Deal z okazji jubileuszu 70-lecia

Deal z okazji jubileuszu 70-lecia

Ten produkt jest dostępny w wyjątkowo atrakcyjnej cenie przez cały rok.

Active 15" Loudspeaker

  • 1000 Watt Class D amplifier
  • 15" woofer and 1.5" compression driver
  • Built-in DSP with Display
  • Frequency Range: 42 Hz - 20 kHz
  • 250 Watt continuous and 1000 Watt Peak power
  • 96dB SPL, Peak SPL: 127dB
  • 2x XLR/1/4" Jack Mic/Line Input
  • XLR Output
  • Dispersion: 90° x 60°
  • Dimensions: 685 x 423 x 383mm
  • Weight: 17,3 Kg
  • Optional matching cover: Article Nr. 320859 (not included in delivery)
  • Optional matching case: Article Nr. 329286 (not included in delivery)
Produkt dostępny od Kwiecień 2013
Numer artykułu 313058
Jednostka sprzedaży 1 szt.
Power (Manufacturers Specs) 1000 W
Bass Speaker in Inch 15"
Ways 2-Way
Colour Black
Weight 17,3 kg
Housing Material Plastic
Analog Inputs 2
Microphone Input 2
Line Out XLR
Media Player No
Remote Control No
Effects No
Low Cut adjustable
Monitor Angle Yes
Width 423 mm
RMS Power 250 W
Depth 383 mm
Height 685 mm
Sound Pressure in dB 127 dB
Number of HT Speaker 1
Number of HT Speakers 1
HT Speaker in Inch 1
Number of Midrange Speaker 0
Midrange Speaker in Inch without
Number of Bass Speaker 1
Number of Bass Speakers 1
Accu No
Stand Flange 35 mm
Construction Standard
Flyable No
Line Input with Gain
Main EQ 1
Master EQ 1
Beam Angle Hor 90 °
Handheld / Headset No
Beam Angle Ver 70 °
Frequency Range (-10dB) from 42 Hz
Frequency Range (-10dB) to 20000 Hz
Frequency Range (-3dB) from 55 Hz
Frequency Range (-3dB) to 18000 Hz
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Dostępny w magazynie

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Stay Away from the ZLX powered speakers
Adrian R 23.02.2014
I own a pair of 15P and i`m not happy at all with the quality of this speakers. The first one just quit working shortly after I bought them, the lower speaker was just humming, was sent back and got it replaced by Thomann it took 10 days to get it replaced. The second one just quitted working last week that`s four months of use I use them for karaoke show`s just fridays and saturdays paired with a Tapco200fx mixer unpowered, the lower speaker was quit working while playing music I didnt had time to wait another 10 days to send it back to the warranty and got it fixed trough a local shop, when they opened the speaker the guys were amazed of the cheep stuff they found inside the magnet on this speaker is 100w very small size just the cone looks big actually this is a 150w speaker and it`s advertized as 250w with 1000W peak totaly lies. Do not buy this model if i wouldn`t see it with my eyes I will not belive EV can do this to customers.
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Superb all round
theitwiz 16.03.2021
Used in a small venue for all audio needs these active speakers have proven their ability to deliver believable choral and organ music alongside meeting the need for PA and disco. The install is permanent on brackets rated well above the weight on these. Listeners all comment how the clarity is maintained from low to very high volume with no need to adjust levels. Very pleased. Pros: huge vale for money, fantastic versatilty, relatively small size, great protection circuitry, good connection versatility, great sound dispersion angles horizontal and vertical so listeners up close dont feel it is too loud and furthest people say loud enough. Cons: Heavy but not too heavy, No way to fit protection to corners of what are plastic cabinets... not a big worry as they feel rugged and we have them fixed in place most of the time. No way to lock out settings from being played with - would be nice to be able to protect the levels once set either behind a cover or a key switch to keep public fingers from playing. Overall a great buy with no major drawbacks and will recommend to clients again.
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EV ZLX 15P - Громко ! )
Aleksey Romanyuta 08.01.2022
More than two years of use experience. I played a lot and often .
Pros : there are no complaints about the build quality - nothing rustles or crackles ) . The sound is dense , shakes and in general , I can say about her -she is very loud even for 15"! DSP effects are quite working ! To work as a DJ - that's what you need!!! If the budget is small , but you want to have a respected and reliable brand on voice acting ) Cons : The case is very vulnerable - it gets stuck , dents , the coating is not wear- resistant , advice - buy a case for it! And by sound - it's loud, but flat and quite hard, there is not enough softness at the upper and middle frequencies. Singing in them is not very comfortable. Something like that... Good luck to everyone !
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Full sound, light weight.
Per W. 02.08.2014
These sound as good as you could expect given the price, i.e. totally ok for most applications.
Compared to our older Mackie SRM450 V1 they sound slightly less powerful & a bit rounder in the high end - that´s the only negative thing I have to say about them after 24 gigs.

On the plus side:
A: Light weight, when you set up your PA yourself this can´t be over-appreciated - before the Mackie´s we had a 40 kg. poweramp & speakers the size of refrigerators ...
B: The placement of the handles makes these speakers easy to carry around as well as lifting them up on a stand/pole.
C: Easy to understand software menu on the back.
We just set them up for use on a pole, with sub´s crossing over at 120Hz, there ain´t much more to it.
D: Like a lot of modern PA speakers you can use one of these when doing troubadour-gigs, there are 2 inputs with separate level controls on the back.

Are they loud enough?
We´ve used them in rooms (& outdoors) taking 50 - 600 people & have never had to push them so far, actually the master on the mixer is usually just over 50% of max indoors.
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