Musical resolutions for 2016

Musical resolutions for 2016

Every year there comes a moment right after all the Christmas parties and the food when a person contemplates the preceding months and looks forward to the future, thinking about what can be improved. The items that will go on to your To-Do-List for 2016 are of course completely up to you, but just in case you could use a little bit of input, we are glad to offer some help. In case some of the suggestions do not apply to you, not to worry, likely you may think of some friend who could benefit from one or two of the suggestions quite a bit. 😉

1. If your highs and clear sounds are missing and you have to overcompensate on the amp it is likely past time to get some new strings. It really does not hurt to change them a few times in the course of a year. Your guitar will play better, you will get less or even no string breakage, sound better and enjoy playing  more!

2. Take good care of your cables. Pay a bit of attention to them when you handle and store them and they will last long. If one does eventually make noise and can not be fixed throw it in the bin ahead of time instead of finding out on stage it is not quite working. This way your sound is always good and you have no equipment stress.

3. It feel like it is high time to neatly hook up things and have the cables well ordered in the studio or elsewhere? My advice: buy a few of these cablebinders. These are very practical, durable and are so affordable that anyone can get these, so a beginner can also be well organised from the get go. There is something awesome and inspiring about neat cables! 😉

4. Many drummers thought it was only a myth, but American scientists have concluded that drums can be tuned. Side effects include a much better sound, more enjoyment while playing and approval of your bandmates and audience.

5. To have peace and goodwill among all men and women in your practise space, there is one thing that every band can do and truly benefit from. When some musicians are having a conversation or trying to work out ideas it is key that the other musicians present simply take their hands of their instruments for a few minutes in order not to stress the others with a „Drown-out-the-conversation-jam“. 😉

6. Does the nice old piano in your home do double duty as a piece of furniture and hence people put stuff on top of it often? Perhaps it would be better to bring it back to life and play it as well as buying a few shelves.

7. It is very worthwhile to take the time and to buy some acoustic elements to improve your studio or practise space, better acoustic properties are really key. Doing this costs less than most people believe and offers more than expected.

8. Clean your instrument. No matter if it is a trumpet or a microphone for singing, a violin or a piano. Every instrument deserves to be played but also to be cleaned and maintained. Such a shame if your favourite instrument looks bad or even breaks due to not taking a little bit of time and care.

9. Learn something new. Whether it is a new instrument, some sound engineering, how to record or using the lights better. What can be more fun and beneficial for a musician than to broaden your knowledge and horizon?

10. Stay true to the music. Very few people can say that they got more satisfaction and joy in life once they stopped playing music. Quite the opposite: we can all find new areas, bands, styles, techniques, ideas and continued joy in music. Music will let you forget your worries for some time, let your emotions soar and all this can be shared with both musicians and anyone who listens to music. Can there be a better hobby?

Maybe one of the tips above is of some help to you, but either way – have a great New Year’s eve. 🙂 We wish you all a wonderful and peaceful 2016, full of music and joy!

Don’t forget to grab an instrument and to herald the New Year with some music!


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Vincent started frequenting music shops at age eight. Picking up the Bass and Guitar followed not long after, as did bands. His love for music, from Sixties Pop and Soul to AnarchoPunk and Death Metal has only deepened with the years. He still regularly plays at Jam sessions, from Berlin to Cambodia.


    I’ve enjoyed your posts and gift ideas this season, thanks!

    Very glad to hear it Adrian!!! 🙂 Rock on.

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