Headphones – our recommendations for music lovers, athletes, YouTubers & musicians

Headphones – our recommendations for music lovers, athletes, YouTubers & musicians

Music is something wonderful and is an indispensable part of life. Whether you enjoy listening to music during sports or are a musician yourself in the studio or on stage, you need headphones that are tailored to your needs. But which headphones are right for you?  We’ll help you make the right choice! Here we have put together some examples of what is really relevant – and which are particularly suitable for certain projects.

Jogging & Co. headphones for athletes ?

During sports, headphones should not interfere with rigorous movement and should fit well. Classics here are small earbuds or comfortable headband headphones. Integrated control options for the player or the telephone are also often used here. Here, too, there are increasingly more wireless headphones.

Our tip: JBL Reflect Mini BT


Headphones for listening to music at home ???

The top class for the home is the Hi-Fi headphones, which put sound quality above all other things. They are usually large, wired headphones with a high level of detail and are characterised by rich bass, the finest treble and a good, clear stereo image. Since a good headphone output or amplifier is usually available when listening to music at home, headphones with high impedance can also be used. As a rule, over-ears are preferred when listening to music between your own four walls.

Our tip: beyerdynamic T1 2ND Generation


Headphones for listening to music on the go ??

For mobile use, the impedance should be low, otherwise many speakers will play too quietly. Collapsibility for transport, preferably closed design or even in-ear receiver, possible wireless connection, noise cancelling and extended telephone and playback controls – these are the important factors.

Our tip: JBL by Harman T-450BT White


Recording headphones ?

Especially singers in front of the microphone have to make sure that as little sound as possible gets from the headphones to the microphone. Otherwise you have the headphone mix and possibly the click (metronome) on the recording in the form of “bleed” (also called “spill“). So headphones have to be closed – and of course sit comfortably.

Our tip: beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro



Mixing headphones ?

This type requires similar characteristics to hi-fi headphones. However, their sound should be rather flat and ruthlessly detailed rather than colourful (no boosting of bass, fine tuning of mids, etc.) This makes mixing headphones expensive, but altogether cheaper than most active speakers plus acoustic treatment of the room. Bedroom producers also like to use closed models so as not to disturb other people in the room, and models that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Our tip: beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro 


Headphones for YouTubers, podcasters, commentators  ?

Not all YouTubers work with a headphone/micro headset, but if you need to keep your hands free, for example because you’re demonstrating something and want to hear yourself well at the same time, it could be very practical. Also, presenters need to be comfortable wearing them on their heads in (hour-long) recording sessions. Such ” aviator” combinations with microphones are also used by podcasters, commentators and guest speakers.

Our tip: AKG HSC 271 Studio-Set


Headphones for DJs  ??

DJs have similar demands on their headphones. In addition, however, it makes sense to have foldable ear cups and a flexible headband so that they can also hear the audience mix. High levels are also important!

Our tip: Ultrasone Signature DXP


Headphones for onstage monitoring ???

Almost exclusively, in-ears are used on stage because they allow you to move and are hardly noticeable. Good fit, possibly even individual adaptation to the anatomy of the ear canal, good sound insulation for protection and sweat resistance are important here.

Our tip: InEar StageDiver SD-3


Headphones for Kids ??

Children also like to listen to their own music, watch videos on the iPad on long road trips or play some games. There are various suitable models that have a built-in volume limit (very important!) to protect their hearing. Meanwhile headphones for kids are also available in wireless formats, which means more freedom of movement for the youngster.

Our tip: JVC HA-KD

Alternative: JBL JR300BT

Service & Consulting ??

If you have any questions about headphones, our specialists from the Headphones Department are always available to help & advise you – whether online or in our Treppendorf store.

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