Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition


Audio MIDI sequencer (DAW)

  • Software for recording and mixing and intuitively producing, remixing and programming loops
  • Lifetime free updates guarantee latest version
  • Audio recording and editing with direct-to-disc recording and offline rendering
  • Integrated Edison audio editor for advanced editing
  • Full automation of all parameters
  • Simultaneous pattern and track-based operation
  • Step sequencer with 4 to 64 steps or piano roll to create sequences
  • Includes 10 tools for sample playback and manipulation such as Granulizer, Slicex, Wave Traveler, Channel Sampler, etc.
  • With 13 instruments, 7 tools / generators, over 50 effects and many samples and loops
  • Mixer with 10 effects per channel
  • Support for ReWire and ASIO drivers
  • Operation as standalone application or VSTi possible
  • Supported audio formats: WAV, MP3, OGG, WavPack, AIFF, REX
  • Windows: 8.1 / 10
  • Mac OS (64 Bit): alkaen 10.13.6
  • RAM min. (GB): 4
Myynnissä vuodesta Helmikuu 2018
Tuotenumero 432718
Myyntierä 1 kappaletta
max. Samplerate (kHz) 192 kHz
Max. resolution in bit 32 bit
Hardware In/Outs 103
Audio Tracks 125
MIDI Tracks 500
Instrument Tracks 500
Floating-point Resolution 32 bit
Pitch Yes
Clip-Matrix No
Notation No
Video-Playback Yes
Surround Support No
Virtual Instruments 50
Effects 13
Library (GB) 2 GB
AAX native No
Audio Units No
VST2 Yes
VST3 Yes
Download 1
Audio Import Formats AIFF, FLAC, MP3, OGG, SF2, WAV
Audio Export Formats MP3, OGG, WAV
Copy protection Online activation
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179 €
sis. ALV
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Mainio DAW
Nebule 02.03.2022
Omaan soitteluharjoitteluun tullut käyteltyä Fl studiota. Alunperin opettelin käyttöä trial versiolla, tällä perusteella tuli sitten tehtyä ostopäätöskin, osittain ehkä koska FL Studio oli ehkä helpoin itselle opetella, mutta myös siksi, että tämä vain on hyvä softa! FL Studiosta löytyy itsessään jo erinomaisia plugineja, efektejä, soittimia ja muita ominaisuuksia, tämän lisäksi softaan saa myös tietenkin ostettua ja ladattua plugineita. Joitain nauhoituksiakin on tullut ohjelmalla tehtyä ja tämäkin toimii omaan käyttöön mainiosti. Joskus on jonkinlaista ongelmaa ollut, joka ilmeisimmin lähtöisin mikkilähteistä/ajureista, aiheuttaa rätinää äänien taustalle. Tämä saatu korjattua kytkemällä tietty mikkilähde pois (Oculus). En tosin tiedä, onko ongelma itse Fl Studiossa. Muuten ohjelma on todellakin mainio ja sanoisin, että hintansa arvoinen. Kyseinen producer versio tuli ostettua, koska ominaisuudet sekä hinta olivat itselleni sopivimmat.
Raportoi ongelmasta

Raportoi ongelmasta

It has pretty much everything you could ever ask for, and when you want more, you can always buy more later (e-guitars, masterin
nenissaK 30.03.2020
I'm running this with a PC: 8 GB (4x2GB) ram, 6 years old laptop. The biggest songs (7-9 minutes at the moment) that I've made, ENTIRELY using midi and sampled instruments (including Evolution Dracus (sold for about 150 €), a massive sample-8-string guitar pack with amps, cabs, effects; and including Cytrus in this FL Studio edition (for free), a wonderful, massive additive/FM synth; and including drum samples (played with FPC, included in this FL version)) are just pushing the limits of what my laptop can handle (taking over 4 GB of RAM with the craziest projects, when mixing, loads of heavy synths and guitars, sample-drums, etc., a shit-ton of plugins loaded, 30+ mixer tracks) - but even so, I'm having no problems with performance aspects with FL with my average (700 €) laptop.
So what does this mean?
This means, that you can make top-quality songs from scratch on an average.....good laptop, and mix them professionally.
There is absolutely no reason not to buy this.
Be sure to watch In the Mix -producing- and FL-Studio tutorials on YouTube, the guy is a pro and a teacher, and makes top quality videos.
I shit you not, buying this ^^ thing here was the best buy I've ever made. You can do whatever you want with FL Producer edition. You can also download free symphony orchestra vst's to this. Also be sure to download Youlean loudness meter (loudness in LUFS and true peaks in db, free), SPAN (free, eq and listening tool), and whatever the hell you need.
Seriously, this is amazing. Also, you get lifetime free updates (which are actually amazing, and I mean this, and they make a video on YouTube everytime they have a new update ready, in which they explain everything included/changed in the update - usually they add stuff, like plugins, and add options/menus/routes for stuff.
So: this is a recording software, composing software (although it does NOT have musical notation, but trust me, it's not an issue), mixing software and mastering software. It's smooth as hell, doesn't take much cpu or ram, looks goddamn nice and doesn't lag (when you have the right settings, just look up In the Mix -videos).
To this day I've produced proge/rock/metal game music, swing, orchestral swing, a flute piece and vocoder-enhanced ambient music with this.
If you use any notation software like Guitar Pro for example, you can export the midi from there, and then import into FL. The same thing works the other way around; you can export MIDI and even music notes from FL Studio (either one pattern or multiple patterns, or the whole song (all patterns)).
There's just.... nothing you CAN'T do. I absolutely love this program. It takes a few days to wrap your head around the whole thing (or maybe a couple of hours, if you're quick to learn, i dunno). But everything you need to know is in tutorials on YouTube, on Reddit, etc.
I'm honestly just very happy that I got this, that's the reason for all this rant.
So, a technical aspect: if you want to make songs from scratch, you pretty much need 8 GB of RAM, 4 is not enough unless you export some tracks to WAV so that you don't have all the tracks in MIDI, played "live" all the time.
I've had FL crash maybe around... 10 times during 500 hours of work. For reference, Guitar Pro crashes more often (my experience). So, it's very rare, and also, you can set exactly the time you want for FL to take safe copies of your project, so there's no risk of losing anything.
File corrupts: never happened to me. Whereas Guitar Pro 6 (it's not a "real" DAW btw) has corrupted the file running 2 or 3 times (in 3 years, I guess).
You can also change your background picture, color tracks and channels etc. pretty easily (and make FL do the coloring and naming automatically in-between playlist tracks, channels and mixer tracks), organize your folders, drag stuff directly into FL (plugins, audio (wav, mp3)), etc.
For some reason, ctrl+alt doesn't work in FL for me, so I can't use all the quick keys. Weird, and I haven't found a solution yet. That's my only complaint in addtion to the (very rare!) crashes.
But anyhow: FL is absolutely crazy, I love it, and I'd recommend it to anyone.
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Raportoi ongelmasta

taku89 20.02.2020
Helppo oppia. Selkeät ja monipuoliset ohjeet löytyy nettisivuilta.
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Raportoi ongelmasta

Trusty friend for a life time
Tuntematon 22.04.2022
FL Studio is a trusty friend to be on your side 'till the end. Good features, awesome quality and free updates for life are the big points here.

After starting to use FL Studio after some other DAWs, there might be some weird things to get used to, but taking time to get hanging on pays and workflow is mainly painless.

If you're a electronic music producer and wanna trusty friend for the rest of your life; FL Studio is for you.
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