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Stairville LED PAR 56 black 151 LEDs RGB


LED Spotlights

  • PARcan with RGB colour mixing
  • The use of LEDs results in extremely long life and very low power consumption
  • Contains 151 LEDs: 51 red, 49 green and 51 blue
  • Controlled by 5 RGB DMX channels, pre-programmed chases and colours, automatically via integrated processor or internal microphone
  • Dispersion angle: approx. 45°
  • Power Consumption: max. 16 Watt
  • Dimensions: 295 x 225 x 225 mm
  • Weight: 1,4 kg
Construction Type PAR56
Number of LEDs 151
Color mixing RGB
LED Type Single color LED
Floor housing No
Fanless Yes
remote control not supported
wireless DMX No
Housing Color Black
Item number 193247
39 €
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In stock within about one week

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colour mix

illuminating power


Good for the money
Anonymous 16.05.2014
I purchased four of these in 2006, and a further 8 since (total 12). These PARs are good value for money for getting some coloured light in to small areas, and cannot be beaten for the price. However, for larger areas, or more serious use than discos or bands in small rooms, they fall short - as you would expect.

Their design was changed slightly after 2006 to give a taller yoke (this is the bracket they hang on). The extra length means you can now angle the unit straight down without the DMX cables getting in the way. Early units also suffered from dry solder joints, meaning certain strings of LEDs would stop working. This can be solved by taking the panel out and finding the 'dead' LED - either re melting the solder, or bridging the LED out. If under Thomann's 3 year warranty period, they will send new panels.

Stand alone and sound to light modes are useful.

Down sides:
-The PARs will only address up to DMX 128. So you can't use them with higher addresses.
-They are not very bright
-The beam angle is not very wide. Using frost to diffuse the beam reduces the light output
-The colour frame is meshy, and that further reduces the light output
-Over time, the yoke bolts and cable gland can work loose and will need tightening
-Dimming curve is poor
-As there are lots of LED sources, you get colour fringing/shadows
-You cannot make a decent white
-There are 4 fuses behind the LED panel which protect the LEDs. Sometimes these can blow, taking out a whole colour, but can be replaced.

However, these are designed and built to a price, and for that price they are good units, and cheap enough to be abused and thrown in and out of car boots!


Handy for static lighting, not recommended for sound activated
Mark616 27.07.2013
I have four of these lights. I am a DJ for modern jive partner dancing, with an audience of between 50 and 150. I use these lights to light up the floor from a height of about 1.5m, with static colour.

The brightness of an individual unit is enough to shine about 2 meters. I use four together on a lighting T-bar, the combined brightness lights up an area of around 5m by 5m.

The functions are minimal. You can set static colours using red/green/blue at 0%, 25%, 50% and 100% intensities. There is Auto Fade which fades between six colours over a configurable time. There is also Auto Change which is sound activated, this is not very good at the volume I play music: even at the lowest sensitivity the lights change too fast.

There are more colours available in DMX mode, which I haven't used.


Great Value
Darryl 21.08.2013
I love these things. For the amount of money I spent on them they are great. Easy to use and set up. I have had great time programming with them. The light they give off is great for the small venues the band plays in and gives the improved visual effect when playing to help add to the atmosphere. For the larger events for gigs with an audience 4 of 5 hundred, 8 of the lights is not enough.

I love how easy they are to control with a DMX controller. As an on stage lighting sollution I wish the 8th dip switch wasn't an overide switch and could be used for addressing for DMX. However being able to use the switches to set single colour for family Haloween parties last year was ok but felt this could have been done as easily with a DMX controller. Also think the first and 5th channels are a bit of a waste. Think they only need to colour mix RGB. Think three channels would have been fine can't say I have ever used channels 1 and 5 with any degree of satisfaction.

Feel the build quality is a little short with screws undoing themselves over time. Even the entry point for the power cables have unscrewed. Though they are 5 years old now.

Overal happy with the product just a little sad that you can only use up to 25 cans on a single DMX universe. Despite the down sides my intension is to purchase more of these.


Stairville LED Cans
Sam742 05.10.2015
Yet another great buy from Thomann. These where bought for a bar install that had a limited budget but needed some kind of colour wash. These where perfect for the job. Extremely bright fixtures for the price. Only thing I would point out is the SPEED knob on the back. Don't turn it too far as it will just continue to turn and the speed will no longer be adjustable. Other than that, I have no issues with this light. DMX-able which is also a bonus. Comes with a gel holder which on an LED fixture i'm not overly sure about but makes it look more professional when inserted. So yes, if you have a limited budget and you want some bright LED cans with the ability to DMX or have running sound to light or have a fixed speed , I would recommend these


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