Göldo EL500



  • 500 kOhm A, log
  • Made in Japan
  • Hoogste kwaliteit
  • Schroefdraad: 8 mm, metrisch
  • Vertinde behuizing voor zeer goede soldeerbaarheid
  • Diameter behuizing: 24 mm / 0,95 inch
  • Diameter van steel die door het gat gestoken moet worden: 8 mm / 0,305 inch
  • Schroefdraad lengte: 10 mm / 0,393 inch
  • Diameter van de gespleten schacht: 6 mm / 0,236 inch
Leverbaar sinds Maart 2005
artikelnummer 178790
verkoopseenheid 1 stuk
Design Tone
Resistance Value 500 kOhms
Characteristic Curve Logarithmic
Thread Length 10,0 mm
Tandem Poti No
Push/Push No
Solderless No
shaft type grooved
€ 4,90
Incl. btw plus € 5,90 verzending
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€ 4,90 1
€ 4,65 5,1% 3
€ 4,39 10,4% 6
€ 4,15 15,3% 12
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direct leverbaar

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Levering ongeveer tussen Woensdag, 1.02. en Donderdag, 2.02.
Good pots! Measure very close!
Anoniem 24.12.2015
You can only say so much about some pots but here it goes;

I ordered these pots for a rewiring projec and my main concerns were the values of these pots. Usually the values of pots tend to differ quite a bit from the specs. Especially at this pricepoint. But, to my surprise, these pots measured well within tolerance! (485 and 480 if anyone is interested).

My only problem is that these pots seem to make some kind of grinding noise. Its very soft but you can feel and hear it. Luckily after some turning this noise disappeared.

Very happy with these pots!
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Prima kwaliteit
Erik6653 19.11.2015
Goede potmoter, krasvrij, loopt soepel.
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Good pots
Manda 10.05.2017
Great pots; a solid housing that's easy to solder, terminals that readily tin and can be bent with no fear of breaking, and smooooooth operation. You can get cheaper pots, but for 4 euros each, why would you?
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google translate gb
Helaas is er een fout opgetreden, probeert u het a.u.b. later nogmaals.
Good potentiometers
LargePotato4455 12.09.2021
Good tone potentiometers, wanted to replace them because my guitar had mini-pots that worked not so good, even if I roll them to 0, the sound didn't change so much, probably they were broken

The main problem was that the holes in the guitar body where potentiometers are inserted were too small, I had to expand them a little with a file.
After this I soldered them, installed, and I noticed that they changed the sound, it became brighter, I can't say for sure, that's a merit of these pots, or that's because previous worked very badly

Now I can slightly roll them and will notice that the sound changed a bit, which means that you can change the tone as you want, this didn't happen with previous pots.

Don't have any complaints, I'm satisfied and can recommend them.

P.S. If someone wonders, for the volume I bought the ''Göldo Pot 500K Lin'', so I'm happy with them both
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