Millenium SR-2018
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In stock within 1-2 weeks

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Arrived to damaged to be able to assemble it
Tor Erik 20.12.2014
It arrived, fast as usual, which is good and a credit to Thomann.
But the post office where quick to inform me that the package had arrived damaged. And there was a huge hole in one of the corners of the outer cardboard case.
Parts where falling out of the hole, if the package wasn't carried flat on its back.

Inside the actual item was in its own cardboard case, and therefore I hoped nothing bad had happened, but sadly that wasn't the case.
The side panels had bent and twisted corners and all four panels had either surface scratches or bent corners. Also parts were loose inside the cardboard, and I don't even know if all the screws made it, as I mentioned earlier that parts fell out of the hole in the cardboard case.

This is the first time I've had this happening to me, when ordering from Thomann. I have had smaller rack cabinets shipped, and it arrived just fine, safe and sound. But in this case something really bad must have happened during shipping.

I don´t know if the the weight was the main issue, but I can't help but think that heavy items like this one, should be protected better. After all its metal, its heavy and things happen during shipping. They should have bubble wrapped the panels.

I´ve sent my complaints to Thomann.


Millenium SR-2018