#DiyKitChallenge: We have the winners!

#DiyKitChallenge: We have the winners!

Update: 26-05-2021


It’s confirmed yet again: We have have the greatest customers in the world and the most fantastic participants for our contests! We cannot stress this enough: you blew our minds with the creativity, hard work and enthusiasm you put into your DIY instruments for our #DiyKitChallenge! Wow! 

Needless to say, this was the hardest contest for choosing winners. All of us, being musicians ourselves, couldn’t help but marvel at all the little details you put into these magnificent creations. There were simply too many great entries… but, as it goes with all contests, a decision had to be made. Our jury, made up of Kris, Guillaume and Joe chose the following winners: 

1st place 500€ voucher: Nico (@oldshadowmusic)


Kris: “Incredible job! Built so clean and it’s such a beautiful design. I’d love to play this thing. Ohhh… and that headstock!” 

Guillaume: “Honestly, I’d buy that guitar. Like.. really. It’s rare to see an original shape looking so natural and just plain beautiful. Félicitations ???”

Joe: “Wow, a clean-cut masterpiece from the hands of someone with real skills. Great job, congratulations and, please, continue making guitars!”

2nd place 350€ voucher: Dylan Dognon (@system.dd)


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Kris: “Now THIS is creativity. I’m dying to know how you did that with the telephone dial-stutter.”

Guillaume: “What Kris said! How and also how you got that idea is just mind blowing! Such a fun guitar.”

Joe: “Now that’s some unique control over your sound! Pretty punk rock! Long live the rotary tele(phone)!

3rd place 200€ voucher: UkuLEDle


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Kris: “I admire your patience and precision. Gorgeous body top and fun idea with the LEDs.”

Guillaume: ” I really would have put your uke in here just for the incredible work you did on the top, but the LEDs just sealed the deal. That’s really impressive!”

Joe: “This is real innovation, I would never even think of putting LEDs into a fretboard, let alone know how to do it! Great application of your skills. Thumbs up!

We couldn’t choose just 3 winners, it was impossible. So we decided to add more winners:

Extra winner 30€ voucher: TNT cajon by SkizzenMonster 


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A post shared by Krischan Meder (@skizzenmonster)

Kris: “Beautiful paint job! First I could even say if that’s 2D or 3D. Great work!” 

Joe: “A clever idea for a cajon… You’re giving the listener not only an explosive sound but a visual bang too. Congrats!

Extra winner 30€ voucher: Bass by @whats.next.otto


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Kris: “I absolutely LOVE the custom pickup covers, the tuner bushings and the knobs. And the body with the top and the plywood layers in it. Now it’s time to get a bass amp and rock out! Haha! Extra point for the swäbisch from me, ich liebe es.” 

Joe: “I love the smoothness of all this sanded wood! It makes you want to get it in your hands immediately. Fine fine work, sir!

Extra winner 30€ voucher: Back to the Future Tele by @martperguitars

Kris: “I love the attention to detail and the guitar’s theme obviously. Mad respect for your hard work!”

Joe: “Wow, inspired by one of my favourite films of all time (no pun intended), this guitar-machine is museum worthy!

Extra winner 30€ voucher: 3D-printed Cherry Blossom by @andreirosuofficial

Kris: “I love seeing modern technology being used in designing guitars. This instrument is a piece of art and that neck plate… that’s the sweetest thing ever. Thanks Sylvia and Andrei!

Joe: “Sylvia and Andrei used new technology to do things that most luthiers would think is impossible to do on a guitar. Great work and nice overall presentation of your project!


Musicians are sound makers, no question about it. Not only that: Most of the time, they like to let off steam creatively on their own instruments or equipment. For our #DiyKitChallenge if you design an instrument with a DIY kit from Thomann and have the chance to win a 500-euro Thomann voucher. Do you accept the challenge? ?


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Win a 500-euro voucher!

Impress us with your homemade design and win great prizes. You have the chance to win one of three Thomann vouchers:

️1st Place: €500 voucher

2nd Place: €350 voucher

3rd Place: €200 voucher

photo of a 500 euro voucher

There are no limits to your creativity: To take part in our #DiyKitChallenge, create an instrument of your choice with a DIY kit from Thomann (all kits can be found below) and present it in a video. Your instrument must be both visually convincing and playable. Upload the video to Instagram, Facebook or YouTube using the hashtag #DiyKitChallenge.

