Evidence Audio SIS Kit 10 RD


Cable Set

  • 3 Metre cable and 10x angle jack plug
  • Colour: Red
available since September 2013
Item number 322606
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Red
Length 3,00 m
Connector 1 Jack 6,3mm TS male angled
Connector 2 Jack 6,3mm TS male angled
97 €
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Best pedalboard upgrade ever!
yvandermeer 26.08.2019
I'm using a Pedaltrain Metro 16 pedalboard, so space is limited (by choice – I like keeping things a bit minimal). At first, I was using Sommer Cable Spirit XS cables (also very high quality), but found it a challenge to fit all pedals I wanted on my board.

I first heard about the Evidence Audio SIS system on That Pedal Show. I decided to make the investment so I could clean up my pedal board and perhaps fit one extra pedal. I regret not buying into this system from the very start. The angled SIS plugs are much more compact than the Hicon plugs on the Spirit XS, allowing pedals to be placed much closer to each other. As a result, I'm able to fit seven pedals on my Metro 16 (with room for one more - yay!). For a photo of my upgraded board, visit: yfoto [dot] nl [slash] sis

The sound quality of the SIS cables is excellent. I could swear I hear a bit more high end than with the Spirit XS cables, but given I paid about double the price to connect my seven pedals, it could just be a psychological thing. ;-)

Fitting the SIS jacks onto the cable took me a bit of practice at first, but after the first one, the others were easy.

If you just have two or three loose pedals on the floor, this will be overkill. For everyone else, this is the best choice of patch cable for your pedalboard, period.


Exceptional patch cables
Anonymous 26.02.2017
Evidence Audio Solderless patch cables truly are a thing of beauty. Having spent hours previously soldering my own high quality cables, I was skeptical about the reliability and sound quality of these. I have been blown away in every sense by Evidence Audio.

The easy of putting one of things together is amazing. Such a simple method that can't go wrong. The connection is as solid as my soldered cables and half the cable thickness so my board is much neater and organised. Once you make a solid connection you just plug and play. I have swapped pedals around for over 2 years now and still am yet to have one fail.

The sound quality is incredible and given the price for each cable they are worth every single penny. I use the SIS in conjunction with The Forte and Siren II and my tone is crystal clear. I would highly recommend you trying these out as they are unbeatable on build quality and tone - I have tried numerous cables before settling with these.

The ability to chose your own cable length and shape the cable to your own preference is great. I have some cables less than 2cm and other much bigger. I have been able to have the cable run in any direction without it snagging or being twisted - an issue I had with soldered cables. Once again, a great service from Thomann at a very reasonable price. I'm so pleased they supply us here in the UK.


Fabrocal 09.07.2020
These cables have been on my pedalboard for 5 years and have been in multiple weather conditions without ever missing a beat. When I changed to Evidence Audio, my tone was 'evidently' clearer and signal was stronger.

Better signal.
Cut to size for a quieter signal and cleaner look.

Not super simple to assemble at first.
A bit pricey.

In conclusion, these are the best quality patch cables I ever hed and will not risk using any other brand on my working pedalboard.
Tried and tested :)


Evidence all the way .
LiamT5386 14.07.2020
I was very impressed . I even replaced my guitar to board cable and my board to amp cable with evidence audio . ( Lyric to the amp , Melody from guitar ) Not one frequency catches your ear as out of place and all the high end is very sweet . Its not possible to go back to other cables :-) Maybe Mogami is still comparable for crunchy tones but you still will find a more brittle top end on that cable compared to an evidence

Have used for 6 months now , no more board issues and cable worries "