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Glorious Workbench white


Producer's Workbench

  • For working at home and on studio projects
  • Extremely robust and ergonomic design
  • Pull-out drawer for keyboards
  • 2x 4 U 19" racks
  • Space for CDs, DVDs, books, etc.
  • Recesses for cable guiding
  • Easy to set up
  • Space for a keyboard, mouse, studio mixer and other equipment
  • The second elevated level is suitable for large displays
  • Practical, revolvable trays for monitor speakers
  • Material: MDF wood
  • Dimensions of the lower shelf (W x H x D): 1302 x 760 x 551 mm
  • Dimensions of the upper shelf with speaker trays (W x H x D): 1560 x 980 x 551 mm
  • Dimensions of the pull-out drawer shelf (W x H x D): 1230 x 100 x 275 mm
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Colour: White


Devices and decorative elements are not included!

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Good quality basic desk
kuyas 19.06.2020
This is a sturdy desk, decent size for fitting lots on it. Like that it's white too, brightens up the room nicely.
Keyboard tray is very strong, I have nektar panorama p4 on there and it's not struggling to hold it.
Smooth mechanism too.

The monitors can sit on the rotating platform, no issues with resonance I can hear. I have rubber feet for the monitors, so can't speak for putting the monitors direct on the desk. That's not optimal anyway.

It's quite a task putting it together, but not tricky, just takes a while as plenty of parts. I don't have carpet so added feet on the bottom so it can be slid easily if needed, it really is heavy so that's helpful. Just the ones you hammer in leaving the plastic bit as the feet.

With rack equipment, the way it's screwed into this desk is different from the normal way I believe. Not so easy as you have to position nuts against gravity while holding the rack unit and then put the screw in. Perhaps more tricky than it could be, but it's okay for this money.
Would have been nice if they supplied more screws / nuts as only enough for 2x 2U units each side but if you have many 1U units it's not enough.

All in all definitely recommend this as an upgrade on homemade or frankensteined type desk solutions.


If you're looking for a home studio desk - look no further
Anej Pileti? 25.05.2021
Although you could find cheaper models than this, the amount of features and usability this desk provides is unmatched at this price point.
First I wasn't sure about the width but I soon realized my 27-inch iMac fits perfectly between the (awesome) rotatable monitor stands, so even if you have a big display, there shouldn't be a problem with having enough space.


- Price-performance
- Easy to assemble
- Compact form factor but still enough space for all your components
- Rotatable monitor stands
- Included keyboard pull out tray, which is often an additional order with many other desks
- Space for up to 4 19" racks
- It's called the "GLORIOUS WORKBENCH" which is pretty badass

(very nit-picky) CONS:
- The, although convenient, keyboard tray can be a bit flimsy.
- The rotatable monitor stands could be a bit LESS easy to rotate, but that is totally fix-able if you wanted to
- Could use a bit more cable management like a cable tray behind the desk, but that is an easy and inexpensive fix as well (cable ties FTW).

If you're looking for a home studio desk - look no further than the Glorious Workbench.


Small, but it's a lot for the price
Hettoblaster 30.01.2021
I'm using this desk and am very satisfied regarding the price and what you get. i've maxed it out pretty much; 19" racks are filled, 2 synths on the top shelf, akai mimi mpk , keyboard, trackpad on lower shelf and a midiman keystation 61 on the lower, dwawer shelf, iPad on a stand in the middle compartment. I needed to make some adjustments: i am tall (1.94 mtr) my knees hit the lower drawer. i've put some things under the desk so it's 'lifted' a couple of cm's. My monitor speakers have their own stands behind the desk, so i have tho synhts on the top shelf instead. It's small, but acually enough for my equipment + it fit's in the room nicely. I also used cut to length 'real' 19" material and some 'spacer' to make it fit - looks and works great. There's not much space left for paper, books, 'junk' etc which in fact is for the better as it forces me to keep it tidy (doing my best ;-) )


Fair Product
Claudius Iacob 20.05.2021
Not really glorious in any way, but gets its job done. I like its looks, it has something close to elegance in it. The build quality is... well, fine, as long as you add some glue to the wooden plugs that are supposed to hold some parts of this furniture. Otherwise, it will wobble, and you should place it against a wall or some other furniture.

The only thing that really bothers me with it is the sliding table underneath. For some reason it won't remain closed; the keyboard comes out at times by itself, despite the fact I have a rather heavy Yamaha P-121.

Other than that, not much to say. It's decent studio furniture for the price, you can place rack railings (includded) on the left and/or right compartments, or leave them out to gain more space. The actual space you get on the table is kind of narrow, but it does.

Again, a fair product, especially for the price.

Be mindful of the fact that it easily stains, especially the white one, and it's rather dificult to clean it. You should never place a cup of coffee or tea directly on its surface.


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