Alfred Music Publishing Jost Nickel's Fill Book Engl.


Textbook on Drumfills

  • From Jost Nickel
  • English version!
  • In clear steps Jost introduces universally applicable rhythmic concepts in various degrees of difficulty
  • Ideas for orchestration, phrasing possibilities as well as dynamics and accentuation exercises
  • Jost Nickel features several sub-divisions that are crucial to playing drum fills and presents fills for straight grooves as well as fills for shuffle grooves
  • Ideas like Switch & Path Orchestration, Diddle Kick, Clockwise & Counterclockwise play
  • Step Hit Hi Hat, Hand & Foot Rolls, Cymbal Choke, Stick Shot and more
  • With MP3-CD, for which Jost Nickel recorded many fills in slow tempi
  • Plus 20 online videos showing all fills where it helps to see the movement
  • ISBN: 978-3-943638-35-6
  • 142 Pages
  • In English
Drumstyles No
Exercises No
Techniques No
Grooves/Rhythmik No
Fills/Solos Yes
Coordination/Creativity No
HipHop/Trap No
Jazz No
Rock/Metal No
Bass Drum No
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