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Guitar Synth + Modelling

  • 910 different, editable Roland synthesizer sounds of the newest generation
  • Piano
  • Strings
  • Wind instrument
  • Soundscapes
  • Vintage-Synths etc.
  • Up to two sounds can be selected and combined
  • Complete modelling sound chain (guitar/bass/synth/effects/amps) from the VG-99 including virtual tuning pickup can be fed into the modelling chain
  • Two synth sounds can be combined with the modelling sounds - synth sounds can be fed into the modelling chain (e.g. blues-harp into distorted amp)
  • 270 Preset-Sounds sorted by "lead", "rhythm" and "others"
  • 297 programs for custom sounds
  • USB slot for connection of a USB-Memory device
  • Playback of audio files via foot switch
  • Control foot-Switch and expression pedal (assignable to a multitude of functions)
  • 20-Second-Loop with an endless amount of overdubs
  • The GR-55 provides a USB-Interface for audio and MIDI, plus conventional MIDI-In/Out sockets
  • Including power adapter, GK-3 pickup and 5m GK cable
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 405 x 78-106 x 244 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
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Amazing / disappointing / cosmopolitan - or anything?

Christian410, 01.04.2011
I bought the device and devoted myself to the depth of technology. The instructions I have several times completely rolled.

The GK Pickup:
One thing in advance, the pickup is not as promised by Roland in 15 minutes times just built-in, which can be kinked. It took me about 1.5 hours until the part was finished on the guitar - and only glued, as I would definitely not drill holes in my guitar for over 1000 euros. So with string pickup, calibrate and set up, go for the installation well 1-2 hours on it, for the one who has not yet done. You have to remember that you must also measure and mark where the pickup is to sit and still have to ensure that the strings are max. 1mm from the pickup.

To the sound:
The sound sounds perfect after you have set up the pickup correctly. The sounds are very high quality. But be careful: the synths are "very" sensitive - played a bit too fast or frantically and you get a nasty sound as a result and the synth (like a piano) is spoofed. The sensitivity can be adjusted in the system under "Low Velocity cut". If you insert too much, then the synth swallows played sounds, which is not in the sense of the user. So the device still has a tracking. It's a difference as day and night versus the GR-20 and older, but still it's not perfect yet. With appropriate clean grip and some habituation, but you can still achieve very good results with it.

Ampsimulations and effects:
The amp simulations are very well done and the effects and possibilities as well. The Ampsimulationsen me personally better than those of Line6. This is certainly a matter of taste.

The Synthsounds are richly represented and you have many possibilities to find the sound suitable for you. 910 high-quality synth sounds are on board.

Guitar Modeling:
The guitar models are consistently very good and let the jaw drop. Strat sounds like Strat and Les Paul to Les Paul the other guitars just as well.

Great drawback to the topic of sound:
If you want to quickly adjust a sound like Clean for the stanza of a song and distorted for the chorus and possibly a boost for the solo, you must be able to live with time delays between switching, because the device has only an algorhythm and at the same time Time delays of about 0.5-1 second. (Between all the patches !!!) You get used to it, however, or have to adjust accordingly and just stop earlier or remain in the same algorithm and put a distortion on the CTL pedal, then time delay equal to "0"

The operation proved to be relatively easy, if you have ever used a multi-effect and adjusted. It also helps a look at Youtube. "Kennis Russel" has posted several reviews on Youtube, which illustrate the possibilities as well as the settings.

Now we come to a topic that made me very annoyed. The unit provides two outputs (left mono / right) for the PA and another for the Guitar Amplifier. I thought I would run the guitar modeling and the normal pickups over the tube amplifier and the synths over the PA.

From the guitar out comes however "only" the dry signal (without amp simulations etc and also not otherwise adjustable). But the signal can at least be deactivated on the stereo outputs, in your amplifier comes only the cleane signal without simulations etc. Who then wants to use effects or amp simulations must either over L / mono from the stereo outputs into the amp with waived The PA or the guitar out and additional effects. I thought this was something different.

The USB output I have not yet used and can not make any statements.

Audio Player:
The audio player does its function quite well and can be used with WAV or AIFF files. Please first convert to Boss WAV format with a Boss Converter, otherwise the player does not read the file. The problem I have also noted.

Built looper:
The looper also performs its function. Problem: one hears with too short riffs, that it very chopped off and the loop something cracks - quite different and no comparison with the original Boss Looper RC-2

As a conclusion one can only say: It is a great device with smears. For the studio is the device of the bangers and highly recommended, but who LIVE on the stage and the device wants to use, must first intensively deal with the device and learn from the FF master.

In my opinion, this device could be improved here and there some small things (and by no means the sound is meant). In terms of tracking, time delay in the switchover and adjustability as well as diverse connections (inputs and outputs) probably still not sufficiently mature. Let's see what the future brings. Do not be deceived by the Roland demo videos with Alex Hutchings and Rob Marcello, because you can not notice a time lag in the song - but watch how early is switched ;-)

Who plays the device in the PA, can handle this very well and will have no problems with it - in this case, the device is an enrichment - since nothing is really to drag. It has everything on board. The human being is a habitual bull and gets used to everything - so do not be deterred from my report and use the 30-day return of Thomann to test the device, if it is suitable for you.

For the studio, the device is a clear recommendation, since that is another matter. For LIVE you should test the device times and form your own opinion and do not rely on others.

I keep the device and will not return it. It costs a lot of money, but is worth every cent of it - and a real enrichment!
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