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Best Ukuleles under €300 – from Hawaii to the whole world

Best Ukuleles under €300 – from Hawaii to the whole world

The ukulele sounds like the Hawaiian sun and works great in many different styles of music. The fact that the instrument is becoming increasingly popular as a compact and reliable companion for amateur musicians, beginners, converts, and professionals goes to show that the uke is great fun. The large selection of ukuleles on the market is proof of its popularity. We’ve compiled a list of several beautiful ukes under €300 for you.

Sopran Ukuleles – typically hawaiian

The soprano ukulele is the most common size. With its characteristic sound, it evokes images of white, sandy beaches and Hawaiian Lei garlands. The soprano ukulele fits into any luggage.


  • Cascha Premium Mahagoni Sopran Bundle German

With its stunning looks, beautiful bindings, and rosette, the Premium Mahagoni Sopran Ukulele from Cascha is a real eye-catcher. Precise, enclosed (!) machine heads ensure easy tuning. With this awesome starter package, you’re ready to go right away. The bundle includes a padded gig bag, three picks, a ukulele instruction book in four languages, and even a tuner. You should know that a battery is not included. So it’s best to add one to your order, for example the Ansmann CR 2032 3 volt lithium button cell battery.

Cascha Premium Mahagoni Sopran Bundle German


  • Harley Benton Hawaii Koa Soprano Ukul w/Bag

The Harley Benton Hawaii Koa Soprano Ukulele brings back memories of the palm-fringed beaches of Hawaii. The instrument is made of authentic Hawaiian Koa with visible grain and the typical, one-of-a-kind colour. This soprano ukulele is equipped with single machine heads with black buttons. To ensure you can play whenever and wherever you want, it comes with a matching, padded gig bag. 

Harley Benton Hawaii Koa Soprano Ukulele

Harley Benton Hawaii Koa Soprano Ukulele


  • Kala KA-SEME Mahogany Soprano

If you’re looking for a high-quality instrument with great value, the Kala KA-SEME Mahogany Soprano is definitely worth a closer look. The top, back, and sides of this little beauty are made of exotic mahogany, which gives the instrument a charm of its own. As this soprano ukulele is equipped with the Kala UK-300 TR pickup system, it’s a great choice for anyone planning to amplify their instrument, for example while busking in the city, on the beach, or on stage.

Kala KA-SEME Mahogany Soprano

Kala KA-SEME Mahogany Soprano


Concert – the golden mean

If you want some more room for your fingers, a concert ukulele is a good choice. The scale of a concert uke is typically 3.5 cm longer than that of a soprano. This makes the instrument a bit easier to play. The sound is a bit lower, but still unmistakably uke-like.

  • Cascha Premium Mahog. Concert Bundle

We offer a great bundle in the concert size, as well: In addition to the instrument itself, the Cascha Premium Mahog. Concert includes a padded gig bag, the ukulele instruction book in four languages, 3 picks, and a tuner. Remember to get a battery for the tuner, as that is not included. The Cascha ukulele features a satin lacquer finish with a mahogany body and neck. The instrument is fitted with enclosed, chrome-plated tuners.  With its warm sound and good tunability, this uke is a reliable instrument for kids and grown-ups alike.

Cascha Premium Mahog. Concert Bundle

Cascha Premium Mahog. Concert Bundle


  • Flight DUC323 MAH/MAH Concert

With its excellent craftsmanship and convincing quality, the Flight DUC323 MAH/MAH Concert is loads of fun. The value of this instrument is nothing short of astounding. After a short break-in period, the uke stays in tune well and can easily keep up with more expensive models. While it makes a great first ukulele, it’s also a trusty companion for seasoned players.

Flight DUC323 MAH/MAH Concert

Flight DUC323 MAH/MAH ConcertUk


Tenor – full-bodied sound

With a scale length of 43 cm, the tenor ukulele offers more volume in the bass range. The wider fret spacing means that your fingers will easily find their way around the fretboard without getting in each other’s way.

