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Welkom bij het kostenloze prikbord van Thomann. Hier vind uw 2 advertenties van en door muzikanten en muziekliefhebbers. In de laatste zeven dagen werden 0nieuwe berichten opgegeven.

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500 Series tube preamp with optical compression RSE PC 502

550 £ · 17.05. in UA -Sumy · This device is unique thanks to its archi­tec­ture, its trans­for­mers, and our irre­pres­sible desire to make a device that would finally solve the pro­blem of a truly high-qua­lity tube preamp with an optical com­pressor in the 500 series format. This model intro­duced a sup­ple­men­tary ampli­fi­ca­tion stage and two source fol­lower cas­cades on FET tran­sis­tors, which made it pos­sible to equip the device with a com­pressor cir­cuit. Thus, the gain is obtained exclu­si­vely with tra­di­ti­onal tube ampli­fier stages in cas­cade. As a result, you can enjoy the full-bodied sound of a tube ampli­fier wit­hout exces­sive power con­sump­tion. MICROP­HONE INPUT IMPE­DANCE: 500 ? / 2k? MAXIMUM GAIN: +72dB FRE­QUENCY RES­PONSE: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (+0.5 dB) POWER VOL­TAGE: +/-16VDC POWER CON­SUMP­TION: 320mA DIMEN­SIONS: 1x500 series unit Com­pressor para­me­ters can be adju­sted using the com­pres­sion character switch (soft/​hard) and the com­pressor thres­hold knob. To be able to com­pen­sate for the attenu­a­tion of the signal after com­pres­sion, the device has an output signal level knob. And to monitor the ope­ra­tion of the device, it is equipped with LED indi­ca­tors of the output signal level and the gain reduc­tion level. These fea­tures make the PC502 the most ver­sa­tile device in our col­lec­tion. As with all of our 500 series units, if your rack is over­lo­aded and some modules are not being used in the pro­ject, simply turn them off using the microp­hone impe­dance selector swit­ches, pla­cing them in the front posi­tions