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The business Remo Inc. was founded in the year 1957 by Remo Belli. The principal office of the business are in Santa Clarita, CA (USA). the business employs 141 members of staff (status 2010). The official German branch is the business GEWA music GmbH in Adorf (D).

Remo products mainly come from factories in United States, Taiwan and China.

Currently we hold a total of 905 Remo products - 559 of them are currently in stock . We've had Remo products in our range since 1993.
Remo equipment is basic hardware for many musicians. Every 45th customer has bought at least one Remo product at Thomann.

We put effort also into providing detailed information for our customers about Remo products. Only for Remo products you will currently find the following 4288 pictures, 32 different 360 panoramic views, 45 sound samples, 29888 customers' reviews and 63 test reports from magazines (in several languages).

At the moment 303 Remo products are top sellers at Thomann, amongst others in the following categories Drumhead Sets, 14" Snare Drum Heads, 22" Bass Drum Heads, Bongo Heads, Electronic Drum Mesh Heads, Hand Drums and 12" Tom Heads.

An absolute best seller of the brand is the following product Remo 14" Ambassador Coated. We have sold already over 100.000 of these.

The manufacturer grants a 2 warranty on all Remo products. We extend this and offer a total 3-Year Warranty to our customers.

The Remo product pages have the most hits. Within the last month our visitors have visited the product pages of this manufacturer more than 1.9 million times.

Among the famous musicians who use Remo equipment are the following Kenny Aronoff, Travis Barker, Carter Beauford, Ray Luzier, Antonio Sanches, Tre Cool, Marcie Chapa, John Blackwell Jr., Gregg Bissonette and Lars Ulrich.

founder Remo Belli
founder Remo Belli
Remo company logo
Remo company logo
Remo Practice Pad
Remo Practice Pad

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