Winning Rockaxe from Outa Space

Winning Rockaxe from Outa Space

Extraordinary, breathtaking designs have come our way within the context of our Harley Benton Contest. Many thanks to all the DIY builders – the level of creativity truly amazed us. You rock! 😉 You made it a very hard choice for the jury, but in the end there can only be one winner: The „Guitardesigner“ Toni Lara from Spain can revel in having won a Thomann-voucher with the value of 150 Euro. We heartily congratulate him with his victory, the design he managed to infuse a Harley-Benton-kit with, is truly astounding!

This guitar has the appearance of having come from a strange world, through a wormhole, into our own dimension. One thing that might partially explain it: Toni is a huge fan of the surreal artist, H. R. Giger, his works inspired him during the conception and building of the guitar. As a tribute to Giger, who passed away in 2014, Toni set out to build his special Harley Benton. Likely you will know Gigers’ Science-Fiction-Schocker Alien film that came out in 1979 which won an Oscar and kicked of the Alien movie franchise.

In image our gallery you can follow the process of how Toni’s guitar developed and came into being:


These pictures of other top notch guitars made by other guitar-designers also reached us at here at Thomann HQ. Have fun clicking through these beauties:


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