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Titebond 506/2 Classic Wood Glue 118ml


Wood GlueLeading manufacturers in the woodworking industry, artisans and especially musical instrument workshops have been using Titebond-Glue for over 65 years.

  • Ideal for soft and hardwoods and porous materials
  • Adheres immediately
  • Fast drying
  • Resistant to most solvents
  • Easy to paint
  • Can be sanded very well without softening
  • Can be easily cleaned with water before drying
  • Container contents: 118 ml
Set No
Oil No
Polish No
Cleaner No
String Cleaner No
Drapery No
Wax No
available since November 2013
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cleaning efficiency


It's the best guitar building glue
Yago Trillo 29.09.2020
If everybody on the planet uses it, it must be good. In my case it worked superb on a broken banjo that I restored. I glued the top and back of the instrument, as well as filled the old key holes (mixed with a bit of sawdust) to put some new ones. I also used this glue to build as birch speaker cabinet for a guitar. Just great product. Can't go wrong
cleaning efficiency


best glue
Briano 11.12.2013
I have tried many brands of glue, but this is the best. perfect for gluing on fingerboards, joining guitar body blanks, and for set neck. very strong. Most other glues dry with a shiny surface and leave a glossy streak, even after sanding, but titebond is invisible, and cleans up beautifully.

It can be mixed with water too. I have used a syringe to apply watered down glue in hard to reach places. ... like into the paint cracks that appear around the neck joint of strats. Pump the glue in, cover with some elastic bands. recommended 24 hours for glue to set. Hope this helps
cleaning efficiency


Titebond glue
Michael4130 28.11.2014
I recently dropped my lovely martin guitar in the studio recording my new single
I was almost in the same state of the guitar 'In Bits'

So I ran to thomann as I do always I was reading other reviews of the Titebond Glue 506/2 Classic Wood Glue 118ml

It really does what it says on the tin
the whole lot of the back of the guitar came off the joints were in bad shape and there was a few cracks ....Luckily the glue worked and it did not effect the tone
there is this theory of different glue making the tone of the guitar different I didn't find this what so ever with the Titebond Glue 506/2 Classic Wood Glue 118ml

it is easy to wipe away with a damp towel it really did protect the guitar I found it very efficient and would highly recommend it to anyone out there looking for a great quality glue

Do not use super glue or anything with the standard glue you receive in the bottle "Titebond Glue 506/2 Classic Wood Glue"
your guitar COULD catch fire due to the reaction of both glues!

thank you thomann one again for saving my But :P
cleaning efficiency


Great reliable glue
DeepPurpleInRock 31.07.2020
What's there to say? There is a reason why almost every luthier I have talked to uses Titebond. Great glue that get's the job done, I used it when changing the nut on my guitar. Remember that it's very effective so you use just a few tiny drops and your guitar nut will be sitting tight.
cleaning efficiency


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