Digitech Trio+ Band Creator


Accompaniment Band and Looper in Stompbox Format

  • Generates bass and drum accompaniment based on your own guitar playing
  • Integrated looper - can also be used independently of the accompaniment function
  • 12 Music genres with 12 selectable song styles each
  • Import up to 12 songs with 5 different song sections, save and replay at any time
  • Switch song sections and styles by foot via optional DigiTech FS3X
  • Metal housing
  • Built-in guitar effects
  • FX loop for looping in external effects pedals
  • True bypass
  • Inputs: 1/4" Mono jacks for instrument, FX return and stereo jack for footswitch
  • Outputs: 1/4" Mono jack for amp, mixer and FX-send, plus 3.5 mm headphone output with volume control
  • Mini-USB port
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 137 x 107 x 63 mm
  • Weight: 660 g
  • MicroSD card and Digitech 9 V DC power adapter included

Note: Battery operation not possible!

Note: Register your product at www.w-distribution.com/Warranty to extend the warranty to 4 years.

available since March 2016
Item number 379507
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Effect Types Tone Generator
Recording time in minutes 19 m
USB connector 1
Incl. Power Supply 1
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Astounding pedal
Filks 12.04.2020
This pedal is fantastic. First impression out of the box is that it's made of metal, has weight and is a quality product. It's not an effect pedal so don't expect to plug in and have magic happen straight off. That'll take about 2 minutes after you've taken the time to read the simple manual supplied which I suggest you do. A more in-depth manual is available online in a downloadable pdf format and is worth reading to benefit from advanced features.
Saying all that this is a simple fun pedal that after 5 minutes you'll be playing along with and asking yourself why you were never famous 😆 So once you've played your chord sequence to the trio+, it comes back to you with some really authentic bass & drum accompaniment which you can tweak if you wish.
I use this to build song ideas on. It offers you the facility to build 12 songs on a single SD card. Within each song you can write and save 5 separate sections. You just click what section number you want to record into. The idea is that you write 1. Intro 2.Verse 3. Chorus 4. Middle eighth 5. Outro. Or you could just have 5 goes at the same thing and not worry about a whole song structure.

If your're a solo artist then it is wonderful to play along with knowing that the bassist is not getting bored and the drummer's not tired! Haha! Plus you don't have to run out and buy beers and cigarettes for everyone to keep them all happy! :-))
The sound quality out of the headphone jack is superb.
So if I was to grab one pedal for a weekend away it would be this.
The onboard effects are simple but nice for the genre they are supplied for.
Things that could be improved...
The 'Genres' offered are a good selection but I feel a simple 'Ballad' genre is missing.
I use this on the table and in my bed more than a foot pedal on the floor so I think that between the two chrome foot buttons there could be three softer switches for hand use. 1. For Looper 2. For Band and 3. For a guitar tuner.
I rated 'features' 4 out of 5 stars as an onboard tuner would be really useful. In my book a tuner is actually crucial for any kind of recording.
Anyway those comments are for Digitech to think about.
Buy one if you are.
1. Not in a band but want that experience
2. In a band and want to try out some melodic bits on chord progressions.
3. Like writing songs with a non critical band!
4. Want to have insane amounts of fun playing!


Unique Item
Fetzig 21.02.2022
Looper and drum machine just for your music.
If you don't have a band, but you want to play along with bass and drums, and even rhythm guitar, then you are here!
You don't need to tap the rhythm with your foot or write it in FL.
You don't need to write down the sound of a bass guitar on an electric guitar + octaver.

A great thing, both for recording demos and for live performances.

I connect this Send - Return (Series, post Rev) on my Boss Katana, Drum & Bass sound to Aux in. As a result, the looper writes my guitar rhythm part with all the effects, and when I switch to a solo sound, the sound of the loop does not change. Bass and drums go without coloring, directly to the speaker =)


Marvellous, Wonderful, Digitech Trio+ (ONE MAN BAND)
ShoggyPlay 04.09.2021
I can't believe this machine was released about six years ago and i just discovered it about a month ago when i was looking for a looper to buy. Whoever thought this up certainly deserves more than a pat on the back.

1. The Digitech Trio+ is the perfect companion for the solo guitarist. With the drum and bass accompaniment you will be encouraged to play to your heart's content.
2. Simply play your chords into the Trio+ and it will learn the progression and generate a bass and drum accompaniment for you to play along.
3. There are several genres and styles to choose from so it's quite flexible in that sense.
4. You can adjust the tempo of the song and simplify the bass line if necessary.
5. You can also adjust the volume of your loop, the drums and the bass line separately.
6. You can record up to five different parts and chain them into a song.
7. It even comes with a memory card to save your loops so you never have to lose your masterpiece.
8. There's a footswitch accessory which makes it even easier to use this machine.

Highly recommended.
Naturally there's a slight learning curve to get the best out of this machine but it's fairly easy to get started. I'm just amazed no other company has jumped on this idea and developed it further.


Fun stuff, but not so easy to use
MarkyNass 21.09.2021
I saw a demo of this and thought it was amazing. Got it a year ago or so, and had a little fun with it. But the controls aren't very intuitive. Had to keep picking up the manual (which isn't super clear either) figuring out how to do things. And I had hoped to also be able to use this pedal as a simple looper, at times. But it isn't very suitable for that. It isn't very accurate in picking up the tempo, either. The drums can be fun, but it is hard to learn what all the variants are. The bass lines are surprisingly okay, even with some more complicated chords, but not totally perfect, either.
I'd say this can be a very fun toy if you want to spend time with it. But I'd say that it is that, kinda. A toy. Not really very reliable in a live situation. I ended up no longer using this pedal.


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