • Practise and record professional vocals at home with up to -35 db in soundproofing
  • Patented 360 xyz pro-acoustics
  • Protects against unwanted noise and interference
  • Vocal sound stays inside and is absorbed and made clearer by the patented internal acoustic system
  • An RCD shield protects the microphone from external noise, e.g. fans, traffic, wind and neighbors
  • Photo / Video view function
  • Removable side walls
  • Integrated cable channel
  • Simple zipper and hook & loop closure
  • Suitable for standard PA speaker stands
  • Fits many pop-shields
  • Integrated microphone holder with 5/8" thread
  • Flex-on mount 2, a microphone holder that fits almost any studio microphone
  • Developed for: Professional vocal recording, singing practice, film / advertising, professional studios, music schools
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 800 x 490 x 480 mm
  • Weight: 11 kg
Type Studio cabine
K dostání od Duben 2017
Číslo produktu 406401
Dimensions 800 x 500 x 360 mm
979 € 24 919,07 Kč
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Dodávku bez poštovného můžete očekávat pravděpodobně mezi Středa, 8.12. a Čtvrtek, 9.12.
12 Pořadí prodejnosti
Samu2911 17.11.2017
Perfektní design a slu¨ná izolace okolních ruchu.Bohuzel sestavení trochu krkolomne,ale to se dá vzhledem k vlastnostem produktu prominout.Cena ?ekl bych té¸ dost vysoká.Kdo nemá prostory a mo¸nosti profi studia pro akustické úpravy tak Isovox funguje velmi slu¨n?.
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This box is fantastic
NickWo 30.10.2020
I really enjoy singing, i love to sing online too, especially with all the staying at home. On that platform people always ask me "are you singing in a box?" And then they ask me more info when i explain its purpose.

I live in a appartment building from the 1950's, the concrete makes sound travel further than you want it too. My neighbour below complained and the others knew i sang. That is a bit awkward and inhibited me a little bit. Especially if you want to do scales, that doesn't make you friends anywhere anyway.

Enter the Isovox: to start with the downside, its not ideal to do a 1 hour scale practicing session, because it will get a bit warm inside. However, if the alternative is angry neighbours it can be a real lifesaver.
Also, i record a song or two, and then open the flap for some air, and doing this i can stay in there for a long time withouth being bothered. I sooner get tired of standing up than of the box life itself.

The isovox adequately dampens sounds, i would say you are still quite audible but it take the edge off. Say that if you heard someone sing loud in the other room, now it would seem like a (loud) conversation. (maybe the worst 40% volume is gone)

But dont let me convince you, listen to my 80 year old neighbour lady below, she said my singing bothered her. Now, it doesnt anymore she told me. Now, in order to please her more i should probably need to buy a silent guitar as well and some carpet ("you drop stuff")...

About the Isovox itself: it is well built, quite beautiful (mine is white) for what it is, also on the inside. It is kind of massive but i like its looks enough that it does not bother me. My cats havent abused it yet, in 5 months, so that is a good sign as they destroy everything else.

Make sure you get a nice stand, the one included in my thomann package was so-so (millenium) as the twisting lever in the middle broke and now it is stuck at a certain height.
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Looking good . Sounds boxy . Too Expensive .
ivelius 24.04.2017
Yes it is very expensive thing in my opinion. So if I pay such a hight price what do I expect ? I expect it to do a descent volume reduction , so I could literally scream my lungs of without bothering my neighbors. I expect it to be comfortable . I expect it to be soundproof .

1 - It does up to 15db volume reduction , from my tests. My wife can still hear me screaming from the other room. Just for a comparison , covering yourself with a blanket does the same reduction :-/

2 - It sounds very dead inside as it should , but boxy as well . So it emphasises around 200Hz always. Not a big deal for me but still...

3 - It is quite comfortable and looking very good. Also have a feeling of a good quality product.

But since it does not reduces the volume up to 35 as advertised , I am afraid this product does not approve its high price .

I would definitely recommend ISOVOX 2 for up to 400 Euros . But it is just twice as expensive...
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Bohužel se vyskyla chyba. Zopakujte protím tuto akci později.
Great to kill reflections, no miracles in sound reduction
Ozan-zzo 14.08.2017
Bought this product in replacement to my old reflection filter - which is known to be one of the best solutions - hoping to reduce the captured room sound and get some isolation.

The booth solves the reflection issue beautifully. With a reflection panel, you still hear the reflections with your ears, hoping that reflection is not captured by the mic. Within this booth, its all dry, which is better in my opinion since its better to compensate with some reverb than hearing a badly treated room sound. On the other hand, the sound inside is boxy. It can be filtered out with some eq, however I prefer to track the sound right at the first place. Can live with that though.

I am a very loud singer. I recorded some room sound with and without the booth. The result was at around -15 dB. When I put someone else in the booth and listened at the next room however, I heard some substantial reduction in volume. I believe if you're a loud vocalist your neighbours will still be hearing you singing, but it wont be as loud as before.

Another point to mention is, it becomes really hot inside, so if your room is already hot, that may affect your comfort while singing.

Final thoughts; this is the best portable reflection solution i came up with so far. On the isolation side, it wont create miracles but unless you have the opportunity to properly treat and isolate a vocal recording space, this product is your best bet.
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