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ADAM Audio T7V

Adam T5V and T7V Discount

Reduced price for a short period only

During the period from 16.07. - 30.07.2024 the Adam T5V as well as the Adam T7V Monitors are exceptionally affordable. So make your move quickly!

Active Near Field Monitor

  • Equipment: 7 "woofer and 1.9" U-ART ribbon tweeter
  • 2x Class-D amplifier: 50W RMS woofer, 20W RMS tweeter
  • Frequency range: 39 - 25000 Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 2.6 kHz
  • Maximum level: 110 dB (1m / pair)
  • Rear bass reflex port
  • Connections: Line input XLR and RCA
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 210 x 347 x 293 mm
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Price per unit
Available since April 2018
Item number 431386
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Speaker size 1x 7", 1x 2"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 70 W
Magnetic Shielding No
Analogue XLR Input Yes
Analogue Input (Jack) No
Analogue Input (Mini Jack) No
Analogue Input (RCA) Yes
Digital input No
Manual frequency correction Yes
Frequency range min. 39 Hz
Frequency range max. 25000 Hz
Dimensions in mm 210 x 347 x 293
Weight in kg 7,1 kg
Speaker Hous8ing - Woofer System Bassreflex
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174 €
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Award-winning speakers

Adam Audio's T7V speakers were first launched in 2018 and scooped up a whole succession of prizes right away, including the 2018 MIPA Award, the TEC Award, and the IBC 2018 Best of Show award - an impressive achievement considering the speakers' affordable price point. In terms of quality, however, these "T-Rexes" take their cues from significantly more expensive speakers with 7" woofers and the "German Engineering" label.

Adam T7V Tweeter

The ART of the tweeter

A special feature of all Adam Audio speakers is the ART (Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter), which allows long periods of operation without fatigue setting in. The tweeter's pleated ribbon design reduces breakup and distortion to a minimum and delivers an expanded dynamic range thanks to its effective surface area, which is 2.5 times larger than that of tweeter designs that are based on piston action. This design also produces a rapid and direct high-frequency response (even with complex transient frequencies) and a linear frequency response of 39Hz to 25kHz for the monitor as a whole. The cabinets' acoustically optimised design, complete with the characteristic bevelled edges, combines with the ART tweeter to give these speakers a very striking appearance.

For amateur producers and home studio owners

Given the number of awards that Adam's T-series speakers have picked up and the countless satisfied customers who have opted for a pair of T-series monitors, the price-performance ratio of these affordable speakers makes them a real bargain. That is precisely why the entire T series is perfect for all semi-professional producers, singer-songwriters, and bands looking to equip their studios with high-quality monitor speakers that won't break the bank.

Adam T7V Active Nearfield Monitor

About Adam Audio

ADAM Audio was founded in Berlin in March 1999 and has since been involved in the development, manufacture, and distribution of speakers specifically aimed at the professional audio industry. The company was founded following the development of the X-ART tweeter, itself based on the Air Motion Transformer created by Oscar Heil in the 1960s. Advanced Dynamic Audio Monitors (ADAM) has rapidly set new standards in the world of studio monitors. The company employs over 50 people in its Berlin factory, is distributed in over 75 countries, and has sales offices in both the USA (Nashville) and the UK. The list of renowned studios using ADAM monitors is long and still growing. ADAM Audio has been part of the Focusrite Group since 2019.

Perfect for home use

Users who are looking for a first set of monitor speakers for their home studio but only have a limited budget at their disposal should definitely take a closer look at the Adam Audio T7V. In this price range, buyers will be hard pressed to find a better option, and the difference between these and ordinary hi-fi or computer speakers (or headphones, for that matter) will become obvious during the first mixing session, if not before. These speakers respond to even the smallest tweaks in EQ and other parameters, so mixes can be analysed in immense detail. Users looking to upgrade their setup later on can of course also add a subwoofer or even create a complete surround sound system.

