Dunlop Tortex III Riffle 073 Pack


Plectrum set

  • With 72 pieces
  • Tortex sound and feel with the speed and precision of a Jazz III
  • Thickness: 0.73 mm
  • Made of Tortex
  • TIII shape with pointed tip
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Made in USA
Thickness 0,73
Delivery Quantity 72
Produkt dostępny od Czerwiec 2018
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My one and only picks
hellblaze 12.02.2020
As any guitar player I've tried many picks and exactly these are my ultimate choice, I see no reason in buying something else.

These picks provide fast, explosive attack, without detuning heavy strings. Unlike thinner picks they don't provide any sound themselves. So these picks are perfect to me, I see no drawbacks, so buying a big pack of them is a good option for me.
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An industry standard Shredder Friendly
Bruskär 08.06.2020
I've been using the standard 0.73 Dunlop for years, but I needed something more precise and fast for technical pieces.

The standard version beeing rounder, they are a little less "schwifty". As they were off, it becomes even more obvious.

With those Tortex III 0.73, you have this very pointy pick allowing very controlled mouvement. I particularily love them for soloing and economy picking. They also do great for rythm guitar. They became my bread and butter.

In the hand, they feel stiff but still have a nice "slapping" sound.
I usually play with one for several weeks (their pointy design is quite durable) but keep in mind that I have a rather light touch. I can't really comment on "grip" as I do not have sweaty hands, but they feel great.

I also tried
The 1.0 version: also great and maybe a little bit more appropriate for heavy pickers.
The 1.35 version: very stiff but completely lack "slapping" sound (and brillance). I guess those are better for heavy handed rythm guitar player. They must be veeeery durable.

Amazing for lead guitar players with standard attack/touch.
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