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Darmowe ogloszenia Thomann. Tutaj znajdują się 1 ogłoszenia od muzyków dla zainspirowanych muzyką. Liczba nowych ogłoszeń, które pojawiły się w ciągu ostatnich 7-dni wynosi 0.

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30 € · 17.05. w DE -Berlin · CATCH YOUR MAGIC MOMENT, DO IT RIGHT HERE AND NOW! Learn per­for­ming and doing the music that you love! Die Alter­na­tive zu Musik­schule für Anfänger und Fort­ge­schrit­tene Fang hier deine magi­schen Moment, Learn to rock! Ver­folge deine Leiden­schaft für Musik nach eigenem Zeit­plan und Budget, mit Nuwandas viel­fäl­tigen Pro­grammen, die ein bre­ites Spek­trum an Themen, Zeitau­fwand und Kosten abdecken. Von Pri­vat­stunden zu Hause bis hin zu jähr­li­chen Kursen in unseren voll aus­ge­stat­teten Klas­sen­zim­mern wird Nuwanda den Weg finden, die Liebe zur Musik in Ihr Leben zu bringen. Ses­sions auch auf Englisch und Spa­nisch möglich im Nuwanda Music Studio am Ost­kreuz oder bei Dir. Ver­füg­bare Kur­san­ge­bote: - E-Gitarre & Aku­stik Gitarre - Gesang­sun­ter­richt - Bass - Band­co­aching - Musik­pro­duk­tion - Key­board - Djing - Kün­stler­selb­stver­mark­tung (Tech­niken, die erfol­gre­iche Kün­stler ver­wenden, um ihre Arbeit in der Gegen­wart zu ver­bre­iten) Son­de­ran­ge­bote: - Per­so­na­li­sierte Son­de­ran­ge­bote für Gruppen - Werk­stätten - Geschenk­gut­schein In den letzten 15 Jahren habe ich als Musi­klehrer eine eigene Methode entwic­kelt, die sich gle­ich­ze­itig als äußerst effi­zient und fle­xibel erwiesen hat. So können meine Schüle­rinnen und Schüler auf unter­halt­same, schnelle und ent­spannte Weise lernen und sich dabei an die jewe­iligen Bedürf­nisse der jewe­iligen Person anpassen. Don't want to wait 'til tomorrow. Why put it off ano­ther day? Ich freue mich auf euch, NUWANDA LINKS https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?v=9-ftL­hXQf54 https://​joacocic.wixsite.com/​musik­schule nuwan­da­music.blog­spot.com www.youtube.com/​Joaqu­in­Nu­wanda Nuwanda Music School (Face­book Page) www.face­book.com/​Nuwan­da­Music Gitarre & Gesang Berlin Channel (YouTube) https://​www.youtube.com/​channel/​UCQ4fm­ZU­D1Y­3sVMXW­CR­FEMvQ Guitar Les­sons Berlin (Face­book Page) www.face­book.com/​ber­lin­gu­itar Clases de guitarra Berlin www.face­book.com/​cla­ses­de­gu­itar­ra­berlin Sin­ging Les­sons Berlin (Face­book Page) www.face­book.com/​sin­ging.teacher.pri­vate.les­sons

Gibson Les Paul Supreme Signed by Les Paul on 90th Birthday Only 90 made

7500 € · 27.06. w HU -Mezőnagymihály · If you need more pic­tures just let me know. I can upload a video of it to You tube as well if needed. I prefer the item to be picked up in person. if you spend this kind of money on a guitar and you are from Europe might as well come in person, you will not be disap­po­inted. You also not need to pay taxes in EU. Take the oppor­tu­nity to own this piece of history there will be no other like this ever made. I lived in Canada for more than 10 years and bro­ught the guitar home with me. Im the second owner bought it in Toronto from a nice guy. I have the ori­ginal receipt of it see pic­tures. Comes with all the acces­so­ries you see on the pic­tures. Hard shell case as well. The infor­ma­tion below is copied of the internet and might not be 100% accu­rate. (The serial number is from my guitar the model number is from the receipt) The guitar is listed on other websites as well so I reserve the right to end auc­tion early if it sells there. Gibson rele­ased only 90 of these hand-signed Gold­tops for Les Paul's 90th bir­thday. This guitar is all ori­ginal, in mint and col­lec­tible con­di­tion. Below is a listing of specs. that will help you make your deci­sion on owning an abso­lute beau­tiful guitar, not to men­tion very, very col­lec­tible. Hand Signed by Les Paul under the finish cele­bra­ting his 90th bir­thday, so the signa­ture will never come off. Model Number: LPSU­90GTGH Serial Number: 01505424 Finish: Goldtop Neck: Ebony on 1-Piece Maho­gany Body: Maple Top on 1-Piece Maho­gany Bridge: Gold Tune-O-Matic Bridge with Stopbar Tail­piece Pic­kups: 490R and 498T Hum­buc­kers Scale: 24 3/​4" Nut Width: 1-11/​16" Case: Ori­ginal Gibson Hard­shell Case USA with Com­bi­na­tion Latch Lock Tuners: Gold Grover Bin­ding: White/​Black 7-Ply Bin­ding on Top, 3-Ply on Back, Bound Neck Misc: Gold Har­dware, 12th Fret inlay "90th", Guitar is Hand Signed by Les Paul Please note. No returns accepted, come in person to check it it is in per­fect con­di­tion.