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378 Reviews

Treat your room!
Jordgubb 24.09.2021
When I first got these monitors I felt quite bad because I literally couldn't hear the C3 frequency. This was because the sound bouncing on the wall canceled out the sound coming directly from the monitors. I had 4 mattresses lying around so I built a little half cubical around my desk and this made the sound not drop out at important frequencies. Of course the frequency dips in some places but nothing drops out completely.
If there is something I would have wanted it would have been a little more precise settings on the speaker for room treatment. I have it set on max boost on the low frequencies and max decrease on the highs. And I think I would have turned them even more if I had the chance. I guess I just have to treat my room a little more but I am satisfied with the sound now

As a side note I really enjoy not wearing headphones all the time. There is a big difference between headphones and monitors, but in my humble opinion I feel like you can't go wrong with headphones (despite the annoyance of wearing them and not being able to play sound to other people in the room). You might not hear the bass all that well through headphones and you will certainly not feel it but the sound is much more accurate through headphones (if you have good ones). I sort of feel like playing music through my speakers muddies up the sound a bit. The stereo difference is also big and I feel like the monitors brings more warmth and emotion than the very accurate ( and robotic, if you will,) sounding headphones might be doing. It feels like I can pinpoint right where the sound is coming from somewhere between the monitors while in mono and the hardpanned sounds are not as hardpanned! I've been using the DT 770 PRO and i still use them when I want the sound to be more "accurate". If you can afford monitors I would recommend!

A problem I had was the sound of my computer. It isn't loud, but it brings this hiss to listening through monitors that my headphones would have blocked. I sort of solved this issue by strapping my computer to the underside of my standing desk. This mixed with the fact that I have matresses for walls and a matt on the floor makes the computer hard to hear and it is ideal for monitor listening!


Adam T7V
P. Almeida 22.09.2022
In general good studio monitors , I feel that it lacks a little more power , about 90W each would be ideal , if it weren't for the slight loss of medium I would opt for the larger 8 inch


Best monitors in the price range without a doubt but...
BramVB 08.05.2018
These are some amazing studio monitors for the price I have to say. The sound is very clear and punchy. Low end is tight and sub heavy, highs are crisp and smooth. I have been using these for about a month now and I'm pretty happy with them. The build quality is decent as well. But they do have some things that I really dislike in terms of design itself.

#1: On/off light is on the back, not the front. What's the point of this light if you can't see it? Really annoying that I need to go to the back just to check the status. Many other brands in the same price range have this. It's Just a stupid decision imo.
#2: When turning the volume knob on the monitors it lightly crackles when playing music through them. This is on both units so I'm sure it's the same on all of them.
#3: Back ported bass ports. All Adam's previous models have been front ported, why change now? Their PR rep claims it's to keep costs down? This doesn't make sense because all their previous research and development has been with front ported models. Changing now does not make sense 'to keep costs down'. Their previous 'budget' model the F series had this, so all the PR talk about doing this to keep the cost low is simply not true.
#4: Only one balanced input. An extra TRS input would have been nice. They keep saying this is to keep to cost down, fair enough. But why can a lot of other companies that make models in the same price range do these things but not Adam Audio?

So all in all, great monitors sound wise. But with some ridiculous design decisions for sure. Their previous 'budget' series (F series) had both front ported bass ports and an essential on/off light on the front so it's really stupid they decided to drop these features. I would have
easily paid ¤50 to a ¤100 more for these (imo) essential features.


Beat my Neumann 120s!!!
WenDaMan 08.06.2024
These speakers are really good, i did not expect this.
I had to get them because one Neumann 120 KH speaker gave up, and in Cyprus they cant repair it. Neumann didnt support me (can you imagine, after spending more than 2500 on these speakers) so i had to quickly get other speakers until i found a way to repair my main monitors.
Or so i thought....

I know these speakers get good reviews, but after coming from the 120's i really did not expect this.
They sound better! Crisper, more detailed and overal just better.
This is probably because of that ribbon tweaker (supposebly from the music more expensive Adam monitors).
But damn...those transients are just very good!
I produce dance music (radio/techno/deep/hard) and release a lot of productions.
I opened some project i was working on last week and i can hear the attacks of guiitar chops and vocal compression so clear...much better than with my 120 or my headphones (1990 Pro and 1770 Pro)
There is even some more mid defenition, but this is not a lot.

Only thing i can not review is the low end...
I use a subpack for the low end, maybe this is why these speakers sound so good in my studio.

They are rear port, i have massive bass traps behind the speakers and Roadworks stands with build in isolation.

In my studio the bass of these speakers sound good, but no comparrison to my subpack (that thing 'sounds' like you are in a massive club).

I also have a big sub in the studio...

Anyway, im super happy with these speakers...thanks Thomann!!!


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