#MusicBelongsEverywhere – Winners & Top 10

#MusicBelongsEverywhere – Winners & Top 10

Music inspires people all around the world. In recent weeks, music was heard in the most unusual places, as part of our #MusicBelongsEverywhere contest. It was an absolute pleasure to watch all the videos. Thank you all for taking part and bringing music into the world! You rock! ?

And the winner is …

It is now time to announce the winners: first place goes to Ernest Pratcorona with their video LIVE MUSIC is the BEST MEDICINE! Congratulations on winning the €1000 voucher!

1st. Prize
€1000 voucher
Ernest Pratcorona - Live Music is the Best Medicine
2nd. Prize
€500 voucher
Senmy - Twingo-Beats
3rd. Prize
€250 voucher
Arrows to the Mountains
Special Jury Prize
€100 voucher
David Fazakas - Under construction

Dear winners, please check your inbox and private messages. We sent you all the instructions and information in order for you to claim your well-deserved prize!


Top 10

Here are the results that made it into the official charts of #MusicBelongsEverywhere:

1. Ernest Pratcorona – LIVE MUSIC is the BEST MEDICINE

2. Senmy – Twingo Beats

3. Arrows to the Mountains – MusicBelongsEverywhere (even on top of a windmill)

4. David Fazakas – Under construction

5. Insane Pineapples – Harmonic Voodoo

6. Pointless Rebels

7. Haute les seins

8. Julian Floegel – Fahrstuhlmusik

 Un post condiviso da Julian (@julianfloegel) in data:

9. Der mit Gitarre – Am seidenen Faden

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