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Toontrack EZbass

Toontrack EZbass (ESD); virtual bass guitar; extensively produced bass software / plugin with 2 basses, based on samples of an Alembic 5-String bass and a 5-string Fender Jazz Bass; sub bass with two synthesized sine tones add both fullness and...

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Adam T8V

Adam T8V; Active Nearfield Monitor; 8" Woofer; 1.9" U-ART Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter; 2x Class-D Amp: 70 Watts RMS Woofer, 20 Watts RMS Tweeter; Frequency Range: 33 Hz - 25 kHz; Crossover Frequency: 2.6 kHz; max. SPL: 118 dB (1m /...

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Behringer CAT

Analogue Synthesiser VCO 1 with 4 miscible waveforms (sawtooth, triangle, pulse and suboctave), Pulse width modulation and two adjustable modulation sources, VCO 2 with 3 mixable waveforms (sawtooth triangle and suboctave) and two adjustable modulation sources, Low pass filter...

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iZotope Music Maker's Bundle

iZotope Music Maker's Bundle (ESD); Plugin-Bundle; contains eight essential tools for audio editing and creative music production; consists of BreakTweaker Exp, Stutter Edit, Trash 2, Iris 2, Elements Suite (Nectar Elements, Neutron Elements, Ozone Elements und RX Elements); supported formats...

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K&M 80310

K&M 80310 disinfectant stand with bracket; bottle holder dimensions: 102 x 91 mm; base diameter: 275 mm; drip cup can be removed for cleaning; with bracket to fix the disinfectant bottle ; round base; weight: 3,6 kg; colour: pure white;...

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Rode Wireless GO White

Rode Wireless GO White; Digital Wireless Microphone System; ultra-compact and lightweight set of transmitter and receiver; series III 2.4 GHz digital transmission; clip-on transmitter TX with built-in microphone (omni capsule); maximum SPL: 100 dB; Frequency Range: 50 Hz – 20...

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Presonus Quantum 2626

Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface 192 Sampling rate, 24-Bit resolution, 8 Microphone amplifiers with up to 60dB gain, 2 Combo input sockets (mic / instrument) and 6x mic / line inputs, 8 x 6.35 mm TRS line outputs, galvanically coupled,...

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Fender LTD SQ CV 70 P-Bass MN SFG

Fender Limited Squire Classic Vibe 70 P Bass MN SFG, precision electric bass, limited edition; body: poplar; neck: maple; neck mount: bolt on; neck form: c; fingerboard: maple; inlays: black block; 20 narrow tall frets; nut: bone; nut width: 42,8...

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Rockstand RS 20865 3 E-Guitar Stand

Multi-Guitar Stand For up to 3 electric guitars and / or electric basses, The electric guitar holder can be turned to hold V-style guitars, Can be folded up and folded compactly, Dimensions when set-up (L x W x H):...

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Mackie CR3-X

Multimedia Monitors Equipped with a 3" woofer and a 0.75" tweeter, Power: 50 W, Frequency range: 80 - 20,000 Hz (-3 dB), Housing: MDF, Power supply: 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, Dimensions (W x H x D):...

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Behringer Eurorack Go

Behringer Eurorack Go; Eurorack case; two rows with 140 HP each, build-in busboard with 32 headers for Eurorack modules;, vertical positioning possible via integrated tilt stand; 96 sliding nuts (M3) pre-installed; maximum module depth: 40mm (lower row), 62mm (upper row);...

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FabFilter Saturn 2

FabFilter Saturn 2 (ESD); multiband distortion plugin; variable distortion and saturation effect with up to 6 frequency bands, with optional linear phase processing; 28 different distortion styles, from subtle analog saturation to brute digital; adjustable slope for the crossovers, offering...

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