Superlux HD-668 B


Studio Headphones

  • Circumaural
  • Semi-open
  • Dynamic
  • Self-adjusting headband for comfort
  • Peak SPL: 98 dB
  • Impedance 56 Ohm
  • Frequency range: 10 - 30,000 Hz
  • Power capacity: 300 mW
  • Detachable cable
  • 1 m and 3 m cables with 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Weight with cable: 251 g
  • Weight without cable: 228 g
  • Includes: 6.3 mm stereo jack and bag adaptor
Available since March 2010
Item number 240342
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Design Over-Ear
System Semi Open
Impedance 56 Ohms
Frequency range 10 Hz – 30000 Hz
Adaptor Yes
Replaceable Cable Yes
Colour Black
Max. SPL 98 dB
Type Of Connector Mini Jack
Weight 228 g
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745 Reviews

Great sound on a budget but change the pads.
rayzer... 03.04.2022
Bought a pair along with some AKG K-240 velour pads because i heard some good reviews but the stock pads were supposedly bad.

Stock pads were like most fake leather pads youd get, they do the job but a pad swap is so worth it just for the comfort level alone.

Build wise is mostly plastic, expected at this price point. Theyre also bulky and big so theyre better for home use.

Sound is kinda 'fun', not accurate but good for listening to music or gaming for example. I wouldnt use them for music production.
Being semi open there is sound bleed so take that into consideration when you need to be quiet.

Price is very hard to beat and even if you do get other pads theyre still cheaper than some budget headphones. Different length cables is a nice bonus too. If you do manage to break them then it wont cost much to replace them.

Overall: Cheap set of headphones which sound great for the price, with a pad swap they get even better. Best used when at home relaxing listening to music or the likes of gaming. If you have no other headphones or just want to recommend to a friend then these are worth a look.


Good sound, poor comfort and quality
Varu 15.10.2019
Bought them long time ago for mixing/producing. Sounded good, clear, however the comfort was horrid, huge pressure on ears, pain was imminent using these, also, with original pleather pads these were really sweaty thing to use.
Poor build quality as far as cable connector quality comes - cable that runs from headphones to connector went bad after a while, no easy way to fix this other than removing their cable connector assembly completely and resoldering new cable inside the headphones thus making cable permanent.

+said to be rather neutral
+rather good sound stage, ie, don’t sound compressed
+extra cables and carrying pouch included(one of the seams disintegrated rather quickly tho)

-poor build quality, cable that goes from headphones to 3.5mm female plug broke down very easily
-hot on ears, gets them sweaty
-very, very tight, not recommended for longer sessions, otherwise ear pain guaranteed, so you might want to put these on some kind of stretcher or something, to easen up their clamping force


Slightly disappointing compared to other Superlux headphones.
TrEr 29.05.2017
I've owned several of these cheap Superlux headphone models. Some of them have sounded very impressive for the price. These ones... not so much. Perhaps I just prefer differently voiced headphones but these ones seemed a bit too stiff and sterile sounding to me, and still not neutral/detailed enough for mixing (which to be fair would be too much to ask at this price).

Comfort is slightly better than on the other Superlux headphones I've tried though. I prefer this headband design over the one they use on their even cheaper models. They are still very clammy with their all plastic design though.

Build quality... Seems ok but I know from experience that all these cheap Superlux headphones have VERY thin and fragile cables that always break, usually near the plug. And the plug is of the molded kind so it's impossible to re-solder it. They can be fixed at the cost of a new jack plug but the thin wire is a pain to work with and it WILL break again.

I got these just to have a couple of extra cheap headphones in my control room but would never consider them for hifi/critical listening or mixing. And obviously the open back design limits their application for tracking work. But just to have around the control room as an alternative monitoring for doing synth/MIDI overdubs... they are great!

Very nice for the money. They feel less cheap than the price but they still feel cheap.


Did I just pay 30€?
Adnilson 18.07.2015
When I saw online that this 30€ headphones would sound balanced, true to the sound and could compete with "all stars" headphones I was like: "some people are consuming too much caffeine. After a few years I decided to give it a try and the moment I've put them on my ears I was like: "Is this really happening or am I hallucinating?
Well this headphones were tested through a Focusrite Solo and from my Laptop's audio card. The sound was great on both of them, being the Focusrite sound slightly better. The bass was a little off in the beginning but after 30 hours of burn-in, the bass was punchy and accurate, the highs also became much more realistic and now they are not so annoying and keep getting better everyday. While I'm producing I can get the subtle differences in the mixing, some things that I can't get with more expensive headphones. This is not a headphone for big heads, my brother and father complain about the tightness, for me it is a perfect fit.
So if you think that cheap stuff is not good enough, think again. While this is not perfect, nor a war tank, it can last a long time if taken care of.
I would say that the sound is the best I've heard and I will change the ear-pads for some AKG ones to be comfortable.


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