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Toontrack EZbass EBX Bundle

Toontrack EZbass EBX Bundle (ESD); virtual bass guitar; contains Toontrack EZbass as well as two freely selectable EBX expansions; extensively produced bass software / plugin with 2 basses, based on samples of an Alembic 5-String bass and a 5-string Fender Jazz Bass; sub bass with two synthesized sine tones add both fullness and definition; contains the playing techniques finger, Pick and slap; many different articulations like auto-alternate fingers, index finger, middle finger, tapping, percussive right hand, percussive left hand, ghost note, flageolet, harmonic, slap, pop, ghost slap, slides; integrated conversion of audio tracks into bass midi tracks (guitars, bass, drums etc.); MIDI library with natural played bass pattern suitable for all genres and styles; automatically create corresponding basslines to imported MIDI drums and keyboard tracks; song track allows to record own MID tracks or arrange MIDI pattern; intuitively create slides and transitions; Edit Play Style functionality allows for more variations; Grid editor with various editing possibilities; Tab2Find function; meta-search; flexible viewing options; expandable with Toontrack EZbass sound libraries und EZbass MIDI packs

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