10 Essential items for your band practice room

10 Essential items for your band practice room

Think of an indispensable, unavoidable meeting place for musicians. That’s right, it’s the rehearsal room! Whether it’s large or small, in a garage or a cellar, tidy or chaotic, we spend hours on end in this essential room. That’s why we have prepared a selection of very handy products to make your life a little easier!

Thomann V2020 10 PackHook and Loop Cable Ties
Nobody likes cable spaghetti. These hook and loop fasteners will remain attached to your cable even when you have unwound it, saving you hours of stress.


StoolsFender Bar Stool Logo 24"
Playing while standing up is fine, but after two hours of rehearsing you probably won’t have anything against taking a seat. And sitting on a stool is much more pleasant than on your hot amplifier.


K&M 17604 Roadie BKGuitar/Bass Stands
Guitarists and bassists all around the world will agree that putting their cherished instrument on the floor or leaning it against the wall is out of the question. It’s either a stand or nothing!


Flight Cases for AccessoriesThon Cable Case 98x40x48 Wheels
Extension cables, adaptors, cable reels, cables, etc. Tidy up your accessories and protect them from impact, dust and humidity. They will thank you for it!


K&M 16020BK Bottle HolderDrink holders
Until now you’ve always put your beer on the floor, but always shuddered at the thought of it spilling it all over your pedal board. But now that you know support is at hand for your drink, you feel a warm, secure feeling inside.


Deeflexx H!1 EditionDeeflexx
At first glance, you’ll probably think it’s just a piece of plastic. But it’s not as simple as that. With this tool you will hear yourself better, and the other musicians will appreciate it too. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll struggle to separate yourself from it.


Sound absorbersthe t.akustik Highline A1 Teak
Forget the days of covering your walls with egg cartons – to cover an entire rehearsal room you’d need to eat a whole truckload… We have this acoustic foam which does an excellent job for just a few euros per m².


Portable recorderZoom H2n
Perfect for immortalising your legendary improvisation! You can also share your sessions with other band members for debriefing or listen to your masterpieces while resting your head.


Cameo PAR 64 CAN RGBWA+UV 12x 10W BKDecorative lighting
The neon ceiling lights in your garage aren’t the most pleasant. Two or three well-placed LED PARs in your rehearsal room will create a warm, cosy atmosphere to keep you and other musicians relaxed.


Bottle openerFender Bottle Opener
Everybody in a band has seen their drummer open a beer with his teeth. But to preserve your own pearly whites, use a bottle opener.


Millenium Drummer SignBonus: A traffic / warning sign
Everybody knows that drummers like to smack things and sometimes that will mean a stick will launch itself through the air. With this sign you can rest assured that you are exempt from any possible lawsuits when people come visit you in your practice space.

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