  • Baton Rouge V2-T sun

If you’re looking for something truly great for little money, the Baton Rouge V2-T sun tenor ukulele is for you. The instrument boasts excellent craftsmanship, playability, and tunability. While the body and neck are made of mahogany with an open-pore finish, the lasered sun rosette around the soundhole provides a striking visual accent. The open, chrome-plated tuners with black wings ensure stable tuning.

Baton Rouge V2-T sun

Baton Rouge V2-T sun


  • Kai KTI-5000

The Kai KTI-5000 tenor ukulele is a true eye-catcher with an impressive sound. Its top, back, and sides are made of solid acacia. The slotted headstock with black/bronze machine heads underlines its elegant appearance. The smooth, full-bodied, and powerful sound is further enhanced by an additional soundhole in the upper side, as is typical for this brand. The uke comes with a sturdy bag that almost resembles a hard case.

Kai KTI-50

Kai KTI-50

  • Cordoba 20TM Tenor Ukulele

The Cordoba 20TM Tenor Ukulele presents itself in a classic mahogany look. One of its advantages is that it is one of only a few ukuleles constructed with a solid top. Combined with the laminated sides and back, this creates a well-rounded and powerful tone. Visually, it is unostentatious, subtle, and classic. Musically, its transparent and assertive sound makes it a great choice for ukulele orchestras or your next beach party.

Cordoba 20TM Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 20TM Tenor Ukulele

Baritone – Guitar-like

The baritone ukulele is especially popular with players switching from guitar. Thanks to its size and its tuning, which corresponds to the first four strings of a guitar, it is relatively easy to get used to. In terms of sound, the baritone uke resembles a nylon-string guitar. 

  • Cascha Ukulele Mah/sol. Spr. Baritone

A great-sounding combination of woods gives the Cascha Ukulele Mah/sol. Spr. Baritone a beautiful and assertive sound. While the back and sides are made of mahogany, the top consists of solid spruce. The result is a pleasantly bright sound with great harmonics. Visually, this baritone ukulele is a purist’s delight. With its sound character, it represents a perfect symbiosis of a guitar and a ukulele. Consequently, it is equipped with strap buttons, so it’s easy to play while you’re standing.

Cascha Ukulele Mah/sol. Spr. Baritone

Cascha Ukulele Mah/sol. Spr. Baritone


  • Thomann Baritone Ukulele De Luxe

Without a doubt, the Thomann Baritone Ukulele De Luxe has a huge “wow factor” the moment you see it. The instrument is made of solid acacia with striking grain and structure. The binding further underlines the classy look. Whether you’re strumming or picking, the sound is warm and well-balanced. This European-made quality instrument delivers not only visually, but also acoustically. If you’re ready for love at first sight, give this one a glance.

Thomann Baritone Ukulele De Luxe

Thomann Baritone Ukulele De Luxe

Bass – outlaw of the low end

Down to the “bass-ment”: The bass ukulele covers the low frequency range, which makes it a popular guest in ukulele orchestras. Moreover, it can make a great alternative to an electric bass for young players ready to take centre stage.

  • Harley Benton Kahuna CLU-Bass Ukulele

The Harley Benton Kahuna CLU-Bass Ukulele delivers loads of ukulele fun for an attractive price. This Traveller-sized bass uke is pleasantly compact and really easy to play – the perfect companion for on the road. The classic body shape gives the CLU-Bass Ukulele a timeless appearance. Equipped with a professional pickup system with a built-in tuner, it’s a great choice for unplugged gigs.

Harley Benton Kahuna CLU-Bass Ukulele

Harley Benton Kahuna CLU-Bass Ukulele


  • Harley Benton UkeBass OPNT

The Ukebass OPNT by Harley Benton is meticulously crafted and looks the part. The instrument delivers rich bass and reacts precisely to all nuances in your playing. This electrified bass ukulele isn’t just for experienced musicians. With its compact size, it is also a great option for small children who want to start playing bass. The solid-body instrument is equipped with an active piezo pickup system. An E-uke with the feel of a small electric bass.

Harley Benton UkeBass OPNT

Harley Benton UkeBass OPNT



Various other sizes are also available, and there are great instruments in all of them. Which are your favourites and what kinds of music do you play on the ukulele? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about it! Aloha!

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