Jakob Winter JW 3023 N SR


Wooden Case for Violins

  • For 4/4 violins
  • Handmade
  • Made from laminated five-ply wood veneers, for an extra robust case
  • Water-resistant screw-fastened nylon cover
  • Large sheet music pocket
  • Shaped insert protects against temperature fluctuations
  • Suspension system
  • Large accessory compartment
  • Swivel-type bow holder for 4 bows
  • String tube
  • Velvet cloth for covering the instrument
  • Middle lock
  • 2 Wide backpack straps
  • Lining is made from high-quality velvet
  • External dimensions (L x W x H): 81 x 25 x 14.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.55 kg
  • Colour: Black / Red

Internal dimensions:

  • Total length: 60 cm
  • Body length: 36 cm
  • Upper bout: 17 cm
  • Lower bout: 20.5 cm
  • Height: 11.2 cm
size 4/4
Weight 2,6 kg
Backpack strap Yes
Hygrometer Yes
Carrying Handle Yes
subway-handle Yes
Suspension System Yes
available since December 2009
Item number 239363
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99 Sales Rank
Almost great but....
TomislavK 16.06.2021
The case is a nice size and weight, as it is laminated wood it is smaller size then foam or other material cases, also wood is best to have it around you instrument as it's good protection and best microclimate.
I would like to say what I don't like first:
Bow holders are not finished and have sharp moulds ends that can damage hairs and bows - all 4 of them are the same. Also on the same bow holders, there is glued leather that can easy fell off. Can you fix that - yes, with a sharp knife and some glue, but I felt that at that price level of around 300 euro and made in Germany should produce a better end quality finish. China made wooden case don't have that problem and cost 1/4 of the price.
Second, think I don't like is the place where backpack straps are attached - I have expected some stronger mounting system in the upper part similar to the lower part, but looks like it is only attached to fabric - no reinforcement with metal rivets here - don't look as good as I have expected to be as the fabric is stretched on the whole region and nothing it keeps it glued to the case, I hope it will hold.
Third and last - missing shoulder rest strap in the violin neck region - Bonmusica has a problem fitting into the case a bit - there is a good spot under the violin neck - but you cant strap it. Under the lid, the same chinrest can fit but the lid stays a bit open ten. You can mount your own strap, but again I would like to see it in case.
And good stuff:
Looks nice, better quality level overall, whole wood case is best, not heavy, smaller than foam cases. The biggest plus is that it can fit a violin with a higher chinrest. Have subway handle and backpack straps and shoulder strap. Locking system - you can use the key if you like, and with zipper looks super safe, you have great space for a music sheet.
Overall good case with some room for improvements.
I hope I have helped!


A solid product
Shinyuu 05.06.2018
It's a great and sturdy case, feels great both on the inside and outside. It doesn't feel bulky while having enough space to hold a chin rest, all the small gadgets, up to 4 bows, spare strings and all the sheet music you need to carry. Three different carry options ? two handles, shoulder strap and a backpack mode are all great for different occasions.

It feels very secure and that's what I consider important given it houses a precious instrument,

Cons: It's heavy. I've tried a few options and it's definitely one of the heaviest with its 2.6kg weight.


Excellent product, great price, fast shipping.
Brendan8691 01.05.2015
I'm extremely chuffed with this - it's sturdy, the configuration of straps and handles is flexible and practical, and there's enough room inside for lots of spare strings, rosin and my DPA mic and accessories. Thoroughly recommended!


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Ultimative Unterbringung des Lieblingsinstruments
Gary W. 23.08.2010
Das ist der ultimative Luxuskoffer, und hat sich voll in der Anschaffung gelohnt! Hier wurde an Alles gedacht, und die Verarbeitung ist im besten Sinne "Made in Germany". Es gibt fast schon zu viele Verschlüsse, mit denen man sein Lieblingsinstrument vor dem Herausfallen schützen kann - es dauert eine ganze Weile, bis man es daraus befreit hat. Aber Angst haben muss man ab sofort mit diesem "Violinen-Safe nicht mehr darum.

Ich finde diesen Koffer auch wunderschön, und er hat meine Motivation, zu spielen, sogar gesteigert! Es fehlt an nichts- vom Saiten-Rohr über ein geräumiges Zubehörfach, Notentasche, verstaubare Trageriemen - ja sogar ein Hygrometer und ein Luftentfeuchter sind enthalten. Fehlt eigentlich nur noch der Internet-Anschluss:)

Fazit: auch für höchste Ansprüche, Top-Verarbeitung!


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