Itt megtalálhatod aktuális online-kalauzunk témáinak listáját. Számos fontos kérdéssel kapcsolatban kaphatsz itt tájékoztatást, illetve válogatott, izgalmasabb termékeink listáját is megtekintheted.

  • The first hurdle though, is to decide on which instrument to learn?

  • Computers can be very complicated. We’re here to offer some advice!

  • The range of available guitars and amps has never been greater than it is today, and a huge variety of sounds are easily accessible.

  • Choosing a digital piano actually involves many of the same considerations as choosing a real piano.

  • In the digital age, the loudspeaker is the last and unchangeable outpost of analogue technology.

  • Whether you’re a fan, a promoter or a performer, the refined craft of live sound is vitally important.

  • At the simplest level, a controller keyboard, also commonly known as a "master" keyboard.

  • Our aim is to explain the basic process of recording the electric guitar!

  • The central place of the piano in modern music cannot be overstated.

  • Electric guitars are ten a penny and nowadays there are at least as many models and makers to choose from.

  • In this guide we’ll concentrate on the functionality of hardware mixers. They are an essential part of any live sound systems and studio setups.

  • There is a wide range of audio interfaces available, and in the end, choosing the right one comes down to your personal preference.

  • In this guide we’ll outline the basic principles of studio monitors, and take a closer look at their most common features.

  • LED PARs, LED Bars and Moving Heads - what should I bear in mind?

  • Cable... flex... lead... wire... what do all these terms mean?

  • This article will look at how to integrate a computer into different studio environments, and will highlight the issues of functionality and connectivity.

  • There are a wealth of synthesisers available today, ranging from hardware keyboards to virtual software instruments.

  • This guide will help you find a suitable drum kit and accessories for beginners.

  • Electronic drum sets are an instrument to reckon with.

  • Recording choir music is always a challenge, even though it might not seem to be at first.

  • The following pages give an overview of the various types of guitar amp available.

  • We investigate some of the many accessories available for both guitar and bass.

  • They pick up any sound! In this guide, we have tracked down the most popular condenser microphones for you.

  • The steel-strung acoustic guitar has a range of sounds that are unmistakeable and not easily replicated with any other type of guitar.

  • Headphones are basics for any studio or DJ. But not all headphones are created equal.

  • Here is a overview of the bass and all its component parts, from vintage to modern instruments.

  • Radio Mics are designed to give the musician the freedom to move about the stage unhindered.

  • The PAR can is usually the basis of an entertainment lighting system!

  • There are many vocal microphones that are suitable for stage use, from the cheapest dynamic to the most expensive condenser.

  • If you take good care of your equipment, your pack it up carefully - and this means getting a proper case!

  • Amp modellers are guitar DSP effects units that emulate the sound of a range of amplifiers and speaker cabinets.

  • Miking up and recording a drum kit is a fairly complicated procedure, and this can apply equally to choosing the right mics for the job.

  • Portable keyboards now offer a wealth of features to suit both the first time musician and professional songwriter alike.

  • Professional standard lighting systems are no longer found solely in large venues.

  • The term ‘modulation’ in its broadest sense covers a range of sonic effects, from the subtlest chorus to ear-bending ring modulation.

  • These days, musicians are experiencing the increasing complexity of their instruments and devices at first hand - regain some of the control you've lost!

  • The multi-FX concept has been around in various forms since the mid 80s - It is therefore no surprise that there is a huge range of hardware available.

  • Everything could be so easy, since all you want is to amp up your bass, right? This guide will provide you with an overview of what's available in the bass amp world!

  • The multitracker is a great tool for musicians of all levels. It really can be a ‘studio in a box’ replacing many of the components of a traditional studio.

  • DJing has rather murky origins, and there are many people who claim to have been the first to mix two records together.

  • Dynamic microphones are the basic tools of live sound and play an important role in every recording studio.

  • In-Ear monitoring - reasonable prices since a few years only - a real bliss for any live musician. Why? Find out here..

  • Without strings, guitars and basses produce no sound, yet most players know very little about them.

  • Hardware is the stuff you play on and it does not make a noise – ideal scenario that is.

  • Until recently, the classical guitar represented the most popular route into guitar playing.

  • Unfortunately, choosing a simple dynamic mic is just the beginning.

  • Read on and learn all you should know about small diaphragm mics

  • Microphone preamps, are analogue devices that will remain important even as most other equipment is superseded by digital alternatives.

  • The choice of cymbals is just as important as the choice of drums within a kit. Let’s take a closer look.

  • More people than ever are now convinced of the advantages of plug-ins. Why?

  • You could sum up the whole idea of a PA power amplifier in a single word - sound. The power amp is a crucial part of a musician’s live sound.

  • Though there are other options, the stack remains a rock icon, and is still the most flexible form of guitar amplification.

  • These days, software instruments seem to most like the natural thing to use as a sound source in a computer-based studio.