Important: Please note that your profile must be set toPublic” and must include #DiyKitChallenge in the video title on YouTube. Also, link our profile on the platform you have chosen, so that we can find all your entries.

photo of Tele Guitar D I Y Kit

Our jury, consisting of our YouTube hosts and other Thomann employees, awards the best submissions. It selects the winners on the basis of the following criteria: originality, overall visual impression, quality and cleanliness of the workmanship and special craftsmanship (e.g. special visual designs, applications, decorations). As mentioned above, the instrument must also be playable.

You can read the complete conditions of participation for this competition under this link.

Contest running time

The #DiyKitChallenge starts on Wednesday, April 21st and ends on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM. Unfortunately, we cannot take into account any videos that are published before and after the specified period. The winners will be notified via the respective social medium shortly after the end of the competition.

Source of photos above: musiker-board.de

photo of 4 D I Y Kits

If you should still need a DIY Kit for participation, you can find it at thomann.de*. The following kits are eligible for participation:

ST style
Single-Cut style
DC style
Ukulele Soprano
Ukulele Concert
P-bass style
J-Bass style

*While stocks last, kits are not provided by Thomann, you have to purchase them yourself.

photo of D I Y Bass Kit construction

Julia’s new bass…

Kris Barocsi built a bass from a DIY Kit for his colleague and co-host Julia Hofer. You can find out in the video what he has come up with, especially for the headstock design…


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The bass was sent to Austria: Julia received Kris’ DIY bass. Check out here reaction in the video below. The special bass was, of course, tested out right away. Enjoy!


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The cyberpunk guitar from a DIY Kit

Our friend Jennifer James built this cyberpunk guitar for us from a DIY kit from Thomann, wow! ?You can find out what this extraordinary piece sounds like in the video below. Kris played it for us to hear:


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Joe has been singing since he can remember and started playing guitar when he was 10. He's been using it as a songwriting tool ever since. He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. Check out his alternative / indie projects Best of Feelings and Zef Raček.


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    Can I enter the competition with an already completed Thomann’s kit and add to the video photos I took during the building process? Or would I have to video the unboxing and making?

    I built an instrument that matches all conditions last summer, is it possible to enter the contest presenting it or do I have to make a new one ?
    Also should the video be in English or language is not important ?
    Thank you very much !

    I want to join in this Challenge !

    Why SG model is not include competition? ?

    Dc style. Try to check it ouy.

    Last winter I finished a kit for a CST-24, can I still enter the competition?
    Thanks and stay safe and healthy.

    I bought a Kit a Couple of Months ago but I haven’t build it yet because I’m carving the wood first for a especial personal design can I participate? I’m actually not done yet ??‍♂️ And still needs to be build it

    I bought a Kit a Couple of Months ago but I haven’t build it yet because I’m carving the wood first for a especial personal design can I participate? I’m actually not done yet And still needs to be build it

    I’d absolutely love to win one of these kits as I have always wanted to build my own guitar from scratch and this would be a good first step towards that.
    I would like to win the DC kit please

    So what’s the verdict on ALL these questions asking about kits purchased wayyyyy before hand,and still haven’t built them?? Hell,im hoping to WIN A KIT,have it shipped to me,build it,follow all rules,and STILL get it all done by the deadline of May 23rd….. Now thats determination…playable & beautiful as well too. !!! Stay safe & good luck to all….. what’s the verdict???? lol…#DIYKITCHALLENGE #Harleybenton #contest

    Thank you so much

    Do you have a Flying V diy kit?

    Good luck to all of you in your quest for second place.

    But I’m gonna be winning this one.

    Are there any leftie kits?

    I want in I got some great ideas

    Mi piacerebbe molto costruire una telecaster ?

    Would be great if you did your amazing double-neck as a kit. It would be fun getting creative on that. Or how about a headless, or even a headless double-neck ?

    Man a double neck DIY KIT would be a killer idea that’s for sure!!!!! I wonder if #Thomann would even ever consider this??? I’d buy one just to have one in the collection lol… And play the hell out of it as well!!!!

    Ya’ll make any Left Handed Les Paul Jr kits?

    Shame that you dont have the sg kit in left handed.

    Regarding the comment in the recent video about thoughts of repeating the contest or extending the deadline:

    I have a kit purchased long ago and started working on it during winter (before contest announcement). I can tell you that even sourcing simple materials and tools has been a challenge due to the lockdowns and the overall covid situation.

    I thought it was a prerequisite to perform with the instruments i order for a participation to be valid..

    also shouldnt you take good sound performance in consideration for those that actually played their

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