Roland TM-6 Pro Drum Trigger Module

Trigger Module

  • For acoustic drummers who want to extend the sound possibilities of their drums with electronic sounds
  • 500 one-shot sounds
  • 268 V-Drum sounds
  • 80 Drum kits
  • SDHC card slot for importing your own samples
  • 6x 6.3 mm stereo jack trigger inputs
  • With an optional splitter cable, a max. of 12 triggers can be connected (splitter cable not included)
  • Channel 6 can also be expanded with a hi-hat controller
  • 4 x 6.3 mm stereo jack direct outputs
  • 2 x 6.3 mm mono jack main outputs
  • 1 x 6.3 mm stereo jack headphone output
  • MIDI Out
  • USB to computer
  • Volume control for headphones, master, song, and click
  • 3 Rotary controls for volume, pitch, decay, etc.
  • Independent EQ, compressor, and multi-effect for each trigger
  • Master compressor
  • Master EQ

További tudnivalók

Number of Trigger inputs 6
Direct Outputs 4
Integrated Metronome Yes
Sampling Function Yes
MIDI Interface Yes
USB connector Yes
Mix Input No

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Roland TM-6 Pro Drum Trigger Module
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Roland TM-6 Pro Drum Trigger Module
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766 € A kosárba
Roland TM-2 Trigger Module
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PDP Concept 7pc Maple & Roland TM-6 Pro (Hybrid kit)
SilasDrummer, 20.07.2019
My objective was to upgrade my acoustic kit by adding a comprehensive range of synthesised sounds, both natural drums and diverse electronic sounds. I needed a solution which was easy to integrate into my hardware, easy to operate, offering a library of sounds and the ability to import my own choices. My hybrid kit also needed to be able to play through an amp and with headphones (for quiet practise).
I've ended up retaining my acoustic kit playing experience whilst at the same time having electronic kit capabilities ! It reminds me of my Roland TD-9 V-Drum kit !
The module is easy to use and has too many fantastic features to mention. I recommend getting dual Roland triggers for ALL drums as they pick up very quick beats/ grooves on toms, getting a proper module stand (I searched many options and the Roland PDS-10 is by far the best option) and good quality headphones (to appreciate the full range of tones). Its ease of use enables quick operation during playing tracks, especially due to its controls visual display/ features.
The module is well made and I'm confident it will last and the variety of sounds you can produce is almost endless. It is well worth the money and quite a few mates have enjoyed it during band practices. I reckon it would be very beneficial to anybody doing professional gigs or any bands/ solo drummers needing to include electronic influences in their style of music.
I reckon it would have very good re-sale value, if you needed to move it on, especially due to the Roland quality, compactness, ease of use and its versatility.
Ten out of ten !
I also need to thank Thomann who offered good, quick and easy to understand advice when I needed it. They were very understanding and helpful when I wanted to exchange triggers, which was handled very efficiently ! Buying something like this from outside the UK and via a website and telephone, was made convenient, pleasant and cost saving. Thanks to the Thomann team.
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Roland TM-6 Pro Drum Trigger Module
Roland TM-6 Pro Drum Trigger Module
766 €

Trigger Module For acoustic drummers who want to extend the sound possibilities of their drums with electronic sounds, 500 one-shot sounds, 268 V-Drum sounds, 80 Drum kits, SDHC card slot for...

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module
Roland TM-2 Trigger Module
211 €

Trigger Module Compact trigger module for drummers with acoustical drumsets wanting to extend their kit with electronical sounds, Over 100 internal sounds, SDHC Slot for playback of own samples,...

Roland TM-1 Trigger Module
Roland TM-1 Trigger Module
159 €

Trigger Module Perfect for hybrid drumming, 30 Integrated sounds, 30 User samples, 15 Kits, 2 Integrated footswitches for triggering sounds, kit changes and mute, Settings for each trigger input:...

Roland RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Module
Roland RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Module
229 €

Hybrid Drum Module Combination of trigger and microphone including drum module, 8 Preset sounds, Via USB to your own samples expandable, Noise intensity of microphone and trigger signal separately...

766 € 255 523.05 HUF
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The single most important element in any style of dance music is the ‘groove’, a chemistry of rhythm for your song that can make or break its overall feel.
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