Superlux HD-662 F


Studio Headphones

  • Ideal as stage monitor and in the studio
  • High external noise reduction
  • Linear response
  • Self-adjusting headband for comfort
  • 50 mm driver
  • Closed
  • Circumaural
  • Dynamic
  • Peak SPL: 98 dB
  • Impedance 32 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 10 - 30,000 Hz
  • Power rating: 200 mW
  • 2.5 m Cable with 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Weight with cable: 291 g
  • Weight without cable: 249 g
  • Includes: Carry bag and 6.3 mm stereo jack adaptor
Available since April 2011
Item number 245987
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Over-Ear
System Closed Back
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency range 10 Hz – 30000 Hz
Adaptor Yes
Replaceable Cable No
Colour Black
Max. SPL 98 dB
Type Of Connector Mini Jack
Weight 249 g
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377 Reviews

Great if you're on a budget
Konstantinos A. 05.12.2018
If you want a pair of closed back headphones that are relatively flat and you're on a budget, then these are probably for you.
I use them in my studio for tracking everything, including drums, and they are great for that because they fill almost all the boxes for that use. They got good isolation, can get quite loud, the sound isn't too colored so you can hear what you're playing, and all that while being cheap so you don't have to worry too much about musicians throwing them around. In fact I plan to get a couple more pairs soon for the same purpose.
For comparison's sake, I used the t.bone HD990D before these and while they had good isolation and they're still working fine after many years of use, they were definitely coloring the sound a lot and sometimes I had to do EQ adjustments to get a better picture of what was being captured. I also own a pair of AKG 271 mkII from which Superlux seems to have copied the design. In comparison the AKGs are closer to the monitor sound (flatter) and are certainly more comfortable. They also have easily swapable cables which is a plus, but they also cost about 3-4 times the price (they've gotten much cheaper since I got them). One thing the Superlux have that the AKGs don't and it was kinda impressive, is very rich bass. I'm not talking about the crappy overwhelming super hyped bass you hear from many consumer type headphones, but actual rich bass. They might not be totally flat in the lower frequencies as I feel they are bumping the lows a bit, but you don't have any particular resonant frequencies striking out that would make them unusable. Truth is that I keep these around to check my mixes whenever I am mixing something particularly bass heavy, because they give me more info on what's happening down there in comparison to both the AKGs and my monitors. If you've got the money, the AKGs are a good investment, but if you can't afford pricier heaphones, or just need some extra pairs around for monitoring/tracking purposes like me, go for the Superlux.
On the downside, I would say that comfort is a bit of an issue because they will feel quite tight when you put them on your head. My head is above average in size so there's that, but I never had a problem with the AKGs or the t.bone in that matter. It's not a huge deal, but if you plan on wearing these for very long periods of time, they won't feel totally comfortable. On the other hand, after some hours of use I feel they aren't as tight as when I got them, but I have no way to measure that.
I would also say that the build quality is ok, but I feel like the plastic is kinda cheap and I'm not entirely sure it will hold up for years to come. I have to say though that someone already through them on the floor in frustration at some point and they didn't even get a scratch, so I may be wrong.

To sum up...
Pros: Great sound,rich bass, quite flat, good isolation, price
Cons: Might be uncomfortable (at least at first), ok-ish plastic


Poor man's AKG K271
billyshears 11.04.2018
I bought these because I had to make some drum overdubs. I expected nothing too special, something like a 30¤ pair of cans. Well, I was wrong. As I first touched these headphones I noticed they were more solid than I thought. Then I plugged the cable in my interface, just to see everything worked, and I've got to say I was totally surprised. I'm not gonna tell you these are the best cans you can buy because they're not. But I don't think I ever saw something as good at this price, especially for closed headphones. Cheap closed headphones tend to be a little messy and almost always sound muddy. Well of course I'm not saying you could make good mixes with these (you can't, these are for tracking!) but the sound is not that bad. Maybe the high frequencies are a little too nasty when you crank the volume up. Another good feature is sound isolation, although it was totally expected. The cable is ok, feels good. Maybe the weakness of these headphones is how they feel on your head. It's not the triumph of comfort. They're quite uncomfortable, but nothing too bad. We're always talking about 30¤ headphones!

So, finally, I would recommend these if you need something like K271 but you wouldn't use them too much. These are great as occasional headphones. If you've got to use closed cans everyday maybe you could find better options and spending twice or three times could be worth for you in that case.


Very good for the price, not the headphones to mix with.
Kovacnica 13.02.2018
We bought these out of curiosity and very good reviews, to be used as monitoring while recording drums.
Packaging is spartan but adequate. They do look kind of unpolished at the close inspection, but famed Akg headphones look too if you ask me. Once in hand, they feel like they are built decently and designed smart, and will last much longer than the price suggests.
They give decent isolation, but not perfect, definitely workable.
Soundwise I find them surprisingly precise in the midrange, ok in the bass, but harsh in highs so much that I would never use them for any decision making listening. Maybe they will break in a bit, but I don't think they'll lose the harshness altogether.
- decent build quality
- super price
- nice loose cable
- decent sound in mids, and lower volumes
- decent isolation
- light and not punishing to wear

- harsh highs
- do not handle loudness well
- tiresome due to the harsh highs / not suitable for long sessions.


Much better than you'd expect
A_S 15.09.2013
Soundwise, they're just as flat as you'd hope for studio headphones. They sound neutral, albeit a bit distant, I'd say. Obviously they're not thatsuited to actually listening to music "for fun", though. But for the price, they're a pair of bloody excellent studio 'phones, no matter if you're an amateur or a semi-professional.

The only issue I've had with them was that they're not that comfy. My earlobes are quite sensitive and the headphones cause my ears to sweat a lot, which has somehow begun to practically tear the skin apart from the back of my earlobes. (I should probably go see a skin doctor shouldn't I?)

I've never before had any problems with other headphones — it must just be the material that I'm reacting to. I hear there are replacement pads, though, so that might solve it.

They're obviously cheap, and the build quality gives it away but I've been using them on and off for a year or so now and they still look new to me. Totally worth the price if your earlobes aren't such wussies as mine are.


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