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Startone SAS-75 Alto Sax

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  • Classical
  • Jazz
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Alto Saxophone

  • Tuning: Eb
  • With high F# key
  • With rocker arm
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Body and keys: Lacquered brass finish
  • Mouthpiece and case included
  • Easy response
  • Balanced tone
  • Checked in workshop
Finish body Clear Lacquered
Finish Keys Clear Lacquered
Body Brass
Gravure Yes
Additional Bocal No
Resonator Pad Metal
Case Yes
Case with Backpack System Yes
Mou Yes
Strap Yes
Wiper (Body) No
S Arc Wiper No
Item number 188679
259 €
Including VAT; Excluding 20 € shipping
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Available immediately

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Good for beginners, but wears out fast
pedro-bc 06.01.2020
This was my first saxophone, and I bought it before joining any classes.
I was thrilled when I first bought it, and I was blown away by the quality of the sound even though I was just starting to learn the instrument.
The accessories are all very convenient, and the price point is almost unbelievable. The only two things I had to buy were a proper neck strap and a stand.
Later in the year I ended up joining saxophone classes. Upon seeing my Startone SAS-75, my instructor sighed. As time progressed, the reason for the sigh became clearer: the saxophone started to leak in the low notes, the low quality of the build started to show, and just by assembling the neck I would inadvertently cause parts to bend where they shouldn't. A better saxophone, built with better materials, won't give as easily.
I have been advised by my instructor to get a Thomann instrument instead - I'll be getting the TAS-350.
TLDR: Good saxophone for the price, but if you're planning to play for a while go for something better.


Kostas Saxophone 04.12.2020
First of all we must clear that this is a Student Saxophone.
My first impression taking it out of the box was, ok that looks good. Let's see how it plays.
This little fella blew me away. That's a nice investment.
For beginners this is the ultimate instrument. Looks like it can take some bangs and if you brake it, well, get another one.
Intonation was surprisingly spot on.
The neck was a bit tough to put on but that is a small price to pay I guess.
Keywork is not bad. For tiny hands only the low right hand pinky keys are a bit of a stretch to hit but still manageable.
The Gigbag is also a decent one. Wouldn't use it for an expensive instrument, but still a nice work. Inside it does not have storage space than for a neck and a mouthpiece.It has a small zipper pocket on the outside big enough for the usual stuff needed.
After my first test play, had to repair the G# key. The mechanism that pushes the key down was in the plastic bag and not where it was supposed to be, on the instrument!
I guess I should give to quality one star less, but still my first impression was very good. So I leave it to five stars.
For an instrument that is cheaper than my alto case I have to say I am impressed.


VinnyK 06.12.2019
I turned 30 this year and I always wanted to learn to play Jazz on a Saxophone. Im a bit old to start but I just wanted to make my little dream come true to make Wonderfull sounds for my self by my self.

I firstly considered buying a Chinese Saxophone off Amazon or Ebay but I remembered that I got amazing studio headphones here so I had a look and found a sax for 10EUR less then the Chinese one. Considering that they ship them in dodgy bags that can turn ur saxophone into bits and its not guaranteed that they come in a playable condition it was a no brainer to get the one from Thomann.

This Saxophone came in a compact bag within the nicely protected cardboard box. Before I bought it I asked via chat if it contains a neck strap and the lady said no, I was surprised to find a neck strap inside the side pocket of the bag together with cleaning cloths and a total of 3 Reeds. The neck trap is not really padded (kinda like a keychain out of textile) but its technically still a neck strap so I would suggest updating the description online. Just saying.

Also in the case are a mouth piece that I will soon replace with a brass (because most mouth pieces even the expensive ones are plastic but I don't feel comfortable with plastic in my mouth, it might cause cancer) and one and a Wonderfull and amazing Saxophone.
Insane that they check the thing before they ship it to the customers and even the person who quality checked it sings a paper. WTF
The buttons close the holes really nice and I LOVE IT. Im just able to make a few tones since im a noob but it sounds nice that's all I can say about the sound.

The only thing I will modify is the curved brass bit where you hold your with your thumb. I might be somewhat soft since im not familiar with any physical labour so I will pad that metal piece to be more gentle to my hand when its resting on my thumb.

All in together AMAZING VALUE for the money. Thomann is giving people a chance to learn and play an instrument, and they deliver something of quality to an amazing price.

I personally can confirm that saxophones are as awesome as I allways imagined them. Def will always buy here again when ever it comes to music stuff.


Excellent value for money !
Luc L 25.06.2021
60 years old, the age of retirement. So I decided to go back to music. Flutist by training, I therefore chose the saxophone and not wishing, given my age not to invest a fortune, I chose this saxophone.

Received very quickly, and super well packed. For the price the Saxophone is delivered with a startone tip which already allows you to play. In the side pocket of the bag with cleaning cloths and a total of 3 reeds, I also found a neck strap. The neck strap is not padded but it does the basic work.

The build quality seems good to me.
The buttons close the holes really well. It sounds good and particularly fair for a "first price" saxophone

Speaking of the price, excellent value for money. Thomann gives people a chance to learn and play a quality instrument at a Truly Democratic price.
To see the evolution over time but for the moment I am more than satisfied with my purchase.


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