  • The single most important element in any style of dance music is the ‘groove’, a chemistry of rhythm for your song that can make or break its overall feel.

  • Percussion instruments are the backbone of many traditional styles of music and are a wonderful way to add colour, texture and motion to contemporary music.

  • Learning to play an Viola is a long, but rewarding journey, and this guide has been designed to help at the start.

  • Our guide assist you in discovering which is the right kind of flute for you.

  • Fog machines - can you still see me?

  • A classic Ibanez Tubescreamer or Colorsound Tonebender can fetch many times its original price from guitarists in search of the ultimate killer tone and sustain.

  • This tutorial covers audio compressors and how they are used.

  • Software Sequencing as a term is deeply inadequate to describe the power of the programs now available to the computer-based musician.

  • Effects processors designed for use with bass guitars are now more popular than ever.

  • EQ is perhaps the least noticed of all types of audio processing, but also the most important.

  • Is mastering a ‘black art’ best left to the professionals, or with the right technology, is it something that anyone can attempt?

  • Often underestimated and thought of only as a holiday instrument, the ukulele is experiencing a revival - and by no means only on Hawaii

  • Sampling technology is no longer restricted to large studios!

  • The acoustic guitar is one of the most frequently recorded instruments in the studio, but it is often recorded poorly.

  • The trumpet is one of the most versatile instruments, standing its ground in every music genre imaginable.

  • Before buying an acoustic amp, it’s important to consider exactly what you want it to do.

  • Drumheads have been manufactured from plastic since 1956, mostly polyester.

  • This guide aims to help complete beginners and existing double bass students (and their parents).

  • Learning to play an instrument is a long, but immensely rewarding journey, and this guide has been designed to help at the start of that journey.

  • In our online guide, we want to look at the modern drum set from every angle.

  • While we could go into more and more detail about DI boxes and their inner workings, at some stage it’s best to get some hands-on experience!

  • A wide variety of percussion instruments forms the modern orchestra’s rhythm section.

  • There is nothing mysterious about the basic principles of the electric guitar pickup.

  • Turntables have evolved over the years from traditional record players into the professional record decks seen in every club today.

  • Many Drummer’s have not yet found their optimal stick - the selection is large.

  • Delays offer a simple and convenient method of creating a sense of space around your sound.

  • Modern electronic tuners are generally accurate, reliable and fairly inexpensive.

  • Reverb is an essential ingredient in almost all pop and rock music.

  • Despite its infamous classroom or beginner’s image, the recorder is in fact just as difficult to play well as most other instruments.

  • When choosing a mixer, the most important thing to consider is what style of mixing you will be doing.

  • Let’s take a close look at this beautiful-sounding instrument.

  • Welcome to our Online Advisor for Harmonicas.

  • The workstation keyboards has come of age and found niches in many different areas.

  • The trombone is a popular instrument in the brass family, and features in much classical, jazz and popular music.

  • Not all mouthpieces are created equal. Some things you should definitely know!

  • The variety and choice of mouthpieces is huge and can be confusing, too. We will do our best to help you find your way!

  • Alto Horn or Euphonium - Two Brothers or Total Strangers?

  • There are many types of reporting, interviewing and other broadcasts. Each bring their own audio challenges, and each have their own solutions.

  • Percussion for drum sets is like the toy shop for drummers.

  • There is a wide selection of units to choose from in both single and double player format and a large range of prices.

  • With a tuba, the sky's the limit - sounding good, looking good, and always tuned to fun!

  • All you ever wanted to know about the small helpers called headphone preamps ... can be found here

  • One instrument with many names - the tenor horn and its counterpart, the baritone.

  • The sound of the snare drum defines and unites almost all forms of popular music.

  • In this Online Advisor, created in conjunction with, we explore the key features of the instruments that have redefined power chords.

  • The monitor controller is an elegant solution to a relatively new problem, and is invaluable in the project and commercial studio alike.

  • After a bass player has bought a great instrument and a suitable amp, they still need a proper speaker. What should you bear in mind when looking for one?

  • There are many kinds of mute available, all of which alter both the volume and timbre of the instrument played.

  • Enjoy your bassoon, the wonderful sound it makes, and the beautiful music written for it.

  • In this guide, we’re going to look at one of the most important decisions a parent can make for their child

  • This article will look at what MIDI is, how it’s used to connect different devices, and some of the more popular MIDI interfaces.

  • It would be fair to say that the development of the wah-wah pedal has been somewhat experimental over the years.

  • Ribbon microphones sound full, rich, and smooth. Seasoned engineers love their unique sound.

  • Your guitar needs care and attention, and by that we mean more than simply cleaning and polishing it. Read this tutorial to find out more.

  • This article will look at how a DSP accelerator can be a useful part of your computer-based studio, and also at their limitations.

  • DJ systems are the interface between the vinyls and the sound you can hear. Here, you will also find whatever else a DJ needs.

