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PLEK Service Premium - Refretting and Dressing of Nickel Silver Frets

Behind the brand name PLEK is a patented procedure that facilitates perfect dressing of the fretboard, fretwork, nut, bridge, as well as improving overall the adjustment of the string action.

In close consultation with you, our team optimises the string action and thus the playability of your instrument. Intonation problems that are the result of a disproportionately high string action are also eliminated.

The PLEK machine sensor technology misses the neck of the instrument and creates a specific profile.

Any unevenness in the fretboard and frets is corrected with a tolerance of 0.01 mm, resulting in no more buzz in the strings and an even die off.

After polishing the frets, individual alignment adjustments of the intonation and string action are then made in accordance with your personal requirements.

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  • For electric and acoustic guitars and basses
  • Surveying of the instrument is carried out with the PLEK machine
  • Refretting with new silver nickel frets
  • Adjustment of the neck
  • The PLEK procedure can be used for the dressing of nickel silver frets
  • Individual adjustment of the string action and intonation
  • Incl. material

After orders have been placed, a personal consultation with the specialist department is required.

There is no money back option in place for services that have been carried out and completed.

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Fret job - PLEK machine
gcoza 09.05.2018
I still remember very well one night, 34 years ago when my father brought that guitar from a business trip. At that time, in the eighties, for eastern Europeans, it was very difficult to get American guitars.
I was 13 years old and I did not know what to expect. When I open the box, there she was - It was 1983 metallic silver Gibson sg special.
This guitar was simply perfect! The frets were different from each other, which pointed to precise manual work and intonation, sustain and playability were excellent. For many years, this was my only guitar, and a lot has gone by her. Thousands of performances, rehearsals, traveling ...
For the long time I simply did not need another guitar because when compared with the guitars of other musicians it was much better in every aspect. Although this guitar was part of the lower price Gibson guitar range, it was just of very good quality. Finally, ten years ago, I started buying other guitars because I could, but she was and remained my first and only six string love.
After over 30 years of playing frets were so worn out that I decided to give her to local, very recognized luthier for new fret job. He did ok but I was not satisfied. The guitar simply lost its magic.
And then I bumped into PLEK machine videos on YouTube. After I found out that Thomann has PLEK machine in its service department decision was made. After about three weeks of waiting the guitar was back home and when I strummed that first G major chord I knew that magic is back. Intonation was outstanding again and guitar was ringing like that first night 34 years ago. My love was born again.
Besides fretwork, Thomann technicians changed nut, dressed and cleaned ebony fingerboard artefacts and changed one pick up screw which was broken.
The only small objection would be about new nut that had not been sanded up visualy nice.
Yes, it is expensive, but it was worth it. I strongly recommend this service!


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Plekservice meiner Acousticgitarre Yamaha CPX900
Michael1219 22.07.2015
Nach nunmehr 70 Auftritten und regelmässigem Üben haben die Bundstäbchen aufgrund meines ziemlich harten Anschlags und percussivem Spielstil etwas gelitten.
Thomann hat eine Lösung. Plekservice! Austauschen und Einschleifen der Bundstäbchen.
Super gemacht! Klampfe klingt wieder sauber und schnarrt nicht mehr.
Da ich die Gitarre auch bei Thomann gekauft hatte , gab es sogar einen Nachlass!


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Søren 27.02.2020
I sent my old beloved 1979 Tokai Te-80 for a refret and a plek last summer.

It had flat worn down vintage style frets, and i had them leveled once or twice, down to the limit of what was playable.

The entire process has been very enjoyable. Due to the fretboard being maple, a refin of the fretboard was unfortunately necessary. It's been applied with a thin layer of nitrous lacquer.

I was asked about how i'd like the setup, what type/size frets i'd like, and what strings to adjust the guitar for, and it has come back an absolutely amazing guitar.

It cost me just about the same as what i paid for the guitar in the first place (I was lucky), and it's definitely doubled the value of the guitar to me.

A PLEK treatment is not something that screams at you when playing - it simply manifests itself in a guitar that's perfectly set up and fretted along the entire neck. It's an absolute joy.

Can absolutely recommend.