Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK II


Light Mixer

Remake of the DMX Invader 2420 with master fader, many new features and software improvements. Contemporary controller for DMX spotlights such as moving heads, LED spotlights with RGBA/ RGBW colour mixing and many more. Backups of the light show or firmware updates can now be easily done via the USB port. Innovations of the software include phase shift in motion effects, and colour mixing of RGBW or RGBA LED spotlights.


  • Controls up to 20 fixtures/ devices, each with up to 24 channels
  • 20 Presets each with 10 colours and 10 gobos
  • 1200 Scenes (60 banks, each with 20 scenes) and 20 chases can be programmed
  • "Effect generator" with 10 pre-programmed movement patterns (adjustable pan/ tilt position, range, "fade" time, "wait" time and loop), which also allows new users quick programming of complex shows
  • Up to 50 user-defined device types can be created and stored in the "device library"
  • Clearly structured arrangement of the controls and the LCD display for intuitive operation and simple programming of light shows

Technical data:

  • 2x 3-Pin DMX outputs
  • 484 DMX channels (including channel 481 for DMX fog machine and the channels 483-484 for a DMX strobe)
  • 10 Pre-programmed movement patterns
  • 20 Programmable chases (200 scenes per chase)
  • 1200 Programmable scenes (60 banks x 20 scenes)
  • 20 Presets, each with 10 colours and 10 gobos
  • 20 Fixtures, each definable with up to 24 channels
  • 24 Faders controlling the 24 DMX channels of each device
  • 20 Cues (combines chases to a show)
  • 20 Over layer/ overwrite functions to change channels in a running show
  • 20 Center positions (for each fixture, a separate zero point is definable)
  • Password protection possible
  • Standard MIDI connector
  • USB connector for gooseneck lamp (included)
  • DMX and analogue strobe controllable
  • Connector for USB desk light
  • Additional USB port on the back for backups or firmware updates
  • Power supply: 230 V/ 50 Hz
  • Format: 19"/ 6 U
  • Installation depth: 100 mm
  • Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Size: 483 (19") x 264 (6 U) x 100 mm
available since January 2014
Item number 323499
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Preset Function Yes
External Storage Yes
DMX - Universes 1
max. Channels 484
Ethernet No
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Customer review: Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK2
Anonymous 27.05.2015
I purchased one of these for an installation job. The particular application was to illuminate a display by controlling a set of 20 LED PARs with just a handful of scenes programmed to cross-fade slowly in a continuous loop.

The controller is designed to work with fixtures having up to 24 channels with fixed DMX addressing, i.e. at intervals of 24. This means the set of 20 LEDs I was using didn't leave any scope for expansion even though these particular fixtures occupied only seven channels each.

Programming of scenes was fairly straightforward and I achieved the desired results even though configuring fade-times was slightly confusing; there being different ways of achieving that: 'internal' and 'external' modes. I tried programming the scenes into a chase but found the best results for my application was to use auto scene recall without bothering with chases. As for programming 'cues'...didn't even attempt that!

Anybody who has had even moderate experience of programming for intelligent fixtures using the more basic Stairville products should have no problem adapting to the much more capable Invader 2420 MK2.


Excelent, and simple
NDDserviss 28.09.2021
Very good packaging, built quality, and very simple to use.


Stairville DMX Invader 2420 MK II: small and handy.
mim. 20.11.2019
Small and handy light mixer. Easy to operate, functional. Good choice in its class.


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le firmware doit progresser!
Patrick886 30.01.2014
Ce pupitre aux nombreuses possibilités de programmation intègre des fonctionnalités remarquables que l'on ne rencontre habituellement que sur des pupitres haut de gamme.
A ce jour, en revanche il possède deux défauts majeurs :
Il n'est pas possible de réordonner à notre convenance les faders des fixtures ("remapping").
L'afficheur permet un contrôle simultané des paramètres par bloc de 8 faders (1-8; 9-16, 17-24). La visualisation des paramètres d'un bloc autre que celui en cours de paramétrage oblige alors à bouger un des faders de la banque concernée et donc de dérégler sa valeur en cours.
J'attends que Stairville corrige, via un tout prochain firmware ces deux problèmes qui rendent l'exploitation de ce pupitre particulièrement ardue.
Sans cette correction de firmware, je déconseille vivement son acquisition.