  • Guitar players in particular should know something about potentiometers

  • We delve into the digital technology bridging the gap between guitars and synths in several exciting areas.

  • E-bass pickups influence the sound of your bass decisively.

  • Baritone guitars are the dark side of the guitar world - without them, there's almost nothing you can get done in the rock and metal scene.

  • Explore the oboe, the wonderful sound it makes, and the beautiful music written for it.

  • Yo cannot nowadays conceive of an unplugged rock, pop, and especially folk-rock session without this box as a replacement for the bass and snare drums. Consulting this guide will help you make the right choice.

  • Congas, common to most cultures worldwide. A somewhat challenging instrument sometimes but always so versatile

  • It’s time for more guitarists to take advantage of the freedom of movement provided and strut their stuff!

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Tascam Model 24

22-Channel Analogue Mixer with Recorder 22 Channels - 12x mono and 5x stereo, Integrated 24 track recorder, Recording on SD card with maximum 24 Bit / 48 kHz, Simultaneous playback of 22 tracks possible, Function as 24 channel USB...

1 022 €
Nemrég megnyitott
KRK RP5 RoKit G3 White Noise

Active Monitor  5" Glass aramid woofer, 1" Textile tweeter, 50 watts, Class A-B amplifier: LF30 Watt HF 20 Watt, Frequency range: 45 Hz - 35 kHz, Input: RCA, XLR and 6.3mm jack, Magnetically shielded, Auto Standby, Dimensions: 185 x...

133 €
Nemrég megnyitott
HoTone Ampero

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar Modeling Dual DSP effect processor for up to 9 effects simultaneously, Support of additional (third-party) Impulse Responses (IR Loader) via HoTone Editor, USB Port for editing IRs/effects or using the Ampero as a USB...

419 €
Nemrég megnyitott
PRS MT 15 Amp

Amp Head for Electric Guitar Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge) Signature Model, 2 Channels: Clean and Gain, Power: 15 W - reducible to 7 W., Preamp tubes: 6x JJ EC83S, Power tubes: 2x JJ 6L6GCMS, Gain in the gain channel:...

549 €
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Kala Journeyman U-Bass Matte Black

Acoustic-Electric U-bass Venetian cutaway, Mahogany top, Mahogany sides and back, Cream binding, Mahogany neck, Black walnut fretboard, 16 Nickel silver frets, Scale: 518 mm, Black walnut bridge, Plastic nut, Custom Black Diecast machine heads, Piezo pickup with UK-500B electronics,...

311 €
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Sennheiser XSW-D Instrument Base Set

Digital Radio Link Basic set for instruments with jack coupling, XSW-D transmitter with 6.3 mm jack, XSW-D receiver with 6.3 mm jack, Incl. belt clip, 6.3 mm jack cable and charging cable USB-A to USB-C

306 €
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ADJ Startec Rayzer

ADJ Startec Rayzer 2 Party effects in one device, Red, green and blue laser beams for effects in space, Appealing integrated shows with colour wash effects and laser patterns, RGB cluster (3-IN-1) with SMD LEDs for an intense, rich...

189 €
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the t.racks DSP 4x4 Mini

the t.racks DSP 4x4 Mini, ultra compact 4-channel DSP, inputs 4x 6.3 mm jack (balanced), ouputs 4x 6.3 mm jack (balanced), USB port for setup and programming, external power supply 12 V DC (positive on inside Contact), dimensions 160 x...

83 €
Nemrég megnyitott
tc electronic TC8210-DT

Reverb Plug-In with Desktop Remote Control 8 High-quality tc reverb algorithms: TC Reverb, Ambient, Room, Plate, Spring, Live, Club, Box, All important parameters directly accessible via remote control, Editable parameters: Colour, Modulation, Decay Time, Pre Delay, Early Reflections /...

105 €
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Fender Kingman Bass V2 JTB

Acoustic Bass California series, Type: Concert with cutaway, Top: Solid spruce, Back & sides: Mahogany, Scalloped X-bracing, Neck: Mahogany, Fretboard: Walnut, 20 Frets, Block fretboard inlays, Graph Tech NuBone saddle, Nut width: 38.1 mm, Scale: 770 mm, Open machine...

545 €
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Joyo Multifunction Wah / Volume

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar Wah / volume, Compact dual-mode wah-wah / volume pedal with Q control, Easy-to-use wah-wah / volume and wah-wah / bypass toggle switch, Wah-Wah Q value poti, 6 Wah-wah frequency ranges, Wah-wah and volume functions,...

83 €
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LD Systems U308 BPH

UHF Radio System with Bodypack and Headset Radio frequency band: 823-832 MHz and 863-865 MHz, 12 Selectable channels, Up to 6 systems can be used simultaneously, Transmitter power: 10 mW, ASC Infrared synchronization of transmitter and receiver, Squelch with...

203 €
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