Thomann Rack Case 8U


Rack Case 8U

  • Case made of hard, impact resistant plastic
  • Installation depth: 42 cm
  • Lid depth: 7 cm
  • 2 Handles
  • 4 Butterfly latches on each lid
  • External dimensions approx. 56.5 x 57 x 43 cm
  • Design type: 19" / 8 U
  • Screw set included
  • Weight 6.8 kg
  • Optional replacement screws available under article no. 294919
available since May 2010
Item number 241138
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Formfactor 19"
Construction Type Double-Door
Vertical Height Units 8 U
Usable Depth in mm 420 mm
Horizontal Height Units 0 U
with display stand No
Rack rail at the back Yes
Service flap No
With Wheels No
Trolley No
Shock Mount No
Clasps Butterfly
Material Plastic
Colour Black
Outer Width in mm 565 mm
Outer Height in mm 430 mm
Outer Depth in mm 570 mm
Weight 6,8 kg
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102 €
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Very useful and sturdy
Anonymous 22.06.2016
I am a professional Guitarist and composer for film and TV

I have a lot of equipment and this case has served me time and again for various things!

I have used this for 5 years with my metal band to put our laptops and interfaces in to run backing tracks in venues up and down the UK. It has been toured expensively and has had thousands of pounds worth of equipment housed in it (Axefx, Kempers, Macs, Interfaces).

We even had a drummer from another band put a can of energy drink on top of this case and spilt the whole lot over it, the equipment on the inside was completely fine and we just needed to wipe the case down as it was very sticky.

It is very sturdily built, i know it is thomanns own brand and you would think Gator would be better but this is on par with the Gator stuff!

The price is great for what it is, i would recommend on of these to anyone who needs to store multiple pieces of equipment.

I would say do not get a 10 unit one or anything else that is bigger. when you load this up it becomes very very heavy very fast and the handles hurt to carry it. It took two of us to carry it into venues from the car and sometimes you had to park far away.

I would suggest getting a rack drawer with one of these to keep all of your bits and bobs safe. you can also lock this at gigs so it is a good place to keep iems and phones in here as these are easy to steal.

Looks good
Professional quality
Great price
Will keep your equipment safe
Almost waterproof
Very useful for storage

gets really heavy with load of stuff in it
Handles dig into your hands when it is loaded up.


Cheap and Cheerful
Brian P. 21.06.2014
Okay so in this world you get what you pay for and that is certainly the case with this rack.
I bought this rack for a church installation knowing that once it was installed it would never be moved and for this purpose it is great. If you need a road case do not buy this product.
The ABS is very thin and flexible, the quality of workmanship is poor, some rivets are not fully in. (a bit of quality control wouldn't go amiss here), the corners aren't well cut or lined up but non of that affects the functionality I needed. Once you get a couple of pieces of gear installed it becomes a good ridged unit. The butterfly catches are very nice and the lids are nice and deep meaning there is lots of room to leave things patched or plugged in to a power strip.
The case is also nice and wide leaving plenty of room for airflow down the sides of your gear.
The handles are nice and wide and more comfortable than some.
My favourite feature is the threaded rack strips, no messing about trying to line up up bolts. Every rack should feature these.

All in all I am happy with these for the job I choose them for. For my road gear I would always choose a wooden rack case.


not very good, but unbeatable price
Fredeke 18.03.2020
It's stable and stackable enough, and the plastic is not too bad: enough for absorbing moderate shocks without breaking I would guess.

The problem is the screw holes: after a few uses, they're completely useless. Since this is a by (very) far the cheapest rack case you'll find, I would say it's a "single use" case: you can swap the gear in it a couple of times, after which the case is to be discarded. Now if the idea is to install gear in it once for all and never take it out, then you would be fine.


Maybe the last (large) plastic case I buy
Letmelfy 05.04.2020
I am a bit disappointed of the plastic strength.
The casing it self is good enough but the plastic of the feet is worrying me. As they are in plastic the feet move/bend a bit when placed on the ground, which might break over time.
The butterfly latches might also break overtime.

For a mobile flight case I would recommend a conventional flight case. For a almost immobile flight case this one will do very well.
For the long run, it might be interesting to buy a more expensive and better quality flight case.