Yamaha Reface DX


Compact Synthesizer

  • With FM Sound Engine (frequency modulation)
  • 37 HQ Mini-action keys
  • 8 Voice polyphony - switchable to monophonic mode
  • 4 Operator with feedback
  • 12 Algorithms
  • 32 Voice memory locations
  • 7 Effects (2 can be used in parallel)
  • Phrase Looper
  • LCD Display
  • Touch slider/-switch
  • 2 Line outputs: 6.3 mm Jack, unbalanced
  • AUX input: 3.5 mm Mini jack stereo
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm Mini jack stereo
  • USB
  • Foot pedal input
  • MIDI in/out (mini-DIN)
  • Power supply connector
  • 2 Integrated loudspeakers
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 530 x 60 x 175 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Incl. power supply, MIDI breakout cable and user manual
  • Powered by batteries (not included)
  • Suitable optional case: Art.492953 (not included)
Available since September 2015
Item number 368216
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Keys 37
Touch-Sensitive Yes
Aftertouch No
Split Zones No
Modulation Wheel No
Number of simultaneous Voices 8
Sound Engine FM Synthesis
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out, USB
Storage Medium Internal
USB-port Yes
Effects Multieffect processor
Arpeggiator No
Number of Analog Outputs 1
Digital Output No
Display Yes
Pedal Connections 1
Dimensions 530 x 60 x 175 mm
Weight 1,9 kg
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56 Reviews

Lovely portable instrument
Gusztav 11.09.2015
Since I am a freetime keyboard player it always gave me headache that I couldn't easily take my instruments with me for longer holidays or business trips - where (in a hotel) you often have more free time and less things to do than at home. So I was eager to put my hands on one of the Refaces and price-wise I considered the risk (of the instrument not being so usable) to be reasonable.

I can happily report that I am very satisfied with the purchase. Yamaha just cut out the right balance (for me), the size, the weight, the mechanical durabilty and the feel of the keys and controls are just right - good enough for serious playing. Even the mini keys can be well played with a big hand, though it's a bit tougher with both hands. It boasts some very serious sound, while nothing is overdone and the instrument remains very portable. The built-in speakers don't distort, but are not very loud and cannot handle lower registers - so headphones or amplification is recommended for the joy.

The human interface is surprisingly good and easy to use, the touch controls exceeded my expectations. The connectors are professional in size and variety, even the headphones jack is the 6.3mm version. There is no noise - it could even be used for stage purposes, save for the limited number and size of the keys (but, having MIDI, the DX sounds can be played on normal keys too).

I haven't tried the accompanying iPhone app yet (I need to order a cable), but this is the only instrument of the 4 Refaces that can store sounds itself too.

It also has a usable looper that can store 30 minutes of music (limited by the 8-note maximum poliphony!), but the recorded loops cannot be stored after the instrument is switched off, and the sound cannot be changed for the next layer of recording. Or, it can be changed, but the sound of all layers are changing at once.

I think however that at this price point the keyboard delivers enough, even exceeding my expectations. I really enjoy bringing it everywhere with a good headphones, running on 6 AA batteries.

Before purchasing, I hesitated which Reface I should select and bought the DX for a few reasons:
- it is an FM synthesizer I never had and is fun to learn (I already had a piano and a Hammond organ)
- but it also has (pre-stored) electric piano sound and 8 notes poliphony, which I prefer when studying music theory
- it has a looper
- it has 4x8 internal storage places for storing sounds (the only one of the 4 Refaces)
(however, you can always store sounds in the iPhone/iPad apps)

Considering that it was a blind purchase, I'd never tried the instrument before, I am quite happy I did buy it and can easily recommend it to you.


amazing sound in a great form-factor
Doggonador 26.04.2021
Im loving the Reface DX. Its sounds are inspiring, ranging from cheesy 80s EP-Sounds to modern aggressive-distortion-killer-synths. First ever FM-Synthesis-Device for me, so cant compare it to dx7 or anything of that kind. Even the presets are usable, what's barely ever the case.
It a range of build-in FX. Two of them usable at the same time, thats amazing!

I use it for producing techno as well as taking it on backpacking-trips.
I love the feel of the velocity-sensitive keybed. The size of the keys is a nice compromise for me.
The integrated speakers have a clear sound, thats pretty loud. The frequency-range doesnt reach very low though.

I dont like the interface-design with the ribbon-bands. It works well for programmig sounds but its not usable in a musical context. The ribbons are very jumpy and its impossible to play them smoothly. Its a pitty cause it would be awesome to have playable operators.

Summary: great sounding device in a compact form-factor. FM-Synthesis rules! big minus are the ribbon-band-controllers.


Very much more than enough for a beginner
EdTi 08.09.2022
English below

J'ai passé 4 heures d'affilée sur cet appareil après l'avoir déballé. Mon premier synthé FM. Après avoir surfé sur le net, j'étais déçu d'apprendre qu'il n'avait que 4 opérateurs, au lieu de 6 pour d'autres marques (voir encore plus). Mais deux choses sont arrivées. Premièrement, j'ai fini par apprendre que les 4 opérateurs disposaient de feedback, ce qui n'est pas souvent le cas pour d'autres synthés FM avec plus d'opérateurs. Deuxièmement, j'ai eu l'idée (ça va sonner un peu bête mais bon) d'oublier les caractéristiques techniques des appareils entre lesquels j'hésitais, et de simplement écouter leur son. Ça semblerait évident sur un instrument acoustique. Pourtant quand j'ai débuté le synthé, j'avais cette idée que, vu que ce sont des appareils électroniques, deux synthés de marques différentes présentant les mêmes caractéristiques techniques avaient forcément le même son... Et ce n'est pas le cas, tout comme les instruments acoustiques. En un instant j'ai compris que je préférais le Reface DX. C'est tellement facile d'obtenir un son ample et chaud avec celui-ci.
À part ça, le produit en lui-même est magnifique. J'ai regardé des tonnes de vidéos sur ce synthé avant de l'acheter, et vraiment, c'est très compliqué de décrire le touchpad avec lequel on manipule les réglages. C'est juste très joli, très facile et très précis. Bref je suis ravi de mon achat.
Spent 4 hours on this thing after I unboxed it. My first FM synthesizer. After browsing the Internet, I was underwhelmed by the fact that it has 4 operators instead of 6 (or more). But two things happened. First, I read comments pointing out that, although it has only 4 operators, the 4 of them have feedback, unlike a lot of other FM synth with more operators. Second, I had the idea (sounds idiot now) to forget about technical features and just try and listen if there was a synth whose sound I prefered overall. It would be obvious to think like that on an acoustic instrument, but when I began using synth, I had this idea that, since these are electronic instruments, two different brands having the same feature would have the same sound... Which is just not true. And in an instant, I realized I just prefered the Reface DX sound. It is just so easy to get a warm and round sound out of it.
Appart from that, the product in itself is beautiful. I've watched tons of videos of this synth before buying it and trust me : it's just not easy to describe the feeling of the touch screen, it's really, really nice, easy and precise. Long story short, I don't have any regrets.


Excellent Value
eyeprotocol 22.01.2018
Forget all you've read about comparisons to DX7, this is an instrument that stands on its own, providing an excellent approach to DX synthesis, which combines classic tones with new ones in the most pleasant way. The fact that it can be carried around powered by a set of batteries, along with the small two speakers it has) is a bonus from heaven.

I find it to be a constant inspiration and recommend it to anyone, not only keyboard players. There is a reason that it fails to be available from time-to-time. Find out.