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Doepfer A-100LC9 PSU3 Low Cost Case


Case for A-100 module

  • 9U with three module rows
  • External dimensions (W x H x D): Approx. 445 x 420 x 160 mm
  • Internal dimensions (W x H x D): 3 x 84 HP x 3 U
  • Usable depth for A-100 modules: About 80 mm in the area of the power supply (bottom right), otherwise around 100 mm (measured from the inside of the front panel)
  • Weight without module: 4.3 kg
  • PSU3 power supply (+12 V/2000 mA, -12 V/1200 mA,+5 V/4000 mA, 100 - 230 V)
System Eurorack
Width 3 x 84 TE / HP
Hight 9 U
Power Supply Yes
Formfactor Case
Item number 378339
444 €
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Best option on the market.
Amplitudarnik 14.10.2017
Doepfer A-100 LC9 is probably the most popular case for entrance to the eurorack world, and there's a good reason for that: it's affordable, and it's reliable. The power supply PSU3 replaced the older PSU2; this one is more reliable, provides more overall amperage for modules and is compatible with modules that need +5V power rail without the need for an adapter.

Even if this is LC9 (low cost unit), finish is done quite well: power rails are sturdy, screw rails are not misaligned and wooden casing is firm. Wood is not painted or even lacquered. It's a pity there are no rubber legs on the bottom and some indentation on the top; some people will miss a handle too. I guess you can't have everything.

My only complaint is grounding issue; if I plug my headphones directly in a mixer cranked up to the maximum, sometimes I can hear very faint leakage from one of my oscillators. On normal levels this won't affect the sound. And if wider experienced community is to be trusted, it shouldn't stop you from interconnecting two or more cases. It's still advisable to do some extra grounding as it will increase the longevity of your case.

LC9 is the best option for starters and the most affordable price-per-size unit. There is simply nothing else quite comparable on the worldwide market. I will certainly get one more.

(The power supply will work anywhere in the world; Thomann sends extra cable with plug (rather than a cheap adapter) that fits your local power outlet if you are not in continental Europe.)


Fantastic case
BenEl 26.09.2020
I love the LC9 - excellent build quality, loads of reliable power, nice quality wood and finish. Simple but high grade.
If you want it to be portable this probably isn’t the case for you - as there’s no lid, handles etc - it clearly isn’t designed to be a mobile system.
But if it’s for permanent / semi-permanent home or studio use I think this is a great option.


Hard to beat !
Legreg 20.11.2019
I needed a 2nd case. I considered building one, but after long evaluation of possible options, came to the conclusion that the LC9 was making the DIY effort (financially and time-wise) pointless.
No regret. This thing is very well built. Looks and feels rock solid. Absolutely beats my expectations.


If you need a rack with enough P, for a good price I think you'll find no other deal like this
Tunnel One 13.10.2017
If you are not the handy type, and don't really feel up to building your own rack or case I think the low cost case from doepfer is the best solution. It is well built, sturdy, and has power supply and sockets installed. The wood for the case is not special, but still nice enough , i even prefer it over black or flight case style racks. If you are a bit artistic the wooden case is even great for doing your own drawing or painting on it for your unique case.


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